Top 20 Places To Change The Mood! Yes… Street Food

Top 20 Places To Change The Mood

Ahaaaaa!!!!!….Street Food, name is enough to make your mouth watering. Here are some places having spicy, tangy, creamy and many other super delicious flavours.


Chotey Lal Golgappaa

As the name of street food comes, the first thing that comes to mind is GOLGAPPA.

Even we can say Girls first love is always Golgappaa…hahaha.!!!

Chotey Lal Chaat Bhandar, located in Sitaram Bazar in chawri Bazar area, serves best Golgappaas in Delhi. You won’t be able to resist yourself to only a single plate of awesome Golgappaas. Everyone says after eating those Golgappas “Bring me more”.

Chotey Lal Golgappaa


Babu Ram Parathe Vale

Paratha, A very usual food for Indians but you will not findParathas as common food when you come to Parathevaligali at Chandani Chowk.

You see the different types of delicious Parathas that you can never even imagine. Mirchi Paratha, Stuffed Paratha, Baked Paratha, Cheese Paratha, Chinese Paratha, Mughlai Paratha and many more Paratha versions you can try at Babu Ram Parathe vale.


Momos At Momoswali Aunty

Momo loves, this one is for you!!!!

Momowali Aunty is a small stall near Lajpat Nagar market in Delhi, if you go for shopping at Lajpat Nagar I bet you will never resist yourself to eat those very delicious and mouth watering momo’s with tangy Chutney that complements Momo’s to make it better than others.


Ashok Vadapav

VadaPav, Mumbai’s love and the most sold street food in Mumbai.

Small worker to Officer, Junior artist to Super Star, 2 yr child to 60 year old everyone loves the Vadapav of Ashoka Vada Pav. This stall is located near Dadar’s Kirti College,Mumbai. VadaPav is like a life for Mumbai.


Canon Pav Bhaji

Well, the aroma of floating butter in little Spicy Bhaji with Pavs that are soaked in butter is enough to tempt you right!Imagination of Pav Bhaji is mouthwatering feeling. If you want to taste the best Pav Bhaji without wasting any time go for Canon Pav Bhaji, located opposite Mumbai CST. They serve two types of Pav Bhajis –the regular one and Cheese Pav Bhaji.

Canon Pav Bhaji


Bombay Bhelpuri

BhelPuri is light food to have with different flavours including spicy, sweet, chunky, tangy, crispy tc. Bombay BhelPuri point at Chowpati Beach is best place to hangout and to have some ligjt cum tasty Bhel Puri.


Kathi Roll @zaika

Many people don’t know that Kolkata is the origin place of “KATHI ROLLS”.

Zaika at Park Street serves delicious stuffing wrapped in a thin Roti that is named as Kathi Rolls. This is available in every city but the taste of Kathi Rolls of Kolkata is super awesome that maintain the originality of Kathi Rolls.



Moghlai Paratha

Inexpensive street foods, sweetness of sweets and perfect dining –Awesome combo ink Kolkata I must say!!Street Food at Dalhousie attracts every food lover towards it. Moghlai Paratha,filled with delicious stuffing, wrapped in Egg batter then fried…Must try Paratha!


Poha Jalebi

Jalebi ki mithaas, Pohekapyar

Khidur nahi,Yehai hamare Indore kadwar!!!

Indore loves Poha at breakfast with sweetness of Jalebi…seems different na!! but you get a very delicious flavor when eaten together….whenever go to Indore must try this.



Here are the famous, delicious and adorable Kachoris of Rajasthan. Rajasthan has its own different flavors to make the Kachor is special from others. Different types of Kachoris are available everywhere in Rajasthan.


Ghugni Chat

Mumbai loves spices, flavors & textures!!!

Mumbaikar’s knows the Ghugni as Ragda. Ghugni Chat is made of boiled yellow or White Peas mixed with different spices, tangy & sweet Chutneys to make it delicious.

Ghugni Chat


Chole Bhature

Delhites loves spicy food and specially Chole Bhature!!

Chache Di Hatti in North Delhi is the first shop that strikes in my mind when the talk of Chole Bhature comes. The Chole Bhature are very delicious and full of Indian flavours. Every byte will make you want for more and make you fall in love with Chole Bhature again & again.



Dabeli is a famous dish of Ahmedabad made by Pav with some delicious stuffing. Karnav at Dabeli serves the best Dabelis in Ahmedabad at Ashram Road, Near Gandhi Gram Railway Station.


Mirchi vada


Yup A song that reminds of all Mirchi, Mirchi & Mirchi….Hyderabad is a place where Mirchi is loved by everyone. Mirchi Vada is a very famous dish of Hyderabad made of stuffing of Aloo filled in Mirchi and covered with Besan batter and then fried.


Bamboo Chicken

A beautiful town Vishakhapatnam has lots of options of different delicious foods. Bamboo Chicken is one of them, it is a famous dish of Vishakhapatnam made by cooking a Chicken inside the bamboo.



Natraj at Delhi serves only two dishes from the time it opened i.e. about 40 years. The one who tastes the Bhalla & Alooki Tikki of Natraj corner cannot stop himself by admiring it. Both the dishes are full of flavors of Green chutney & Meethi Chutney with some crunchy and tasty toppings.


Akki Roti

Akki Roti is a famous dish of Bangalore made of Raw Rice Flour mixed with colourful vegetables. The process of making the Roti is far more fascinating than the end product itself. The Chutneys are too spicy to have still super delicious that no one can resist the temptation to eat them.


Jalebi fafda

Love of Gujarat!!!!

Jalebi is sticky sweet dish made of Maida batter that’s fried into ropy whorls, then soaked in hot sugary syrup and Fafda(the fried strips of besan). The combination of Jalebi and Fafda is just heavenly. Gujaratis morning starts with Jalebi & Fafda.



Typical breakfast usually served in Agra is Bedai, made of stuffed Urad Daal in crispy Kachori of Maida served with spicy Aloo Sabzi. Deviram street corner at Pratap Pura crossing serves hot & spicy Bedai at morning.


Moradabadi daal

The origino of Moradabadi Dal is Moradabad. It is MoongDal garnished with Chopped Onion, Tomato, Ginger, Garlic, Tangy Chutneys, Papdietc that makesit more delicious.

Okay…so guys I know after going through this article you cannot stop yourself to go outside to have delicious street food. Go have awesome food, stay foodie, stay connected with us ….We will have lots of more interesting articles on food…!!!!