Top 20 Restaurants to try in GK-2, Delhi

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South Delhi is full of food joints, and Greater Kailash 2 is one such place that is a hub of all the amazing food joints. This place will never disappoint you, given the number of places it offers in its area.

Here is a list of 20 restaurants that you should try in GK-2, Delhi:

1 Swagath

Swagath is a popular South Indian restaurant which has its ingredients flown in from Mangalore. Their Malabari Parantha with Ghee Roast Chicken is a delicious combination that will satisfy your palate.

Must have: Chicken Pepper Chettinad

Location: M-9, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


2 Artusi Ristorante e Bar

The chef at this place is from Italy, and the menu comprises of dishes from his ancestor’s kitchens. Their pasta, pizza, sauces, bread, and dips are all home-made.

Must have: Grilled Lamb Chops with Pistachio Lemon Oil, Rich Lobster Risotto

Location: M-24, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


3 Shibuya Food & Bar

If you want to have sushi with a fine dining experience, then Shibuya is the place to be. Apart from their service and ambience, the dim sums are top notch. Expect exceptional dipping sauces that are made in house and a whole lot of flavors from their dishes.

Must have: Pork Gyoza, Poke Bowl, Tuna Tataki Roll

Location: M-63, First Floor, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


4 Culinaire

Culinaire is a well-reputed place for its Chinese food. It is also known as the best restaurants in GK 2 Market. They serve delicious dishes at affordable prices.

Must have: Golden Fried Prawns, Vegetables in Black Pepper Sauce

Location: Shop 2, Chandan Market, S Block, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


5 Mini Mughal

As the name suggests, Mini Mughal specializes in serving delicious North Indian cuisine. They are known for serving delicious Butter Chicken in town.

Must have: Nihari, Tawa Chicken, Tandoori Mushroom

Address: 71, First Floor, M-Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


6 Biryani

Visit this place to indulge in pure gluttony with your loved ones. It is owned by an ex-Taj chef. Their Tikka Pulao is a hot seller.

Must have: Teekhe Aloo Tikkone, Chicken Biryani, Tikka Pulao

Location: 44, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


7 Fig and Maple

Take your significant other to this beautiful place to have a hot cup of coffee with a beautiful rooftop view. This place comes from the same house as Ivy and Bean. So; there are no doubts about their coffee. The owner claims to get the ingredients from Faridabad’s farm.

Must have: Butter Garlic Prawns on Wild Rice, Fresh Juice

Location: 27, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi

Fig-and -Maple

8 Starbucks

Starbucks is one of the few places that you can rely on for the delicious cup of coffee. Apart from their coffee, they are known for their delectable snacks too.

Must have: Double Meat Club Sandwich, Java Chip

Address: Ground Floor, M-11, Main Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


9 W.D. House

W.D. House comes from Chandigarh’s famous Whistling Duck. They serve many delicious dishes from across the globe with a gorgeous rooftop seating. Visit this place for a good deal and obviously, meal!

Must have: Edamame Dumplings, Tomato Tarte Tatin

Location: 80, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


10 Carnatic Café

Visit this place to have a delicious South Indian meal. It is easily regarded as one of the best restaurants in GK-2. No place serves authentic South Indian cuisine as they do. Have any dosa with their special filter coffee.

Must have: Neer Dosa

Location: 21, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


11 Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti is a restaurant that assures to serve you authentic Tibetan and Nepalese cuisine. Having a calm and casual décor, Yeti promises that you will have a great time when you dine in. Don’t forget to order their Yeti Vegetarian Platter.

Must have: Tingmo, Chicken Momos

Location: M-20, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


12 Karma Kismet

Karma Kismet is popular for serving authentic Awadhi cuisine. Top North Indian dishes like Murgh Biryani and Mutton Roganjosh are loved by all.

Must have: Mutton Biryani

Location: 25, M Block Market, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi


13 The Café

The Café is a top favorite place for getting together and casual meetups. As the name suggests, they are famous for serving a wide range of delicious finger food. You must try their platters too.

Must have: Chili Chicken

Location: 4, 1st Floor, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


14 PDA

Visit PDA to have the best Italian food along with innovative cocktails.

Must have: Burrata Pizza, Arancini

Location: 8A, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


15 Nik Baker’s

Nik Baker’s is run by professional Australian Chef named Nik. This place serves delicious baked goods with love like pancakes, waffles, and cakes.

Must have: Rainbow cake, Biscotti

Location: 25, M Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


16 Chocolateria San Churro

As the name suggests, this place specializes in serving delicious churros with organic coffee. They provide the best chocolate bases products.

Must have: Hot Chocolate, Churros

Location: M-1, Greater Kailash Road, Main Market, Block M, Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi


17 Pita Pit

Pita Pit is your ultimate sandwich destination that is easy on your pocket too. They specialize in salads and pita sandwiches. Their juices are healthy as they are freshly squeezed.

Must have: Pita Bread, Falafel Pita

Location: 58, Main Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


18 Al-Bake

If you love shawarmas and Mughlai cuisine, then Al-Bake will top your list once you visit this place. Their chicken biryani is heavenly.

Must have: Chicken Biryani

Location: Shop 22, E Block Market, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


19 Gourmet Affaire

Gourmet Affaire is a top favorite place for people who have a sweet tooth. They assure to satiate your taste buds with their wide variety of desserts. Their cheesecakes are a must have.

Must have: Chocolate Chip Muffins

Location: E-556, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi


20 Twisted Tacos

Twisted Tacos is a perfect place for people who love Mexican cuisines. Binge into their Mexican dishes and find yourself in Mexico in no time.

Must have: Burritos, Twisted Tacos

Location: 192, Ground Floor, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi