Top 20 Places To Have Dessert In Nagpur

Top 20 Places To Have Dessert In Nagpur
Top 20 Places To Have Dessert In Nagpur

For all those days, when just nothing works or neither falls into place or you’re done with your routine and need a chill pill! For all those mad cravings and sudden hunger pangs! Head straight to these places, to experience the sweeter side of the warm Nagpur city. Because ‘stressed’, spelled backward is ‘desserts! Here are some yummy, gooey and finger licking good list of must-try dessert places in Nagpur, that you cannot afford to miss! Crash that diet, go on a cheat day and dig into these gorgeous desserts one at a time.

1. Délice 

Délice is Nagpur’s exotic Dessert Cafe, It has wide range of products ranging from Cakes, Brownies, Cupcakes, Teacakes, Cookies, Gelatos and more.

The place is graceful and clean. Must try the Berry cheesecake, New York cheesecake and the stunning dessert in the jar. This is a go to place for most amazing pastries and cheesecakes. They provide authentic taste which is evident in each bite.

A well designed dessert bar. Desserts are slightly high priced but worth of every penny. Ingredients used are legit and every bite is very wholesome. If you are looking for some authentic desserts, this place is for you!

The dessert boutique Cafe serves Italian & Mediterranean cuisines along with Coffee, Cakes, Gelato, Waffle, Pancakes, Tarts, Brownies & Breads. Do visit this Patisserie because every bite would make it up to your dessert cravings

Location: Patisserie Boulangerie Chocolaterie, Plot No. 182/11 Krishna Leela, Opp. Sandipani School Museum Road, Civil Lines, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001


2. La Farine Patisserie And Café

It operates as a bakery and serves French cuisine. Staff inform customers of different cuisines and prices available, process orders and maintain premises cleanliness. The place gives you an effect of a modern Italian pastry shop, the design of the interiors is aesthetic, the house gives you a nice coffee and a dollop of varieties of pastries cakes and other desserts. It provides you gluten free or sugar free options too. The cakes and doughnuts that are made a super moist and delicious they provide the fair idea of customization but on order only, the house special keeps changing each day.

La Farine is considered one of the cute and Instagram-able patisserie shop of Nagpur as it has a warm cozy and a petite look and atmosphere which gives it a feel of a small dessert studio, a perfect place for bakery lovers.

Location: Shraddhanand Chowk Shraddhanand Pet Square, Laxminagar Opposite A square building, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

La Farine patisserie and cafe

3. Della Italia- Icecream Café

An adorable ice cream shop that takes you to Florence’s cobbled streets. Gelato has a lower fat content than ice cream and is definitely tastier to the taste buds. It’s a dream place for an ice cream in Nagpur city. Enjoy traditional Italian coffee, sandwiches, bagels, cheesecakes and more. Della Italia is a built heaven for Italian eateries or in a more descriptive way an Easygoing establishment offering pizzas, pasta & bagels, plus ice creams, shakes & brownies ( in short everything Italian ). The staff at Della Italia is courteous, humble and very kind. The place is very hygienic and takes care of all the hygiene guidelines.

Gelatos are creamy and tasty, the cones are house made and are prepared fresh each day, the cafe has a great ambience and is totally a shot worthy. The strawberry cheesecake gelato, indie-vibes bagel, bubblegum and guava ice cream are worth trying

Location: VCA, Shop No.41, Civil Lines, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Della Italia Icecream Cafe

4. The Belgian Waffle Co

The Belgian Waffle Co. was founded in 2015, with its foundations firmly built on the values of excellence, simplicity and affordability. Fresh waffles with chocolate. Who doesn`t like it? It’s a part of the chain through the equal name. Though the charge is high, flavor is pure. The team of workers is likewise supportive. They have seating ability for 6-8 people.

Stroopwafel Box Of 6 – Assorted, Double Chocolate Waffle Crisps, Belgian Chocolate Milk Waffle, Naked Nutella Waffle, Chocolate Overload Milk Waffle and  Kiki and Oreo Cream Waffle are the sweet delights you must have.

Location: Shree Ganesh Vignaharta Apartments South Ambazari Road, Shraddhanand Peth, near Mate Square, opposite Dominos, Nagpur,

The Belgian Waffle Co

5. Fumo Gelato

The first ultra-low calorie frozen dessert that is 100% vegan and free of sugar, gluten, nuts, soy, dairy and eggs.  Can be made to order specially for catering menu Good quality and hygiene is their supreme habit.  For Fumo ultimate customer satisfaction is the best reward.

