Top 20 Restaurants In Tangra, Kolkata

Top 20 Restaurants In Tangra Kolkata
Top 20 Restaurants In Tangra Kolkata

Tangra is a place in Kolkata, which is basically the Chinatown of Kolkata. They have some of the best Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese food. It is in the city’s heart, making this place well-connected. It is a very popular place in Kolkata for Chinese food and their Chinese New Year celebration.

1 Gourmet Couch

They serve Korean, Thai, Pan-Asian, Italian and Continental food. Some recommended dishes to try here are Veg Hakka noodles, Tropical fruit Gateau, and Naan Thod. This is one of the few places where you actually don’t need to wait for your food to come as they service your food timely without making you wait for too long. The cost for two people here is just rupees 950 approximately which is very reasonable for such good food and services.


2 JW Kitchen

They serve Mediterranean, European, and Thai cuisine. The rate is a little pricy here. Some of their best dishes are the Hazelnut Ice Cream, Seafood Chowder, Mint Drink, Dessert Buffet, and Mud Pie. Average rate here is rupees 3000.


3 Vintage Asia

They serve Chinese, Thai, Pan-Asian and Multicuisine. Besides their crab dishes, they also the queen of fishes the Bhetki which is steamed and cooked In a Chinese Garlic Soy Sauce. This place is a little expensive as they cost rupees 3000 for two people without any alcohol, although they have excellent services, well-mannered staff, and a classy and elegant atmosphere.


4 Ottimo

You can enjoy Italian dishes like ravioli, pizza and lamb shanks here. This is a great place to come in the evening and dine. You should try their Pasta Alfredo and pizza at Ottimo. They also have a valet system and a parking lot.


5 Big Boss

This is a big restaurant with a wide range of items on the menu. The quantity of the food served is also good as you won’t require ordering more unless you are eating for two. This place is decently reasonable where they cost rupees 1300 for two people without alcohol. With beer it is rupees 1590, which is fairly reasonable.


6 Royal Vega

This is part of the ITC Hotels. They have very fancy interiors and great food. Prices can depend on what you eat. This place serves only vegetarian and Jain food. Finding a good Jain place is very hard nowadays, but not anymore.


7 The Poolside

They have multi-cuisine here, so you can definitely try out. Their key feature is the buffet, with An extensive selection of dishes to select from.


8 Kim Ling

This restaurant serves the typical Tangra style Chinese food. They have a wide range of crab dishes, so if you wanted to want some yummy crab dishes, then this is your stop.


9 Golden Joy

This is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Kolkata and is a well-known place for all the Chinese food lovers. They make delicious Manchurian, soups, fried rice, and Choupsey.


10 Evergreen

They are known for making Chinese cuisine. Some of their most popular dishes that are worth your money are fish chilli and prawns.


11 China Haus

They make both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian preparations so that nobody is left out with their food choices. You must try their veg cold coin, pork chilli, and Choupsey.


12 Shun Li

They are the best at serving authentic Chinese dishes with their Pan-Asian cooking techniques and tactics. The ambience is great to sit and eat and they are pretty affordable for a meal. You must try their Tom Yum Soup.


13 Fung Fa

This restaurant focuses on Chinese dishes and makes every dish authentic and feel at home. You should definitely try their Hunan fish and crispy fried fish.


14 Ming Garden Chinese Restaurant

Out here they serve Chinese and seafood. The must- haves here are the fried rice and fish. The fish is so soft that with one cut with your fork, it will break into smaller pieces.


15 Kim Fa

This place is great if you want to have Chinese for lunch or dinner. The interior and lighting are very calming and relaxing on a scorching afternoon or busy evening.


16 Chabbis January

They mainly serve North Indian dishes. The prices of the items on the menu are affordable and you can be rest assured as they have both veg and non-veg.


17 China Gate

This is a casual dining restaurant where they serve both Chinese and seafood. Some of their best-selling dishes are the Mushroom Soup and Hot and Sour Soup. There is a parking area also if you are coming in a car, so there won’t be a problem finding a spot to park your car elsewhere.


18 Kafulok

This restaurant is open all night and serves some of the best quick bite food. They are very reasonable at pricing their items and they also serve great Chinese food. When you are out here, you must order their Fried Rice Chicken, Lemon Chicken, prawn, and Fish. It is to die for!


19 Hot Wok Village

This restaurant serves great North- Indian and Chinese food. The proportion and quality of food is very good. They have their own parking lot, too.


20 China Gardens

They specialize in making Chinese and Momo’s. While you are in Tangra and are passing by here, do visit here and try their spring chicken, prawn chips, and noodles.