Top 20 Restaurants In Godhra, Gujarat

Top 20 Restaurants in Godhra Gujarat
Top 20 Restaurants in Godhra Gujarat

Godhra is a Municipality in the district called ‘Panchmahal’ district in the Indian state of Gujarat. The name of this city comes by combining two words, the first is ‘gou’ which means ‘cows’, and the other is ‘dhaara’ which means ‘land’, so this place is referred to as ‘ the land of cows.’ It is a rail junction and a commercial centre of timber and agricultural produce in India. The primary industries here include are oilseed pressing, flour milling, and glass manufacture. It is a small town in Gujarat with a good amount of restaurants available, where you can enjoy the taste of various delicacies with your loved ones, so have a look at them to relish the taste of food from these places.

1. Anapurna Restaurant

It is a Gujarati restaurant that offers good quality food of local cuisine. They serve two different kinds of thali of Rs.60 and Rs.80 respectively. It is a decent dining space with arrangements for enjoying a cricket match.

Location: Bus Stand Road, Brahma Society, Soniwada, Gujarat

Anapurna Restaurant

2. Mazedaar Restaurant

It is a site where you can enjoy tandoori items, burgers, pizzas, grilled sandwiches, noodles, rice, and starters. You must try different kinds of pizza like the heart shape of pizza and a veg farmhouse pizza. Also, one must try a veg mayo burger here.

Location: Amadavadi Cold Drink, Gondra, Gita Nagar, Godhra, Gujarat

Mazedaar Restaurant

3. Shreenath Hotel

It is an Indian restaurant providing vegetarian Gujarati food items, including Gujarati Thali, Punjabi thali, dal baati, paneer butter masala, and many other delicious things. You can also get south Indian food here in Godhra.

Location: opposite Amee Arcade, Garden Road, Godhra, Gujarat

Shreenath Hotel

4. Krishna Dining

It is a simple space to taste the authentic flavour of Gujarati food in this town of Gujarat. They serve Gujarati thali consisting of dal, roti, rice, buttermilk, salad, Gujarati curries at a very economical price.

Location: Bus Stand Road, Brahma Society, Soniwada, Bhurava, Godhra, Gujarat

Krishna Dining

5. Punjabi Tadka

As the name suggests, this restaurant offers Punjabi food with tadka or flavours and spices. All the curries and items served here are attractive and seem tempting. Also, the taste of each veggie is excellent in taste.

Location: Sagar Samrat Complex, Kalal Darwaja, Godhra, Gujarat

Punjabi Tadka

6. Hotel Dream

Everything of this place, from food taste to service, deserves full stars in its performance. They offer tandoori items like paneer tikka and other items as well. You can plan a dinner at this place and enjoy delicious food items.

Location: Vadodara, Highway Road, Godhra, Gujarat

Hotel Dream

7. Ram Niwas Hotel

This place in Godhra is famous for offering hot, crispy, and tasty kachoris that are freshly prepared. They also have varieties of savoury items and fried items to serve, though kachoris excel in all of them.

Location: Main Bazaar, Godhra, Gujarat

Ram Niwas Hotel

8. La Pino’z Pizza

This is a pizza outlet located in the town where you will enjoy delicious varieties of pizzas. The best pizza offered at this place is farm villa and garden special pizza. You must also try veg Hawaiian pizza also from this fantastic pizzeria.

Location: Shri Shri Nagar, Dahod Road, Godhra, Gujarat

La Pinoz Pizza

9. Om Namah Shivay Nasta House

This place is a relevant one if you want to try out great breakfast snacks like kachori and samosa at only Rs.20. This place also offers the special items of the city called pasa gota, which is loved by everyone in the locality.

Location: Patel Wad, Godhra, Gujarat

Om Namah Shivay Nasta House

10. Sai Foods Godhra

It is a compact, no-frills eatery fixing up typical snacks, including vada pav, Frankies, and muskabuns. The masala cheese and jam cheese maska bun are two main dishes and servings that one must taste. Also, you can try sandwich toast from this place.

Location: Platinum Plaza, Garden Road, Chowpati, Godhra, Gujarat

Sai Foods Godhra

11. China Town

This place will provide you with all your favourite Chinese starters like Manchurian Dry, hot and sour soup, Manchurian noodles, Manchurian gravy. You can also enjoy delicious and creamy cold coffee from this place.

Location: Sagar Samrat Complex, Kalal Darwaja, Godhra, Gujarat

China Town

12. New Anna’s Fusion

This restaurant offers good-tasting starters and snacks from South Indian, Chinese, and other cuisines. The masala dosa served here is authentic and highly recommended to taste. They also serve Mysore Bhaji with four pieces of pav.

Location: Bamroli Road, Soniwada, Shera, Godhra, Gujarat

New Annas Fusion

13. Saurashtra Gathiya

This place is highly recommended to Kathiyawadi food lovers as this place has an excellent collection of good quality gantiya to offer. People of the city love to visit this place to enjoy the delicious taste.

Location: Garden Road, Soniwada, Shera, Godhra, Gujarat

Saurashtra Gathiya

14. Café Villa

This café offers you all those delicacies that you accept to get from a café. They have various shakes available like ferreo rocher coffee and oreo shake with ice cream. They also offer Mexican Panini, French fries, Burj Khalifa burger, and pizza.

Location: 7-Dhanraj Complex, Bamroli Road, Godhra, Gujarat

Cafe Villa

15. The Garden Restaurant

It is a good place with good interiors and decoration ideal to visit in the winter season due to the beautiful atmosphere. They have a garden sitting arrangement where you can enjoy different parathas and different curries. One must try their paneer and Kaju curry.

Location: Godhra-Damavav Road, Bamroli Khurd, Gujarat

The Garden Restaurant

16. King Food Service

It is a fast-food restaurant where you can enjoy various exciting varieties of snacks that you desire to have. All the dishes are healthy and hygienic and can be tasted and enjoyed with your friends.

Location: Rang Avdhut Marg, Godhra, Gujarat

King Food Service

17. Maruti Nadan Dalbati Dahod

In Godhra, you will find infrequent joints where you can enjoy authentic and tasty dal baati. They offer dal tadka, khati-meethi dal, and ghee loaded churma.

Location: Bhaibhav Nagar, Godhra, Gujarat

Maruti Nadan Dalbati Dahod

18. Kailash Parvat Restaurant

It is a Punjabi restaurant offering cheese masala papad, veg 65, palak paneer, aloo paratha, raita, starters, and many other recipes that would delight you.

Location: Near Bhuravav Char, Rasta Bhurava, Godhra, Gujarat

Kailash Parvat Restaurant

19. Premvati Swaminarayan Vegetarian

This vegetarian food outlet provides you with panipuri, Gujarati thali, Manchurian, kadhi khichdi, Sev Usal, and many other authentic and famous Gujarati cuisine items.

Location: Swaminarayan Mandir, Ramnagar Society, Godhra, Gujarat

Premvati Swaminarayan Vegetarian

20. Jugnu Best Dabeli

This roadside stall will provide you with tasty, delicious dabeli, which you can enjoy for evening snacks and quick bites. The dabeli is moderately spiced and contains a nice filling or stuffing that fills up one’s stomach.

Location: Brahma Society, Soniwada, Shera, Godhra, Gujarat

Jugnu Best Dabeli