Top 20 Restaurants To Visit In Belapur, Navi Mumbai

top 20 restaurants to visit in belapur navi mumbai
top 20 restaurants to visit in belapur navi mumbai

CBD Belapur is also known as the central business district Belapur is one of the most commercial localities of Navi Mumbai. It is a hub of many head offices, shops and is often seen crowded with office goers. Belapur is well connected via buses, local trains and even road. These factors make Belapur a place where you can find amazing restaurants for various budgets. Belapur has many options for nightlife and Navi Mumbai’s bustling lounges. It has the largest number. More upscale restaurants than other nodes in Navi Mumbai.

1. Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa is the only authentic Mexican restaurant that you will find in Navi Mumbai. It is one of the favorite restaurants for Mexican lovers. If you ever wish to try Authentic Mexican food, this is the perfect place you must visit. This restaurant is spacious with great ambience and happy music. They serve unique and amazingly flavored dishes. The quantity and quality of the foodservice are worth the money. Try their Chacho Nachos, Godzilla Garlic Bread, Country Side Special, Chicken 6Quesadillas, Shredded Chicken Whacko Tacos and Sammy’s Tostada.

Sammy Sosa

2. Shaolin Temple

Shaolin temple searches for authentic Thai and Chinese food. It is located close to Belapur station. The interior and the exteriors are decorated according to Chinese culture. The ambience is very calming. It is an ideal place for clicking that Instagram photo dump. Visit this place if you are craving some delicious Thai or Chinese food and we are sure you will have a great experience.

shaollin temple

3. China Valley

This authentic Chinese restaurant is beautifully decorated with Chinese lanterns And is spacious and offers an enjoyable ambience. The menu brings to you an amazing range of starters for the main course and drinks. The dishes are slightly overpriced but the quality and quantity compromise the price. Some must-try dishes include Chicken dumplings, chilli chicken, chicken manchow soup, crackling spinach, ginger pepper chicken, hot dragon chicken.

China Valley

4. Pranam Banquets

This is a fine dining restaurant located in the center of Belapur. You will often spot a friend or family outing at this restaurant. The ambience of this place is wonderful and also offers excellent service. The dishes seem to be slightly overpriced but the quality and the quantity this restaurant offers is worth the amount. The restaurant also has a bar section to enjoy some drinks along with your meal.

Pranam Banquets

5. Malvan Tadka

As the name suggests this place is a must-visit for malvani food lovers and seafood lovers. This restaurant brings to you traditional Konkani, Goan and Malvani cuisine. The ambience has a touch of the culture. They also serve alcoholic beverages. Must-try dishes include cranberry cooler, threaded paneer, kombdi wade, solkadi, Prawns koliwada, rice and curry,  crab meat soup, Mushroom Malavani, bhakhri, butter Naan, solkadhi, seafood thaali, gadbad and, gulab jamun for desserts.

Malvan Tadka

6. Konkani Rassa

Konkani Rassa is one of the best and pocket-friendly restaurants for non-vegetarian and seafood lovers. They make a constant effort to serve the best quality meat, excellent taste and courteous service to their customers. It is recommended to generally order thalis instead of ordering individual items to relish the dishes on their menu and also become cost-effective.

Konkani Rassa

7. The Freq

How about great music with a lively atmosphere and great drinks with food? Yes, everyone loves it, and your friends do too. So why not come to The Freq with your company for such a good time? This place will leave you speechless. as soon as you are here.   As for the staff, they are very friendly and will give you the best information! When we talk about food, you get a lot of delicious treats that are sure to make you want to. When we talk about drinks, you get cocktails and non-alcoholic cocktails that are delicious to drink.

The Freq

8. Ghati Adda

Gati Adda is a cozy place with seating on the first and second floors. They have huge screens for viewing any news or cricket, making customers feel comfortable and always connected.   This place is ideal for lovers and non-vegetarians. Thalis are mainly served here. Their fish Thali, Lamb Thali, Chicken Thali and Chicken Sukha are delicious.