Fumo Gelato specializes in making the famous Turkish ice-creams in Nagpur.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream and Dragon’s Breath are the popular eats at the location.

Location: 220, N Bazar Rd, Near Rajaram Library, Gokulpeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Fumo Gelato

6. Dessertz And More

Perfectly prepared sandwiches are exactly what many customers order here. It is a cafe where you can always taste delicious blueberry cheesecake, lemon pie and croissant. This place is famous for its excellent coffee and delicious tea. The creative staff reflects the style and character of Dessertz & More. A great service is what your visitors agree to. The price is attractive for the quality you get. It has a pleasant atmosphere and unusual decor. According to customer reviews on Google, this place deserves a 4.2.

Banana Walnut brookies, Oreo Donut, Caramel Pudding and Triple Layer Hazelnut Mousse are the bestsellers.

Location: 8a/8b A.D complex V 5 hotels Opp ajmera automobile, Mount Rd, Mohan Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

Dessertz And More

7. Donuts N Dessert

People Say This Place Is Known For Best Food under Best Budget, Worth the Money, Great Portions and Packaging, They produce simple and delicious donuts right from sugar glazed donuts to twisted Korean ones to the vanilla filled donuts with chocolate glaze. If you crave for donuts which are soft, moist and are distinct in taste it’s a sign that you order a box of donuts from Donuts n dessert which are calorie free from middle.

Location: Tipre lane new itwari road, Central Ave, opp. icici bank gandhiputla, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440002

Donuts N Dessert

8. Licksters 

Licksters an ice cream brand started in Nagpur by two ice-cream enthusiasts. They are committed to serve exotic popsicles, ice cream and yoghurt that are made up of 100% fruit and there is no artificial colours, preservatives or added sugars to it.  Everything is natural in their desert preparation they have multiple outlets in the City.

The staff in the stores are cordial and kind, hygiene is greatly appreciated, they take care of all the hygiene and cleanliness guidelines, and serve the popsicles are made from 100% real fruit pulp and juices which are really juicy and will enlighten your taste buds. The hot chocolate served there is really creamy and not a underwhelming hot chocolate but a refreshing one, the menu is well priced and it’s a great place to visit.

The super fresh pops are refreshing to your taste buds after heavy meal even if you are on a diet and you don’t want to eat anything in high calorie this is a neat recommendation for diet lifestyle too.

Location: Laxmi Bhawan Square, Madhu Madhav Towers, Dharampeth Extension, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010


9. Frozen Bottle

It serves an extensive kind of Frozen Desserts, Signature Thick Shakes and indeed considered one among its type Ice Cream Jars which can be a hundred percentage vegetarian. Frozen Bottle is the delivery of twenty first century which makes it contemporarily wealthy and nicely versed with the youngster’s spectrum. It guarantees a revel in really well worth remembering and a remember cost for all its clients to the best antique days. People`s love and guide has helped it develop with leaps and boundaries and there’s no preventing this shake brigade. Memories are the wires that join happiness to everyone’s soul.

This outlet is a fine place to have desserts, the interiors are neat and the menu is diverse enough that they manage to have a chocolate Pizza option in it.

You should try their famous thick shakes, bottle shakes and stone cups in which chocolate mint shake and red velvet cake jar shake is lit and won peoples heart, it is a fine effort to make a desert look oddly appealing. The place ambience is aesthetic to the extent that it gives you a vintage Vibe. The costing is reasonable not to high nor too low as per the product you choose to order. You will get massive options to choose from and you might get confused a bit but the staff is always there to corporate and help you and suggest you the best.

If you are a sweet tooth, you love vintage places and you want to have a variety of sweets and dessert and not get enough of it the frozen bottle is the place for you.

Location: Sameep international pvt ltd, 11, E High Ct Rd, Shankar Nagar, East Shankar Nagar, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Frozen Bottle

10. Dessertino 

Dessertino is the delight for Nagpur’s sweet cravings, it is considered to be one of the best places for desserts. People go in here again and again because of their excellent quality of desert they produce, they serve all varieties of waffles thick shakes, milkshake cones and lastly the beauty of the brownies. The prices are very considerate, the quality and quantity is just enough.

The deserts are so amusing that people just keep going for it, the taste is so yummy that it would get stuck in your tongue and you crave to go back again. The ambiance of the place is very cool, relaxing and gives you a touch of a very calm spot. The owner is very inviting, he shall always help you and be on his toes while there is a service and the staff is really good and efficient. It is a must try place and you need to have the jamun shots and Lotus Bischoff shake along pistachio cone.

