Top 20 Restaurants In Jaipur

Top 20 Restaurants in Jaipur

Jaipur or famously known as the Pink City is part of the tourist attracting and colorful state of Rajasthan which is famous for its culture and culinary art. The mouth-watering delicacies that the city offers have made it famous globally.

Here are some of the restaurants which offer world-class food:

1. Peshawari (ITC Rajputana)

ITC Rajputana’s North Indian offering is Peshawari, and as the name suggests, the food is authentically Peshawari. The place is known for its Sikandari Raan, Butter chicken, and Tandoori Jhinga. The ambiance and the food both are classy.


2 Niros (M.I Road)

One of the oldest restaurants in Jaipur, Niros has earned a reputation for being an attraction to the tourists. The place serves almost all kinds of cuisines but the Chicken Tikka Masala is to die for, and the ambiance and service make the prices slightly higher than normal prices but it is worth the money.


3. Suvarna Mahal (Rambagh Palace)

Suvarna Mahal is a place where you go to eat like a king. The place has an aura about it which makes your experience royal. The Mughlai food with vintage wines is nowhere enjoyed better than this place. The food is served in gold-plated crockery with live music also a part of the experience


4 Handi (M.I Road)

When you come to Jaipur and want to eat something which belongs to Rajasthan’s culture then Handi is your destination. The famous Handi Chicken is something you’ll relish for a long time. The ambiance is good, and the pricing is great considering the excellent quality of food.


5 The Great Kabab Factory (Country Inn & Suites)

If you are a big fan of kababs, you should definitely go visit this place. The menu changes according to the days but each day you get fresh, tasty and mouth watering kababs and to make your experience worthwhile. The place is a little expensive but is worth it.


6. Barbeque Nation (M.I Road And Tonk Road)

This place is for people who crave for kababs but are a bit light with the pocket. Food has good quality, a cheerful ambiance, and live food preparation gives a nice and fulfilling eating experience along with a heavy tummy.


7. Okra (Marriott)

A different place from all the other restaurants on the list, Okra serves all the cuisines from Indian to Japanese to Mediterranean. The place is known for its buffet-style dining and live counters. The Pizzas and Sushi served are exceptional.


8 Four Seasons (C-Scheme)

This restaurant is not an expensive or a popular 5-star hotel but is a well-known vegetarian restaurant of Jaipur. The Sizzlers and the South Indian Cuisine are what make this place a must visit. The pricing is quite reasonable, and the ambiance is great.


9. Spice Court (Civil Lines)

People should visit this restaurant because of its ambiance. The prices are reasonable and they serve a great dish named Jungali Maas.
A heavenly masterpiece for spice lovers, this dish, is what makes this place a must visit along with its Jaipur famous bakery.


10. On The House (C-Scheme)

A café which serves excellent steaks and brilliant shakes. Visit this place for excellent ambiance and foreign cuisine. The salads are great, and the bakery products are perfect.


11. Taruveda Bistro (Civil Lines)

It is a soothing place with all natural and organic food. The ambiance is excellent, but the price is high. The food is good and is all organic which is a plus point. It is the only non 5-star place which serves Sushi in the city.


12. 1135 AD (Amer)

A place on the lines of Suvarna Mahal where you go for a royal eating experience and this place is on the cheaper side from the former even though not so cheap. The place is inside the Amer Fort which gives your meal a royal touch. The food is good, but the place is famous for the fact that it is inside the fort itself.


13. Tapri – The Tea House (C-Scheme)

Famous for its close seating and Tea, Tapri is a place one must visit with friends to have long chats. The ambiance is the main attraction of this restaurant, and the food is mostly snacks, but the Pizzas especially the famous Desh Videsh are a must try.


14. The Forresta Kitchen & Bar (Bani Park)

Forresta is for the drink and diners. The huge choice of drinks, be it mocktails or cocktails, soft or hard drinks, almost everything is available here. From the food’s point of view, the Italian is exceptional especially the Lasagne.


15. Zolocrust (Clarks Amer)

This restaurant might be expensive, but the shakes, and the pizzas are worth it. The shakes are the best in town and the ambiance is soothing plus the kitchen is open to the seating which makes the eating experience classy as ever.


16. Baluchi (The Lalit)

Another 5-star North Indian restaurant which offers exceptional food.
The Kolhapuri Chicken is the star of the menu but the people with a sweet tooth must have a Paan Kulfi (It’s Fabulous).


17. Surya Mahal (M.I Road)

It is not another Royal Fine dining place but a good vegetarian restaurant which serves multiple cuisines. The South Indian is good, and the North Indian is exceptional. Notable mention to the bakery (Bake Hut) which is pretty good.


18. Sethia’s Dana Pani (Shyam Nagar)

Another vegetarian restaurant with homely food and a cheerful ambiance. The North Indian is good and a must try is the city’s famous Chinese Bhel. The Garlic Naan is also something different here.


19. Café Lazy Mojo (Malviya Nagar)

This café is famous for its presentation of food. Most of the Instagram photos of food in the city is from this café! The food is equally tasty, and the shakes are very good as well.


20. Kanha (C-Scheme, Tonk Road, Vaishali Nagar)

This place is Jaipur’s answer to the world famous Haldiram’s. The food is fresh, and the service is quick. The most popular is the Special Thali, One Go Salad and a whole host of delicious sweets.



Little Italy (C-Scheme)
Café Bae (Sahkaar Marg)
Burger Farm (Vaishali Nagar)