Top 20 Restaurants For Meat Partners



Karim Hotel

Seemingly the city’s (Old Delhi) most renowned culinary goal. In the tight boulevards of Old Delhi, Karim serves brilliant imperial Mughal nourishment. The eatery was set up by Haji Karim Uddin in 1913. Haji Karim Uddin began the Karim’s by offering only two things – Alu Gosht and Daal presented with Rumali Roti.

Time magazine has positioned Karim among the top eateries in Asia. It’s thought to be the best non-veggie lover eatery in the entire Delhi-NCR. Try not to expect an empty seat; it’s regularly swarming with people.


Al Jawahar, Chandni Chowk

Chicken Biryani
Forcefully contending and frequently succeeding is the Al Jawahar which is two or three outlets far from Karim’s. Keeping in the event that clients are to be trusted, Al Jawahar is the place Karim’s fan base is gradually floating too. Valued intensely, it is a shelter for sheep and chicken darlings. The must have delicacy options include the infamous Kaleji Gurda, Chicken Biryani, and Chicken Changezi . The Khameeri Roti is seen to be an intriguing blend of fluffy dinners and fresh outside saving its place second to Shammi Kebabs. It is sure to give you blocked supply routes.


Ashok And Ashok, Sadar Bazar

Chicken Korma
Korma Beans, and for the most part meet significant different, on the off-chance that you haven’t found this gastronomical enjoyment however, you may have been having your meat all off kilter. For a place that serves sustenance for precisely 2.5 hours a day, at a settled rate, and an unsurpassable chicken korma, Ashok, and Ashok has a substantial faithful after that can put whatever another outlet to disgrace. Not your average ghee dribbling chicken, yet a deliciously overwhelming and filling dinner with a full seasoned korma. May we propose you achieve well so as to search for this slippery spot as the stock runs out from 3-4pm.


Salim’s Kebab, Defense Colony

Afghani Chicken Kebab
A standard frequent of the Mughlai Chicken whose reliability additionally floats towards road sustenance, Salim’s is a surprisingly beneficial development. The Sheep Seekh Kebab and the Chicken Tikkas are absolutely eminent if the commentators are to be accepted. The Afghani Chicken is additionally a pleasure to the individuals who really appreciate Mughlai food. For a beginner, however, this Delhi road nourishment joint is specific to the enjoyment and hold them returning for additional.


Laxman Dhaba, Qutab Industrial Area

Kadhai Chicken along with Rice
Flooded by non-vegans and a significant amount of others it is famous particularly amid winters. The Laxman Dhaba is otherwise called the IIFT Dhaba, for its nearness to the school grounds. Kadhai Chicken and Keema Parathas are a more prominent dishes at this Delhi road sustenance joint. Apart from these, the Dhabi’s footfall include school goers and casual shoppers who dump their conventional go to points for a more flavorsome experience for their taste buds, that the data certainly conveys on point.


Flavor Aangan, Sda Market

Shawarma with hummus
Shawarma lovers, we’d never leave you stranded? With administration quicker than the speed of light but still delivering on quality and extremely lenient on the pocket, Spice Aangan leaves meat mates craving for more. Softening in mouth meat immersed with juices and flavors, the shawarma rolls are its very own group. Presented with mayonnaise and green chutney the authenticity never loses its appeal. First-time goers are certain to continue returning for all the more, every one of the regulars does.


Moti Mahal, Multiple Location, Delhi

Here’s an intriguing reality about this place: the Founders of this eatery claim to have “designed” the two trademark Punjabi non-veggie lover dishes – Tandoori Chicken and Butter Chicken. Also, well, the long lines outside their eatery ordinary, makes us trust them. All things considered, now you realize what to arrange here.


Rajender Da Dhaba, Safdarjung Enclave Market

An ideal approach to enjoying delicacies at this joint is to sit outside in the open space. So, choose the best weather for this one. Appreciate the desi style delights once and you’ll beyond any doubt continue making a turn for this place. Their non-veg moves, chicken satay, and seekh kebabs are an unquestionable requirement attempt. The best part? You can even stop your auto and request in – appreciate road nourishment and the solace of your own auto! Ecstasy is the thing that we call it.


Khurana Chicken, Karol Bagh

Going by and discovering your way through the eternity swarmed roads of Karol Bagh for this one, is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble! A foodie’s heaven in the midst of all the confusion and hustle the market puts you through, the astounding Tandoori Chicken and Chutney here will undoubtedly compensate for everything.