Location: Sadar Bazar Main Rd, Mohan Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001


11. Brain Freeze Ice Cream & Desserts 

Brain Freeze Ice Cream & Desserts is a committed outlet for sweet-tooths that sells ice cream of diverse shapes and flavours. Be it warm or bloodless weather — this scrumptious snack is constantly loved with the aid of using many people, kids and adults, across the town!

Aside from that, this vicinity additionally may be defined as confectionery shop. Brain Freeze Ice Cream & Desserts gives such function as meals delivery.

It is a new opened ice cream shop in the city with a very trendy seating arrangement. They have a unique menu card with ice creams name in an alphabetical order, rates may be seen slightly higher compared to other ice-cream outlets but the taste seems quite appealing.

It takes a few more minutes than they promise to serve but the music played in the background is grooving and it keeps you busy while you wait for your ice-cream to arrive the taste is great, worth the wait and money is valued.

They also have an option or customise ice-cream bar so if you plan a party and you need an ice-cream for it so, do visit this place once.

Location: Shop No. 06, SJTI Complex, Residency Rd, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440018

Brain Freeze Ice Cream Desserts

12. London Bubble Co

The London bubble co. is not just another waffle store, the idea behind setting of this company is to offer a new experience of what was to the people who like experimenting with new taste and flavours. Since the company made its establishment, waffles that are made are Induced with variations in the form of flavours. The company brings unique and very distinct variations such as bubble waffle, wrapped pocket waffles, bubble milk shakes and bubble iced chai’s and etc, everything that is prepared in here is 100% vegetarian and gluten free.

You will enjoy these unique waffles ice creams and also this place gives an option of food delivery as per the convenience of the guest. The joyous staff works hard, stays positive and is polite towards customers and run this place very smoothly. Service at the location is something which people find it to be professional and very prompt. Aura is very chill and it appears to be an easy-going cafe as the visitors perceive it to be. In all it’s a great place to visit if you like experimenting with food and trying out various of flavours in deserts.

Location: Ashish, Near G.S. College, 4-A, 1, Amravati Rd, Law College Square, Gorepeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

London Bubble Co

13. Minus 

This place is freezing into the varieties of ice-cream pan roll options. Busy into experimenting and creating new flavours. When you visit Minus 301 you will see a glass compartment and over the other side there are hundreds of flavoured ice-creams, toppings, fruits, berries and syrups. All you have to do is be a king and order your pleasurable delight and that would be made in front of you and as per what you require. The service is quick and the hygiene is maintained at all the times.

The menu is quite vast but you have to be creative while you order a customized order. The bestsellers from the menu are Chocolate Avalanche, Guava chilly, Rosted almond anjeer and Ferrero Rocher which is highly recommended.

Location: 301F, Prananand Building, W High Ct Rd, Dharampeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010


14. Yoodley 

When you walk into the shop it gives you a bakery vibe. Yoodley is famous for its moist and customise cake and the shakes which are definitely Epic and monstrous in quantity. They have a number of variety of thick shakes and cake mixed shakes when you order you will be served a big mug of a dessert that would consist of a milk shake, lots of cream, your favourite candy, some good toppings and sprinkles.

The place is notable as it is located on a main road, there is plenty of parking space and the staff is really understanding and flexible, they are ready to make customised changes in your orders and are very polite while treating you as a customer. The restaurant owner won’t hesitate to share a laugh with you is very proud to introduce you the menu and will also suggest you some good picks as per your genre. Yoodles may be a small place but the crew will welcome you with big hearts and this is a place to must try if you love shakes and good cakes.

Location: Gudadhe Layout, Bhamti, Sainath Nagar, Trimurtee Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022


15. The Chocolate Room

This café is ready to provide you with Chocolates, coffee, food and chill vibes.

As the name suggests this place is ultimate for chocolate lovers, it is a go to place in Nagpur for chocolate desserts. They have so many varieties of sweet delights that you will always find something new to order. It’s a must visit place for exquisite deserts within pocket friendly prices, the service is very lovable and the ambience is delightful and cuddly. The food is really cheesy and amazing.

Think of a beautiful evening with a cool breeze weather is an open terrace, good food and the best company you can have and the chocolate room, yes, that’s an amazing evening to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Some of the dishes to try here are the sizzling hot brownie, chocolate bombs, hot chocolate Avalanche, Ecstasy Sundae. The chocolate room is the first choice for all types of chocolates, desserts, ice creams, hot chocolate milk and shakes. If you need some chocolate after dinner this is the best place to come so that your sweet cravings are satisfied.

