Top 20 Places to Have Buffet in India

Top 20 Places to Have Buffet in India

To mankind the best thing that can happen is Buffet. People have to serve themselves with food in a buffet. One can help themselves with how much ever food they want after paying a certain amount. Buffets usually have a variety of dishes to choose. From the starters or appetizers to the desserts, anything can be picked.

1. Annalakshmi Restaurant, Chennai

Located in Chennai this restaurant is temple-themed and serves only vegetarian food.You can find two cuisines here, North Indian cuisine and South Indian cuisine. Though this restaurant provides only lunch and dinner buffets, the array of dishes prepared is mouth-watering. The meal in this restaurant is a heaven for all vegetarians. They offer quite a low price during the weekends and the weekdays from Tuesday to Friday. The service and the ambience are excellent and you cannot miss it.


2. BonSouth, Bangalore

The location of this restaurant is in the bust streets of Kormangala, Bangalore. BonSouth serves a variety of Malayali dishes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The vegetarian may have fewer options but the buffet of this restaurant is a heaven for those who love non-vegetarian. They have spectacular seafood dishes which are absolutely drool worthy. They offer lunch and dinner buffet, both at different prices. They do not have an unlimited meal at night on Monday and Tuesday but the other days have the buffet. The lunch is there every day. The food here will make you refreshed and energized at prices which are reasonable. A place to be visited if you are craving Malayali food.


3. Global Fusion China Gate Restaurant, Mumbai

What is the name of the restaurant you go to when you are craving unlimited sushi? Global Fusion is the name. This restaurant is known for their elaborate sushi buffets. They also offer an array of dishes from Chinese, Japanese, Asian and North Indian cuisine. The buffet has a mix of Pan-Asian delicacies which will leave you stumped. The vegetarian buffet has a wide variety considering the cuisines. The starters of this restaurant are out of this world. All though the prices might be high, the food and ambience make it worth.


4 Tamara Restaurant, Delhi

Located in the Eros Hotel of New Delhi, this restaurant has North Indian, Continental, European, Chinese and Thai cuisines. This restaurant is one of few known for their buffets. It is one of the few restaurants which offer an excellent breakfast buffet apart from the lunch and dinner buffet. They also have kids buffet for lunch on Monday to Saturday and dinner buffet on Monday to Sunday. Sunday brunch in this restaurant where you can saviour the tastes of the dishes of the various cuisines is the best. Thought the prices of the buffet are on the heavier side of the pocket, it is worth coming here.


5. Barbeque Nation, Chennai

Barbeque Nation has its branches all across India and a single branch in Dubai. Many people come to this restaurant for the barbecue and grill cuisine that they offer. The best part of the buffet is the grills. You can never get tired or sick of it. If you are a vegetarian, they give you vegetables and paneer, whereas if you are non-vegetarian then they will offer you the meat of your choice and you can grill it. They have a live pasta counter where they cook the pasta in front of you. The delicious desserts are the finishing touch to this buffet meal. They serve only lunch and dinner buffets at reasonable prices, which will make you want to go back again.


6. Punjab Grill, Bangalore

Located in the busy streets of Koramangala in Bangalore is this fabulous restaurant. They serve mouth-watering North Indian food with a modern twist to it. They serve delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that leave you hanging for more. This restaurant is known for their Great Buffets and the flavours of Punjab for each every dish they serve. The food is delicious and heavenly that will calm your appetite. You can buy beverages, later on, to wash away everything you ate. The ambience is simple and the service is exemplary. The pricing is reasonable for the delicious food that they serve.


7. The Earth Plate, Mumbai

A high-end restaurant in Hotel Sahara Star, Mumbai which is known for its luxury dining experience. They do not have separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffets. They serve only lunch and dinner during Monday to Saturday and Sunday brunches on Sunday. They have unlimited meals. The ambience of this restaurant is very classy, that will make you want to come back again. Though the buffet is a bit pricy, the variety of food served here will make you to forget about it.


8. Lodi- The Garden Restaurant, Delhi

This restaurant is in New Delhi and is known for their outdoor seating arrangements. The outdoor seating arrangement gives a romantic setting which is perfect for a date. They have European, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines and a variety of dishes from these cuisines. They offer Sunday brunch with dishes which are a combination of all the cuisines but the Mediterranean dishes are the best of them all. They have live grill counters where you can get amazing kebabs and other grilled dishes. They offer the brunch with and without wine and brunch for kids alone. The surroundings of this restaurant are beautiful and lovely, that makes you feel like you are sitting with nature. Served at prices reasonable for the different dishes.


9. Cafe Toscano, Bangalore

Located in Bangalore, this cafe serves authentic Italian food. If you love Italian food, this cafe should be on your list. They have a buffet for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people. Different types of pasta, pizza and various other Italian dishes are available here. This restaurant is a bit difficult to find but once you find it, you will never be able to forget the taste of the food. The ambience of this restaurant is noteworthy and the pricing is a bit on the higher side but well worth it.


