Top 20 Restaurants At Jeevan Shah, Jhansi

top 20 restaurants at jeevan shah jhansi

Jhansi is a famous historic city in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India. It is best known for its great and courageous queen Rani Lakshmi Bai, who bravely fought against the British army during the First World War for Indian Independence in 1857. She was the wife of King Gangadhar Rao, the king of Jhansi. Its restaurants are famous for serving Continental and Indian cuisines. Samosa, Kachori, Bhelpuri, Special Vegetarian Thali, and Imarti are some delectable dishes here. Its restaurants provide the best food quality and individual food thalis and cuisines for Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians.

1. Ikram Khan Cuisine

It serves South Indian, Multicuisine, Chinese, and North Indian dishes to its customers. It has a casual dining type and a simple ambiance with a relaxed environment. Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken are famous dishes here. It has a friendly staff that provides prompt services and excellent food deliveries.

1 Ikram Khan Cuisine

2. Good Time Café

It is a café and a fine dining restaurant that serves mouth-watering Chinese, North Indian, fast food, and Italian dishes with delicious beverages. It has beautiful lighting, ambiance, and a pleasant atmosphere. The staff here is cordial, and the food quality is superb. It provides excellent services and liable food deliveries.

2 Good Time Cafe

3. Barbeque Nation – Jhansi

It is a famous franchise of barbeque, and it serves Biryani, Mughlai, Multicuisine, Andhra, North Indian, barbeque, and Chinese delicacies with mouth-watering Desserts. It has a formal indoor seating arrangement and fabulous dining interiors. Paan Kulfi Shake is one of the favorite beverages here. It provides punctual home deliveries and incredible services to the customers.

3 Barbeque Nation – Jhansi

4. Haveli Restaurant

This restaurant caters to delicious Chinese, North Indian, fast food, and South Indian cuisines. It has beautiful dining interiors and cozy indoor seating space to enjoy the food. Veg Thali, Veg Pulao, Paan Kulfi, Veg Biryani, and Special Lunch Thali are the menu highlights here. It has polite and gentle staff, skillful in providing excellent customer services.

4 Haveli Restaurant

5. Dilip Biryani

It’s a Biryani restaurant that serves finger-licking North Indian, Chinese, and Biryani dishes to customers. It has a casual dining space and a simple, less crowded environment. It includes a gentle staff that endues timely and great services. It provides fresh home deliveries and delicious takeaways to visitors.

5 Dilip Biryani

6. Atithi Sweets & Family Restaurant

It caters to delicious North Indian, street food, Chinese, fast food, Pure Vegetarian, and South Indian delicacies. The staff here is well-mannered and managerial, providing prompt catering services to the visitors. It is a terrific place for dining out with family, and hanging out with friends.

6 Atithi Sweets Family Restaurant

7. World of Pizzeria Bistro

It caters to Chinese, fast food, and Italian dishes with various beverages. It has a lovely and cozy indoor seating arrangement with an air-conditioned atmosphere. This is an excellent place for celebrating birthdays and throwing parties. It includes a professional and gentle staff that provides brilliant client services.

7 World of Pizzeria Bistro

8. Yo Dimsum

It is a restaurant and a casual dining café that serves delicious Momos and Chinese cuisines to visitors. It has a nice seating arrangement and lovely interiors to dine in. It provides convenient services, and the staff here is courteous. It endues timely home deliveries and hygienic food packaging quality.

8 Yo Dimsum

9. Happy Momo

It is a fast food restaurant that offers delicious burgers, Momos, Rolls, Chips, and many more fast foods. Chicken Petty Burger, Chicken Steamed Momo, Chicken Roll, Steam Veg Momos, Finger Chips, and Chocolate Momos are the favorite dishes here. It has a superb dining area and a customizable indoor seating arrangement.

9 Happy Momo

10. Burger Singh

It is a café and a casual dining restaurant famous for catering to delicious Italian dishes with delectable cold drinks. Its favorite dishes include Junior Fried Chicken, Aloo Dum Burger, Fried Momos, Chicken Burger, French Fries and more. It has a lovely ambiance and a calm atmosphere.

10 Burger Singh

11. The Food World

This restaurant serves fast food and Chinese dishes with delicious beverages. It is an excellent place with beautiful indoor seating space and a cozy dining atmosphere. It is an excellent place for partying and large gatherings. The staff here is generous and polite that provides finger-licking food that is valued for money.


12. Agrawal Chat Corner

It’s a fast-food restaurant that offers delicious North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, and fast food delicacies with mouth-watering desserts and beverages. It has a superb ambiance and cheerful interiors to dine in. Its food packaging quality is excellent and the hygienic takeaways are available for its visitors.


13. Moti Mahal Delux Jhansi

This restaurant is better known for its aristocratic interiors and a fantastic ambiance with lively atmosphere. It is a magnificent dining place that serves North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Biryani, South Indian, and fast food delicacies with beverages and soups. Its menu highlights include Veg Classic Hakka Noodles, Garlic Naan with Paneer, Paneer Dim Sum, Tomato Soup, and more.

13 Moti Mahal Delux Jhansi

14. Kushwaha Ji Foods

This is a quick bite outlet that serves lip-smacking fast food dishes to the customers. Veg Biryani and Chowmein are its specialties. It has a general ambiance and a casual environment to dig in. The food quality here is exquisite, and the food packaging is healthy. It includes providing prompt home deliveries and new takeaways.


15. The Perfect Slice Jhansi

It is a Pizza restaurant better known for catering to delicious and a wide variety of Pizza. It has a casual dining atmosphere and a superb indoor seating place with delightful interiors. The food packaging here is excellent, and the takeaways are available. It endues quick and convenient home deliveries.

15 The Perfect Slice Jhansi

16. Geeta Bhojnalay

It is a quick bite outlet and caters to delicious North Indian cuisines. It has an indoor seating type and a casual dining environment. The staff here is gentle and polite with visitors. It provides fresh takeouts and incredible food packaging. The food here comes in pocket-friendly budget.

16 Geeta Bhojnalay

17. Symbol Dietary

It serves mouth-watering fast food dishes to the customers. It has casual indoor seating and a pleasing dining ambiance. It includes a lively environment and a friendly atmosphere. The food here is worth the money, and the services here are excellent. The food packaging here is perfect, and the staff here is humble.

17 Symbol Dietary

18. Jannak’s Restaurant

This is a vegetarian restaurant that serves delectable North Indian, South Indian, and Italian cuisines with delicious Desserts. Chole Bhature, Dal Tadka, Rasmalai, Kadhai Paneer, Special Masala Dosa, Dal Makhani, and Paneer Tufani are some menu highlights here. It has a casual dining type and a cozy indoor seating room with a formal atmosphere.

18 Jannaks Restaurant

19. Ub’s Restaurant

It caters to North Indian, Italian, Chinese, Barbeque, South Indian, and Continental dishes with finger-licking Desserts and Beverages. Veg Combo with Cold Drink, Tutty Fruity Ice Cream, and Veg Grilled Sandwiches are the famous dishes here. It has beautiful interiors and a fabulous dining ambiance with an air-conditioned atmosphere.


20. Hotel Meat Ka Badshah

It is a Mughlai restaurant that serves Chicken, Non-Veg, North Indian, and Mughlai cuisines to visitors. Its favorite dishes are Tandoori Chicken, Fish Fry, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Mutton Kheema Kaleji, Roasted Mutton Chaap, Special Rabadi Lassi, and more. It has a casual atmosphere and a comfortable dining ambiance.

20 Hotel Meat Ka Badshah