Rampur Kitchen

Everybody knows Al-Bake eatery in New Friends Colony (NFC), yet individuals say they visit NFC in view of their adoration for Rampur Kitchen. Rampur Kitchen is an unquestionable requirement go for the people who love to eat non-veg dishes, particularly lamb. The nature of the sustenance is surely great. The mood is comfortable, with provoking benefit and an adequate staff. An absolute necessity going to place when you are paying particular mind to scrumptious non-veg nourishment in South Delhi. Having dinner at Rampur Kitchen won’t cost you more than Rs 900 for two people.
Exceedingly prescribed for the Lamb dish.



Biryani is found only opposite to the IIT Main Gate, New Delhi. Biryani is without a sad remnant of an uncertainty one of the best places to serve mouth-watering, Biryani at just Rs 750 (for two individuals). Apart from Biryani, they have an array of authentic North Indian dishes along with liquor, brew, mocktails and different refreshments.
It’s an excellent place to hang out with companions. Biryani is a financially comprehensive and very well put.


Andhra Bhavan

Genuinely awesome and tasty. The very best joint when it comes down to authentic South Indian eatery in Delhi-NCR, Andhra Bhawan is an absolute necessity visit put. It serves scrumptious, real Andhra nourishment and South Indian indulgences. The best part, they will surprise you boundless time, until you are full generously. It’s to a great degree modest and should costs you just Rs. 300. Astounding nourishment at drop dead shoddy costs.



Khidmat is acknowledged to be the best North Indian eatery in the Kalkaji, South Delhi. The sustenance served here is without a doubt decent and at a spending value (Rs 900 for two individuals). While all that they serve is delectable, the place is famous for its Paneer Tikka veg starters. It is a recommended choice and a truly exceptional place to eat with loved ones. The place is frequently swarmed, so be set up for the long hold up.



Move past the cliched and tired idli-dosa and get a hands on experience on the different nourishments of southern India at ITC’s Hotel Sheraton New Delhi restaurant. From tender appams with fish curries and delicious stews to magnificent vegetable game plans, every dish in this vast menu will change what you look like at Southern cooking. Attempt not to desert an uncommon open entryway for the combination of chutneys and pickles—every one will be a disclosure in itself.


Punjabi Dhaba

The entire aura of authentic ‘’Punjabi Dhaba ” topic of the place can lastingly affect its footfall. The plates coated with copper and the authentic thela feel of the benches definitely adds to the whole Punjabi ‘pind’ meal experience. The must have nibble alternatives incorporate the evergreen Fish Tikka, Paneer Tikka, and Makke Ke Kebab. The place unquestionably extinguishes all North Indian sustenance desires.


Punjabi By Nature Quickie

Punjabi By Nature Quickie offers a similar experience that its prevalent sister concern, Punjabi By Nature, offers however at a lower cost. The satisfying feeling, inviting staff, extensive insides, and tasty sustenance add to the general feasting knowledge. An absolute necessity visit for all the no-nonsense Indian and Mughlai sustenance �others.


Tewari Bros Confectioners

As a Kolkatan on an essential level, Tewari Bros throughout ensure that it has the best samosas, be that as it may, I have to surrender that the Chandni Chowk branch facilitates up to the principal fantastic. After you’ve persevered through various limp lodgings and level fillings, your trust in the unassuming nibble will be reestablished with these flaky, hot cakes with impeccably spiced stuffing.



This dhaba in Sundar Nagar does the standard chaat and veggie mate prepared to charge, in any case, the recommendation remains for the stuffed chaap or soya chaap. All meat-eaters call it the veggie more significant than other trashy dishes all as a consequence of its considerable space surface. Regardless, it tastes incredible!



This eatery has broken a wide range of myths about eateries. Regardless of its uncomfortable seating and never showing signs of change menu, over 25 years after it opened, it is stuffed after quite a while. Attempt the phenomenal Daal, Naan and Baked Prawn.


Rajinder Da Dhaba

Begun off as a little restaurant, this Dhaba has increased gigantic notoriety. Adored for its wide assortment of non-veggie lover noshes, the place serves up some stunning Butter Chicken that groups up wonderfully with the delicate and chewy Roomali Roti.