Top 20 Restaurants In Patan, Gujarat

Top 20 Restaurants In Patan Gujarat
Top 20 Restaurants In Patan Gujarat

In mediaeval times, Patan used to be the capital of Gujarat’s Chavda and Chalukya dynasties in mediaeval times. It was established by Vnraj Chavada and the Chavda king. The city has a long history with several Hindu and Muslim dynasties, making it a thriving trading city and the regional capital of northern Gujarat. It was also known as “Anhilpur-Patan.” The city has a total population of 133,744 as of 2011. It is a historical place situated on the bank of the now extinct Saraswati River. This city has an old market which is quite sizeable and is believed to have been in continuous operation since at least the rule of Vaghelas. From this historic city, we have brought you the top 20 restaurants where you can enjoy your meals.

1.Hotel Asopalav

It is one of the best restaurants in the city in terms of providing tasty food in a reasonable price. They serve a various range of starters like manchow soup, vegetable kebab, cheese chingari, and other items. The ice cream and lassi are must-try if you visit this place.

Location: Gopi Avenue, Gujarat State Highway, Patan

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2.Bansi Kathiyawadi

It is a Gujarati restaurant serving Gujarati cuisine and many dishes from other cuisines as well. The Gujarati thali, along with buttermilk, is quite popular here and tastes fantastic. The other dish which is worth tasting from this place is daal baati.

Location: opposite Hero Showroom, Near Shidhdhpur Circle, Patan

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3.Food Zone Restaurant

It is a casual restaurant offering traditional paneer dishes, soups, and desserts. They serve veg thali, Italian pizza, masala papad, jeera rice, paneer kofta at their outlet. Even the interior of this place is very soothing and will enhance the experience.

Location: Panchvati Complex, Cansma Highway Road, Patan

Food zone Restaurant

4.Food Junction Restaurant

It is a Punjabi restaurant serving Punjabi thali, Masala papad, Manchurian dry, sizzling brownie, toast soup, paneer sizzler, chana masala, and many other curries and starters. The vanilla milkshake is very tasty and worth tasting.

Location: City Point Basement, Station Road, Patan

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5.Blue Moon Dosa Delight

This place will definitely match up your expectations when it comes to serving creative dosa. It is a highly recommended place if you want to have South Indian food, especially dosa. The pizza dosa served here is quite large and tasty.

Location: Vishnunagar, Patan

Blue Moon DosaElight

6.Gamthi Kathiyawadi

This place serves mix of wonderful dishes from Indian cuisines. The dishes they serve are Punjabi thali, samosa, Dahi tikhari, aloo paratha. One dish you cannot miss on a visit to this place is Vagharelo rotlo, as it is a fantastic recipe.

Location: Near Utsav Party Plot, Chansma Road, Patan

Gamthi Kathiyawadi

7.RadheRajwadi Hotel

This place is one of those places that cannot be resisted by people once tasted the food served here. No doubt, each and every dish served here is authentic and tasty. They serve Gujarati dishes as well as Punjabi and other north Indian dishes.

Location: PatanDessa Highway, Krishnanagar Society, Patan

r625 Radhe Rajwadi hotel design

8.Pomo’s Pizza

It is a straightforward restaurant offering a variety of vegetarian pizza plus salads and snacks. The cheese burst pizza and garlic bread are loaded with cheese and tastes authentic. The chocolate chip cookies ice cream is a must-try dessert served here.

Location: Madhav Twins, College Road, Chintamani Apartments, Patan

Pomos Pizza 1

9.Harihar Bhojnalay

It is a food serving authority having dining arrangements in a spacious area. They serve proper meals for lunch or dinner at a cost of only Rs.30 per person. All the items are healthy and prepared in a hygienic manner.

Location: Pragati Nagar Society, Patan

Harihar Bhojnalay

10.Nilkanth Dining Hall

This place serves authentic Gujarati dishes and thalis prepared in a traditional way and tasting fantastic. Their meal includes rice, dal, roti, vegetables, pickle, buttermilk. The cost of thali per person is Rs.80.

Location: First floor Kesar Green Commercial Complex, Sudama, Chokadi, Patan

Nilkanth Dining Hall

11.Maa Kathiyawadi

Their menu includes dishes from Kathiyawadi and Punjabi cuisines. They have proper thali also available for lunch and dinner. The service and quality of food are impressive. The food is served in a large dining area.

Location: Harij Link Road, Patan

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12.Papa Louie’s Pizza

It is a cool eatery serving varieties of pizza with different toppings. They also serve pasta, salads, finger foods, and desserts. The cheesy platter served here is worth tasting. Also, the brownies served here are delicious and soft.

Location: Om Avenue, Chansma Road, Patan

Papa Louies Pizza 1

13.Krishna Restaurant

It is a nice place serving proper wholesome meals for lunch or dinner. The meals include daal, rice, salad, roti, vegetables. The price is reasonable, and the quality is top-notch.

Location: opposite Palasarbus Stand, Subhadranagar, Patan

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14.Hotel CarreFour

The menu of this place includes various delicious starters like Hakka noodles, Hara bhara kebab, Manchurian, veg sizzler. The main course meals include different curries and rotis. The brownie with ice cream is suitable for desserts.

Location: Patan- Chanasma Highway Road, Patan

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15.Jai Bhavani Vadapav

This place is famous for serving tasty and high-quality vadapav in the locality. Not only vadapav, but they also serve dabel, French fries, JB special recipe, French fries at this location. All the dishes taste excellent.

Location: Madhav Twins, College Road, Patan

Jai BhavaniVadapav 1

16.Ambica Fast Food

It is a fast-food corner serving dishes like noodles, pav bhaji, dosa, soup, pulav, and sandwiches. The dishes served are tasty as well as of good quality. They accept payment only through cash.

Location: Chaturbhuj Garden, Patan

Ambica Fast Food

17.Panchmukhi Nasta House

This restaurant offers quick snacks like tasty namkeens of Gujarat. The menu includes Lahsun sev, Nylon sev, Ratlami sev, Chana Dal, Bhavnagri Gathiya. It opens at 9 AM in the morning time.

Location: Tarbhoda No Pado, Ghivato, Patan

Panchmukhi Nasta House

18.Chula Dosa Hut

This outlet is specialized in the service of dosa with unique variations. The types of dosa served here are raja rani dosa, cheese sweet corn dosa, paneer cheese dosa, pizza dosa, topi dosa. This place opens at 6:30 AM in the morning.

Location: Vishnunagar, Patan

Chula Dosa Hut

19.Locals Junction Café

It is a small and pretty place perfect for casual meetings and small celebrations with friends. Their menu is also very interesting, including dishes from Punjabi, Chinese cuisine and along with fast-food items. The col-coffee served here is tempting.

Location: Unjha-Patan Highway, Hansapur, Patan

Locals Junction Cafe 1

20.Bhagwati Kathiyawadi

This restaurant serves traditional Kathiyawadi dishes like Khichdi kadhi, Bhindi, veh Makhan vala, kaju kofta. The khichdi kadhi tastes authentic and delightful. Dal baati served here is delicious.

Location: Patan- Unjha Highway, near Dharpur Village, Patan

Bhagwati Kathiyawadi