Top 20 Places To Eat Near Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Jung-Gu In Seoul

top 20 places to eat near dongdaemun design plaza jung gu in seoul 1

Founded in November 2011 and Inaugurated in March 2014, Dongdaemun Design Plaza stands as a mark of architectural pioneering in the Jung-gu District of Seoul. The plaza is an unmistakable landmark, a place that you would not want to forget visiting if you were to be in Seoul. Created by the architect Zaha Hadid, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, abbreviated as DDP, incorporates a neo-futurist style and creates a surreal experience for the visitors with its soft, curvy, and intimidatingly elongated structure. DDP houses vast exhibition spaces, shopping stores, restaurants, and Seoul Fortress’ restored parts. Because of its sheer beauty and immense size, the plaza gave Seoul the designation of World Design Capital. Several restaurants have sprouted around the region for locals and tourists, who like to marvel at the beauty of Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

1. Bukchon Sonmandu

Treat yourself to the best Mandu near Dongdaemun Design Plaza at a 2 min walk distance. Located at 249-10, Jangchungdan-ro, Bukchon Sonmandu provides a comfortable, warm meal experience. The dumplings are large and freshly prepared. Also delicious is the Pinaengmyeon sold here. The combination of Pinaengmyeon along with tasty dumplings is a must-try.

1 Bukchon Sonmandu

2. Dokkaebi Bulgogi

How does the idea of having a hot serving of thinly sliced beef braised in delicious seasoning sound? Beautiful, isn’t it? At Dokkaebi Bulgogi, located at 38 Eulji-ro 43-Gil, you will feel greeted by the inviting smell of meat. The picture menu helps easily place an order, especially if you can’t read Korean. The service is courteous and prompt. 

2 Dokkaebi Bulgogi

3. Pooja Restaurant

Seoul is full of Indian restaurants. Pooja, located at 13 Eulji-ro 43-Gil, offers North Indian and Mughlai specials and delicacies. The restaurant is just 3 mins away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza. The extensive menu can make one indecisive about what to choose! However, the food offered is on the spicier side. The food is halal-friendly. The restaurant has a distinctive Indian vibe. 

3 Pooja Restaurant

4. Samarkand

It may be challenging to find restaurants that offer Uzbek cuisine, but in Seoul, you can find one at 23 159 Mareunnae-ro. Taste the National foods of Uzbekistan like Plov and Samsa. Their meat is highly delicious and a treat for meat-lovers. The quantity of portions is ample, and the prices are reasonable. The restaurant is near Dongdaemun Design Plaza, hidden away in a narrow alley. So make sure to spot it out and enjoy Uzbek and Central Asian cuisine.

4 Samarkand

5. The Griffin Bar

The Griffin Bar is inside JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square. This rooftop bar is a fantastic place for private meetings and luxury dining; you can enjoy their exquisite range of cocktails while swaying to the melodic jazz music. The atmosphere is intimate and speakeasy, perfect for dates and romantic dinners. As expected of a luxury bar, The Griffin Bar is expensive but an experience not to miss.

5 The Griffin Bar

6. BLT Steak

Located inside JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square, a little away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza, is the fantastic BLT Steak—enjoy great-tasting premium steak, which is moderately priced. The interiors are posh and upscale, and the service is excellent. Food presentation is so visually appealing that it is irresistible. Ribeye, Filet Mignon, and T-bone are just some of the many delicious options you must try.

6 BLT Steak

7. Fortune

Fortune Restaurant is a little away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza, but you wouldn’t want to miss out on the delicious Russian cuisine available at this restaurant. Located at 154 Mareunnae-ro, Fortune serves you freshly prepared foods like Chachlyk, Borscht, and Stroganoff. The restaurant also provides Uzbek Foods like lamb Shashlik and Samsa. So treat yourself to Vodka, Beer, and a hearty Russian/Uzbek meal.

7 Fortune

8. Everest

Everest is a famous Indian restaurant in Seoul and has a few branches. In Jung-gu, the restaurant is in Good Morning City Mall, 2 mins away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Everest offers North Indian and Nepalese specialties. In addition, vegetarian and Vegan-friendly options are available for those who cannot eat meat. The service is warm, and the food is delicious. Don’t miss this restaurant if you miss Indian food!

8 Everest

9. Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse has several branches across Seoul. The one in Jung-gu, located on the 9th floor of Dongdaemun Hyundai City Outlet, provides several deals and discount offers on affiliate cards and coupons. This steakhouse is a perfect place for family dinners and dates. The friendly staff makes the dining experience smooth.

9 Outback Steakhouse

10. Shake Shack

Shake Shack is a famous counter-serve fast-food chain in Seoul. If you love burgers, then Shake Shack should be your first option. Try the Original Shack Burger, Black Truffle fries, and the Vanilla Shake—a perfect combination to satiate your hunger and blow your mind. The irresistible items are hot and perfectly cooked. So, visit Shake Shack for quality time with burgers!

10 Shake Shack

11. Zaluus Mongolian Restaurant

Located at 12 Eulji-ro 44-Gil in Gwanghui-dong, Zaluus is a Mongolian restaurant offering authentic Mongolian specialties. The interiors are reminiscent of Mongolia, with beautiful pictures of Mongolia donning the walls. The prices are reasonable, and the crowd comprises Mongolians primarily. The restaurant may get crowded during the weekends. Dining in this restaurant is a unique cultural experience.

11 Zaluus Mongolian Restaurant

12. Grill 1492

Near Dongdaemun Design Plaza, at 369 Toegye-ro, is Grill 1492—a barbeque restaurant offering Iberico Pork. The taste of Iberico Pork is distinctively different from regular pork. The side dishes are delicious—Stew, rice, vegetables, Kimchi, and more. The grilling is fast and efficient and often an enjoyable experience for the customers. So if you love pork, do visit Grill 1492.

12 Grill 1492

13. Jinokhwa Halmae Wonjo Dakhanmari

A famous, must-visit Chicken restaurant located a little away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza is Jinokhwa Halmae Wonjo Dakhanmari. This restaurant should be your top choice to taste some authentic Chicken Soup. A whole chicken, enough for two, cooked in front of you with ingredients like rice cakes and potatoes is enjoyable to watch. You can season it as per your preferences with garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, and chili paste. So make sure you experience this restaurant soon!

13 Jinokhwa Halmae Wonjo Dakhanmari

14. Neutinamu Seolleongtang

Neutinamu Seolleongtang is ideal for grabbing a hearty and satisfying traditional Korean meal for lunch or dinner. Seollongtang is a traditional Ox Bone Soup with primary ingredients of Beef bones, head, trotters, knee cartilage, and intestines. The seasoning is as per personal taste. Located at 251-131 in Sindang-dong, Neutinamu Seolleongtang, one of the oldest restaurants in Seoul, is excellent for experiencing authentic cuisine. The food may seem expensive, but worth it!

14 Neutinamu Seolleongtang

15. Loco Quan 401

Loco Quan 401 is a Korean Barbeque restaurant located at a 4 min walking distance from Dongdaemun Design Plaza at 18-66 Euljiro 6(yuk)-ga. The restaurant is a great place to unwind and enjoy grilled pork belly, sausages, and marinated beef. The taste is spicy, so those who like to eat spicy food will love it here.

15 Loco Quan 401

16. Orchard 1974

At 373-1 Toegye-ro, 10 mins away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Orchard 1974 is an Italian restaurant you wouldn’t want to miss. The service is fast and prompt, and portion sizes are easily enough for two. You will feel like you are relishing some homemade Italian food; their salads are delicious, so do try them! The restaurant received high ratings; customers praised the place for serving such delicious food.

16 Orchard 1974

17. Pyongyang Myeonok

Located a little away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza is this delicious Cold Noodle Restaurant—Pyongyang Myeonok, serving authentic North Korean cuisine. It is best to enjoy the Cold Noodles having light and clear beef broth, with some delicious dumplings. The texture of well-cooked and chewy noodles is satisfying. This restaurant is well-known for offering authentic cuisine, so much that many North Koreans often visit the place.

17 Pyongyang Myeonok

18. Daetongryeong Samgyeopsal

3 mins away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza is this comfort food avenue serving delicious grilled pork belly along with Kimchi stew, Salad, Soybean paste stew, and much more, that is, Daetongryeong Samgyeopsal. The grilled pork belly is a satisfying gastronomic experience because of the excellent meat quality. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the seating arrangement is comfortable.

18 Daetongryeong Samgyeopsal

19. Isaac Toast & Coffee Migliore

At 3 mins away from Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Isaac Toast & Coffee Migliore is a cafe and restaurant that you can visit just once. Customers say the food here is one of the best in Seoul, and one will never get tired of it! The sandwiches and toasts sold here make for an amazingly delicious and cheap breakfast or snack option. Because of the excellent quality, the restaurant garnered popularity in the locality.

19 Isaac Toast Coffee Migliore

20. Manjok Ohyang Jokbal Dongdaemun

Jokbal is a famous dish in Korea. Pig Trotters braised in a seasoning of soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and rice wine, is a beloved recipe for many locals. Near Dongdaemun Design Plaza, you can taste delicious Jokbal at Manjok Ohyang Jokbal, located at 18-77 Gwanghui-dong. You can order two versions—a normal one and a spicy one. Soup, vegetables, and sauces are condiments given along with the main item. The soft meat is sure to make you eat more!

20 Manjok Ohyang Jokbal Dongdaemun