Top 20 Restaurants In Sector 31


Sector 31 is a lively market with shops for all kinds of things like clothes, utensils, accessories, groceries, etc. It is an open market so you might get tired, so here you have a list of 20 best restaurants in sector 31 Gurgaon. These restaurants are here to make your hectic day more bearable with tremendous food and beverages. You can get all kinds of cuisines in sector 31 from Chinese to Italian, from Indian to continental, etc. All restaurants are worth going to. It is an excellent marketplace overall.

1. Angeethi

This is one of the least expensive eateries of Sector 31, Gurgaon. All the veg and non veg cooking styles are delectable here. Likewise, the server changes the taste according to your necessity once informed. They additionally recall the decision of food and taste preference each time you visit. This restaurant has terrific ambiance, and a warm atmosphere.

2. The Kathi Rolls

This restaurant is the best for rolls and momos. It has standing tables, and has reasonable prices. The food here is impeccable, it is delicious and well presented. The service is fast, and the staff is accommodating. The momos here are a must try.

3. The Burger Company

Here’s something different you could express rather than tasty. This comfortable café has the best impressions. Affable hosts, heavenly dishes, lovely show, wide things list and awesome sweet. The mood is extremely inviting and enchanting. Astonishing shakes, food and administration. Staff are incredibly educated and makes extraordinary recommendations.

4. 31 China Town

This restaurant has authentic Chinese food. There is a wide variety in menu like spring rolls, dimsums, noodles, soups, etc. The ambiance of the restaurant is cozy and peaceful. It has low prices, and the food here is terrific. This restaurant is a must try for fantastic food.

5. La Pino’z Pizza

Pizzas here are totally different from what you get from Dominos or Pizza Hut. So, you could have to acquire a preference for them. They have BOGO on Wednesday and Friday. They have terrific pastas and tacos too. The food here is moderately priced, and the vibe of the place is lively.

6. Subway

This is one of the most outstanding subway tastes in Delhi NCR. The spot is a piece little however the help is perfect. It is situated in an elegant market like 31 HUDA and the parking can be found easily. The restaurant has extraordinary taste and experience. all the food is fresh here, and the staff is accommodating.

7. Kulcha Walas

Kulchas were truly authentic Amritsari ones. Taste was great. We can get two Kulchas at similar cost as they have given one at different eateries who are renowned for Amritsari Kulchas as it were. Chutney was incredible as well. The experience would be fantastic. Authentic Amritsari Kulchas are served with authentic Amritsari Chhole & sour Onion Chutney with a choice of stuffing like paneer, aloo, etc.

8. Om Sweets 

A decent spot with great cleanliness. Food quality is great and what flabbergasts most here is staff conduct is so quite amiable. You’ll get all assortments of Indian food and desserts, mainland and inexpensive food. It is additionally accessible to Pack and conveyance administration. This is an excellent restaurant, with exceptional food.

9. Fasoos

Fasoos is an exquisite restaurant to request some lip-smacking wraps, terrific feasts, biryani and a few wonderful combos. They serve best nature of rolls. They serve an excellent quality and quantity of food. They also have a wide variety of drinks. You can also enjoy a wide range of offers present here.

10. Harish Bakery 

Harish Bakery has a spectacular variety of baked good with a fantastic variety of Indian cuisines. This bakery not only has helpful staff, but also is spacious. The vibe of the place is positive. The food here is delicious. This bakery is a must visit.

11. Mumbaikar’s

This was a decent preliminary in Gurgaon. it has authentic genuine aamchi Mumbai taste. They have a wide variety of Mumbai food like panipuri, dabeli, Vada paav, misal pav and bun maska. The restaurant is small, but has utterly delicious food. Is has affordable prices, with a peaceful vibe.

12. Jugaad Kitchen

The flavor of food was excellent. Discussing the ambience, the place was not excessively roomy yet by and large guest plan was not unreasonably terrible. Lobby Temperature was all around kept up with. Food Service was on time. Staff is considerate and supportive. The restaurant is fantastic.

13. Nirula’s 

Nirula’s Ice Cream Parlor in Sector 31 Main Market serves delightful Ice creams, Sundaes, Soda’s and Shakes. The ice cream parlour is terrific for a calm and peaceful experience. It gives you the break you deserve from a busy life. Its mod lightening.

14.  Capital Restaurant

Best dishes of veg and non veg with sensible costs. there is dinning at storm cellar and furthermore before the shop where you can partake in the dinner with your shut ones. they give Quality with Quantity premise food. Should visit this restaurant for a fantastic experience.

15. Wow! Momo

Momos are really scrumptious. On the off chance that you are fan for zesty food, should try the pan fried momos. Likewise, Cheese and Corn momos are a must try as well. they also have an excellent selection of drinks that complement the momos exquisitely. They likewise have legitimate sitting spot.

16. Om Bhatura Co. 

If you are a chole bhature fan this is the restaurant for you. It is a small road side establishment that has terrific food variety. They have heartly choices for Indian food and beverages. This is a go to place for a heartly meal.

17. Am Pm 24/7

This is a 24/7 store that has a built-in small café in the basement. They have an extremely impressive ambiance. The café has a warm and cozy ambiance, and they have a wide variety of quick bites. There is a 24/7 with all the essentials. This café is a must try.

18. Los Amigos Café

This cafe is very peaceful and quiet, with restricted swarm on non-weekend days. The assistance is customized and staff is obliging and accommodating. The owner takes great consideration and is associated with the standard work of the cafe. The seating is restricted with not many seats accessible inside. There is bell available, which can be utilized to call the staff. The open-air seating is far superior and is appropriate given weather conditions. there is a wide variety of food as well.

19.  Bombay Dhaba 

This is a proper Dhaba styled restaurant with typical Dhaba food. The food here is delicious, and this restaurant has a menu with wide variety of authentic Dhaba food. This restaurant is a must visit if you crave for a Dhaba experience. The staff is courteous and helping.

20. Behrouz Biryani

The biryani is authentic, it is cooked with royal spices. The ambiance of the restaurant is terrific. This is the restaurant you visit if you are a biryani lover. They have a wide variety of biryani, and drinks that exceptionally complement your taste buds with that biryani.