10 Cafe 1730, Pune

It’s one of the best cafes in Pune that have buffets with food that will make your mouth water. They have European, Continental, North Indian and Goan cuisines and the amazing dishes from these cuisines. They offer only lunch from Monday to Friday and Sunday brunch on Sunday. You cannot miss the Sunday brunch in this restaurant. Many of the corporates favour the ambience of this restaurant and prefer to have lunch here. A perfect place to satisfy the meat cravings with reasonably priced for the amount of food they serve.


11. Absolute Barbeque, Chennai

This restaurant has two branches in Chennai and a few across India. They are known for their buffet and they also serve non-vegetarian.The vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffets for lunch and dinner have offers for particular days. For a person who has a never ending appetite, this restaurant is a food heaven. The buffet is reasonably priced and the non-vegetarian dishes leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth, you can say the same for the vegetarian dishes that they serve.


12. Rajdhani Thali Restaurant, Bangalore

This restaurant has two branches, one in Bangalore and one in Chennai. Both of them are equally lovely serving authentic vegetarian food. The thali here is a buffet and it is unlimited. They serve a mix of both Gujarati and Rajasthani food coated with ghee. They have three starters or farsans, eight to ten main course dishes and three desserts. You just need to sit there and they will come and serve as per your need. They have thalis for lunch and dinner. They serve at irresistible prices and on Tuesday, they offer it for a much lesser price. This restaurant is one of the restaurants that you cannot miss out.


13. Sigree Global Grill, Pune

Located in Pune, this restaurant has branches in Chennai and Bangalore too. They serve dishes from the North Indian and Mughlai cuisines. It is one of the few restaurants known for their North Indian delicacies and the buffet menu. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffets with an array of dishes which will leave you hanging for more. They have only lunch and dinner buffet. They are reasonably priced and you can enjoy this on a regular basis.


14. Seasonal Tastes, Hyderabad

This is another high-end restaurant in Hyderabad, well known for their delicious desserts and extravagant buffet. They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffets with different dishes each day. The best part of this restaurant is that they also offer breakfast buffets which most of the restaurants do not. The unlimited meals are available from Monday to Saturday and the pricing varies for the weekend. You cannot miss the best Sunday brunch in the city. The pricing is reasonable and you can visit this place on occasions.


15 The Leela Palace, Chennai

A well-known high-end restaurant in Chennai which serves dishes of North Indian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Italian, Asian and Continental cuisines. The ambience of this restaurant is fantastic and the sea view which will make you appreciate the beauty of nature. The buffet of this restaurant has a wide variety of dishes from various cuisines which will get you wondering what to choose. They have seafood lunch buffet on Tuesday, street food dinner buffet on Wednesday and a super lunch buffet on Saturday. On Sunday, they have Sunday brunch which is well-known among the people of Chennai. The pricing is on the heavier side of the pocket but it worth for the food and view.


16. Windmills Craftworks, Bangalore

This restaurant is in the ever-busy streets of Bangalore. It is known for the luxury dining and the microbrewery which provides deliciously handcrafted ales. They have lunch and dinner buffets from Monday to Friday. The Sunday brunch is on Sunday with live grill counters which are an integral part of the brunch and various other delicious dishes. The pricing of the buffet is reasonable and will make you want to come back again.


17. Jungle Jamboree, Delhi

Located in one of the most famous places in Delhi, this restaurant has cuisines varying from North Indian, Continental, Chinese, Italian, Thai to Mughlai. The dishes served from these cuisines are also for buffets. Another reason why you should visit this restaurant is that the buffets are extravagant. The ambience of this restaurant has a jungle and aqueous theme to it. They have lunch and dinner buffets every day with different prices. The pricing is perfect and we can visit this restaurant on a whim.


18 Haka, Kolkata

Located in Kolkata, this restaurant is known for their sumptuous Chinese buffet. It is present on the fourth floor of the Mani Square Mall. They are known for the delicious Chinese food. You cannot miss the lunch and dinner buffets that they offer at low prices with the food quality that is an all-time high. The ambience is extremely friendly and peaceful.


19. Little Italy, Chennai

This restaurant has various branches across India and is immensely popular. They serve pure vegetarian Italian food and Mexican food.They prepare and serve food in Jain style. The Italian desserts called Gelato, is a dish not to be missed. The prices here are reasonable for the quantity and the quality of food.


20. Mainland China, Chennai

In Chennai, there are not many restaurants that serve Chinese food that is as authentic as this restaurant. They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian buffets with dishes that will suit our tastes. They serve a wide variety of Chinese starters or appetizers followed by the main course which we can choose and finally the desserts. The food here will leave you craving for more. You can sneak a peek of the culture and the various flavours of the Chinese. The ambience of this restaurant is calming because of the instrumental music in the background and the decor has a Chinese touch to it. It’s quite the view that we get to see while eating the delicious food.