Top 20 Restaurants In Uttam Nagar, Delhi

New Chinese Food Plaza
New Chinese Food Plaza

Delhi has no particular cultural food. Culture of food in Delhi is a mixture of various cuisines like  Mughlai Cuisines, Punjabi food, North Indian food and mouth watering street food. It additionally includes a range of cuisines from totally different components of India. Delhi restaurants serve a variety of cuisines including Continental, Thai, Mexican and Chinese food likewise. Delhi offers a full gamut of uptake joints within the kind of low budget restaurants, elite restaurants and road facet Dhabas that satiate your taste buds with authentic Dilli preparation.


Tastylicious is a luxury hotel that serves North Indian, Chinese and Fast food. The environment is really pleasant here. It has an elegant and excellent ambiance. The food prepared at this restaurant is extraordinary. It is a very nice place to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family.


2.Radhika Restaurant

This restaurant specialises in North Indian and Chinese dishes.This is a superb place for non vegetarian snacks. It is a simple restaurant with a neat and clean ambiance. They have a large range and many types of vegetarian dishes in their menu. The staff serving here are very kind and provide prompt and timely service.

Radhika Restaurant

3.Delhi Darbar Biryani Point

This food joint is one of the best places to have Biryani, Mughlai and North Indian food. The ambiance has an elegant decoration. The dishes served here have reasonable prices and are low as compared to other restaurants. The quality of food is also outstanding. Recommended dishes of this place are Chicken Biryani with Gravy, Chicken Kadhai and Khamiri Roti.

Delhi Darbar Biryani Point

4.Dilli-59 Restaurant

North Indian, South Indian and Chinese. Here they serve both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. It is a perfect place to organise small functions, anniversaries, birthdays and get-togethers. All the dishes served here taste great and are a must try. It is a must visit place if you want to enjoy any special moment with your loved ones.

Dilli 59 Restaurant

At they serve street food, fast food and beverages.They have an elaborate menu and also serve customised food. They serve fresh and healthy food.This is the prompt place to have some toothsome food for a weekend brunch. Some popular dishes served here are Cheese Pizza, Cheesecake, Fries and Burger.

6.Gupta Ji Restaurant

Gupta Ji Restaurant is a delightful casual dining restaurant which will amuse you. With an outspread menu that’s fairly priced, It’s definitely worth a visit quiet ones. Visit here with company of friends and family for lip smacking food and some fun times.

Gupta Ji Restaurant

7.Delhi 6

This restaurant specializes in serving Mughlai dishes. Delhi 6 restaurant is best known for its good customer service. Some dishes served here that are popular and you must not miss are Gola Kabab, Mutton Nehari, Mutton Korma, Authentic Mughlai Food, Haleem and Mutton Biryani.

Delhi 6

8.Crazy Kitchen

At Crazy Kitchen you can enjoy North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Street Food. It has a great ambiance and the staff provide prompt service. Recommended dishes of this place are Crazy Kitchen Special Thali, Paneer Lababdar, Veg Spring Roll, Afgani Malai Chaap and Tandoori Malai Chaap which you must try for sure.

Crazy Kitchen


This is a fabulous non vegetarian restaurant. This is one of the best biryani restaurants. The rates of the food served here are affordable. The owner and staff at this restaurant are welcoming and helpful. A nice place to enjoy delicious non vegetarian meals along with family and friends.

Zaika Wale

10.Rollsumburg Maveli Restaurant

At Rollsumburg Maveli Restaurant you will be served a compact, colourful outfit focusing on South Indian fare, plus Chinese-style rice and noodle dishes. The restaurant is neat and clean. The Staff are very supportive and friendly. Rollsumburg Maveli Restaurant is a perfect place  for foodies and roll lovers.

Rollsumburg Maveli Restaurant

11.Prem Gopal Restaurant

This is a good place to enjoy North Indian, Chinese and Fast Food. This is a nice place to enjoy some delicious dishes along with friends and family on weekends. Signature dishes of Prem Gopal Restaurant  are Chicken Lollipop, Kfc Style Paneer Kurkure Momos, Chicken Tandoori Momos, Chicken Steamed Momos, Veg Manchurian Dry and Chilli Chicken Dry.

Prem Gopal Restaurant

12.Cafe Nilayam

It is a clean and hygienic place. They serve outstanding food under the best budget. Their menu has a variety of soups and salads, chinese, fried rice and noodles, pizza and pasta, burgers and sandwiches, wraps, momos, maggi and other snacks. This is a good restaurant for a family crowd.

Cafe Nilayam

13.Anand Vaishno Dhaba

Anand Vaishno Dhaba is a restaurant that serves North Indian dishes. It has a small ambiance. The rates of each dish served here is very cheap as compared to other restaurants. Dishes served here include Crispy Naan, Chur Chur Naan Thali, Malai Chaap and Kadhai Paneer.

Anand Vaishno Dhaba

14.Starvy Nights

Starvey Nights is a restaurant that expertises in North Indian, Mughlai and Chinese cuisines. They serve very tasty food at low rates. The staff are well mannered and provide quick service.An awesome place for foodies who love delicious food.

Starvy Nights

15.Ok Food & Tiffin

Ok Food & Tiffin is a restaurant for true lovers of South Indian food. The food served here is great and the service provided by the welcoming, kind and helpful staff is amazing.The family dosa is a must try if you visit this restaurant. The menu is really tempting and all the dishes are of affordable and fair price.

Ok Food Tiffin

16.Delhi Darbar Chicken Point Restaurant

Delhi Darbar Chicken Point Restaurant serves authentic Mughlai dishes. It is a small restaurant with a simple ambiance. They also serve Biryani, North Indian and Hyderabadi. It is a perfect  place for non vegetarian and biryani lovers.

Delhi Darbar Chicken Point Restaurant

17.Alankar Restaurant

At Alankar Restaurant they serve North Indian and Chinese dishes. This is a fine dining restaurant.  It is a perfect place to enjoy some quick bites.Recommended dishes of this place are Mint Mojito, Blue Curacao Mojito, Sweet Corn Soup, Peri Peri Fries and Chilli Potato.

Alankar Restaurant

18.Mitron Da Nukkad

Mitron Da Nukkad is a nice place to enjoy some yummy fast food with your friends. The quantity of servings are great and pocket friendly. It has a very  comfortable atmosphere and fantastic decoration. If you plan to visit this place you must try their Veg Poha, Nacho Bae, Corn Hona, Do Ka Dum and Afghani Chaap.

Mitron Da Nukkad

19.New Chinese Food Plaza

New Chinese Food Plaza is an apt restaurant for Chinese food lovers.They have very tasty, delicious, economical fast food available here. They have many different dishes on their menu. The Veg Combo, Chilli Paneer Dry, Paneer Manchurian Dry, Chilli Chaap Dry and Creamy Chaap Dry are the recommended dishes of this place.

New Chinese Food Plaza

20.Rolls Mania

Rolls Mania is the best place to enjoy some delicious and healthy rools, fast food and beverages.Menu here has a large variety of dishes. Chicken Cheese Nuggets, Egg Omelette Roll, Blue Lagoon Mocktail, Chicken Bhuna Roll, Mughlai Chicken and Soya Chaap Roll are some popular dishes served here.

Rolls Mania