Location: Opposite University Ground, Amrawati Road Gurushankar Apartments, Tilak Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

The Chocolate Room

16. The Pancake Story

The pancake story is a delightful sweet outlet of Nagpur, as you cross the road you will be amazed by the fragrance of the warm pancakes cooking and the syrups pouring on the top of it. The Pancake Story promises to make the world a sweeter place one bite at a time, they are here to bring forth the uniquely catered menu to fulfil all the hunger pangs of the city. This place is known for it’s quite a light hearted ambience, pretty decor and a fast working of efficient staff. Apart from the pancakes they have waffles, shakes, crepes and coffee in the menu, they value money and the quantity is really generous. The new thing introduced now is waffle sandwich which is a really new thing to eat when in town.

Here’s the list of quiet best sellers that you must try when you visit the pancake story- Chocolate Therapy Pancakes, Crunchy Kitkat Pancake, Oreo Obsession Pancake, Speckled Berries Pancake, Chocolate Therapy Waffle, Chocolate Volcano Waffle, Nasty Nutella Waffle, Kitkat Milkshake and Nutella Croissant.

Location: Shop No.1,Pathak House, Abhyankar Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

The Pancake Story

17. Havmor

Havmor is a fitting place for lovers of ice-cold and sweets that offers ice cream of diverse flavours and shapes. Be it gelato or sorbet — this delicious dessert is always esteemed by many, young and old, across the world!

Havmor is not just about its ice creams but for the variety of desserts the Havmor ice cream produces, it is a desert parlour where they serve different ice cream flavours mix in a dish from choco triple layer blockbuster to Havmor celebration which consists of four to five different ice-cream along with respective toppings and Sundae options, you can also layer options from single to double scoops to big Sundaes or waffles is a must try. The staff is very nice and helpful if needed the prices could be a little expensive but the taste and the quality and the efficiency of the food shall make it up to you and will leave you with no complaints.

Location: Madhushilp Apartment, Shop No. G 1, Deendayal Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022


18. JD’s Dessert Boutique

A Legacy Of 15 Years Of A Luxurious Dessert Experience.

JD is one of the most luxurious and royal desert producing boutique of Nagpur let it be macaroon’s to brownies or to any other elegant dessert, JD dessert boutique is always there to help you with your sugar cravings. They are always open to customisation and make one’s celebration more exceptional with their baked sweet delight. The prices may be seen a bit higher than usual but they make the experience so worth that people walk into the doors and order again and again because that is the impact JD created.

Must try the house special macaroons that comes in a set of 10 and red velvet cake, the seasonal desserts keep changing as per the season and the house special changes every week, they keep their menu updated and the staff is professional and creative when comes to their work.

Location: Achraj Retreat Katol Road, Nelson Square, Sadar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440013.

JDs Dessert Boutique

19. JD’s Just Dessertz

The Just dessertz dessert parlour produces some overwhelming desserts through their kitchen. There bakes are always super delicious, full of flavour and so efficient that you walk in again for more.

JD has a warm and welcoming vibe, the bakery smells so sweet when you walk in, the owner is a proud one, she is always there reading a book and welcoming everyone who comes in and telling them what delights the customer must try. The place has value for money and vegan options too.

The seasonal bakes are exceptional and, on the side, note their regular, multigrain bread and sour breads are to be tried and one thing you cannot miss in here is, the chocolate truffle pastry which is the soul of the bakery. It is totally to die for. Also try the jar desserts, pies and thick cake shakes.

Location: Lamba Traders Petrol Pump, Amravati Road, near RTO, Civil Lines, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440001

JDs Just Dessertz

20. Fluff Artisan Café

The artisan café brings Nagpur its first ever experience of shaved ice-cream and cookie dough.

It seems to be a little cute café on the side of the road which is quite Instagram-able too. The place is recommended to have a decent hangout with your friends while having shaved ice-cream. A take on the cookie dough concept with some ice cream on the side is new to this city but definitely a new favourite, the café is rated 4.4 which pretty much explains everything. Except the desserts the location also serves savoury bites such as salads, sandwiches, toasts and omelettes which are really healthy as they are stuffed with green vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini and whatever else you would like to have along with the freshly brewed coffee which is another decent special.

Location: Shop No 17, Fluff Artisan Cafe, JP Chambers, Wing 1, S Ambazari Rd, Mate Square, Madhav Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Fluff Artisan Cafe