Ghati Adda

9. Ashwith Family Restaurant And Bar

The family resto-bar is a perfect place where you can beat your hunger pangs until midnight. This is a casual Chinese food restaurant. Satisfy your hunger with delicious, hygienic food at reasonable prices. Indian and Chinese dishes are served here. You can enjoy a meal with alcohol and complimentary munchings like peanuts and cheese lings. Don’t miss the spring rolls, chilli chicken, biryani and more.

Ashwith Family Restaurant And Bar

10. Jade Buddha’s Pub And Kitchen

The atmosphere is so cool with pictures on the walls and great lighting. They have outdoor seating and have a ground floor for large group parties and a dance floor on the ground floor. Jade Buddha offers excellent Pan-Asian food with a selection of Indian favorites. The place is beautifully decorated and popular with young people and families.  Be sure to try Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce and Japanese Yakisoba Chicken Buckwheat Noodles.

Jade Buddhas Pub And Kitchen

11. Sailors Café

This is a café located on a quiet street and it allows you to choose from a wide range of board games. You can sit and spend your time either playing games, reading books or just chit-chatting with your friends. The menu offers you various dishes such as pizza pasta salads, milkshakes etc. They offered various types of coffees and other hot beverages.

Sailors Cafe

12. West 1- The Park

This is one of the best places to stay with your loved ones. The food tastes amazing and is worth the price. They offer a wide variety of food and the location of the hotel is also very quiet and peaceful. This place is famous for its buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner.

West 1 The Park

13. Brewhouse Café

At first glance, people will be drawn into the bohemian atmosphere. They have a lot of comfortable seating both inside and outside. They have a great bar menu where we tried pina colada and chemical Loja, a rum cocktail with a mixture of passionfruit, peaches and oranges. Both are delicious. Try Lebanese Chicken Salad, Murgh Lahsooni dhania tikka, juicy garlic chicken tikka. When you come here, you should try chicken with orange and broccoli, fried chicken with sweet-spicy orange sauce, just a feast for your eyes. sriracha sauce is served along with a large portion of fried vegetables, which are served of our choice.

Brewhouse Cafe

14. Drink Eat Repeat

Located very close to the Belapur CBD railway station, this restaurant is easily accessible. The atmosphere is lit with warm light and is very cozy if you want to spend comfortable moments with this special person.  The staff is polite and helpful. Be sure to try:  bell peppers with jalapeno cheese, chicken roll, spicy garlic mushrooms, red Thai shrimp curry with rice, hot brownie, iced tea with a green island.

Drink Eat Repeat

15. Bong Adda

Bong Adda is a nice restaurant to enjoy delicious Bengali food in Navi Mumbai. If you are bored with other Bengali food like bhojori etc., try to come to this place. Cool, relaxed atmosphere in front of the Belapur Pentathlon Complex, located on stretch 15 of Palm Beach. Good food. Smoothies and mango juice with hot sauce are an unforgettable experience.

Bong Adda

16. Neon Bar And Kitchen

Located in one of the best areas of Belapur’s CBD, Navi Mumbai. Has a part of the ground floor (dining room) and an upper part (disco + dining room). Great place to chat and have fun with friends and family.  Speaking of vibrations, this is a fantastic piece of neon graffiti on the walls that glow in the dark and the music just vibrates with it. Neon is about the environment and light. The DJ is amazing. Good food Overall a great place to enjoy praise for the whole group.

Neon Bar And Kitchen

17. Vintage Cafe

Vintage Cafe is a beautifully designed vintage-style cafe and bar. Good service from the staff. All dishes are delicious. You would want to visit the vintage cafe again and again. You must visit a classic cafe for a pleasant experience. Nice place for parties and celebrations.

Vintage Cafe

18. Rainforest Resto Bar

This forest-themed restaurant is so beautiful that you’d want to stay here forever. This restaurant is unique and impressive. It is completely tree-covered outside and inside, which will surprise you and tree lovers will find it even more appealing. The atmosphere is truly incredible and impossible to describe in words. With such a wonderful interior, it’s worth it. They also have a restaurant and the service is a little slow.

Rainforest Resto Bar

19. House

This place acts as a restaurant, bar, cafe and party under one roof. There are several options for Indian and Continental cuisine here. Very good food and friendly staff. They help and guide you in choosing the food you would relish. You can enjoy food and music. Be sure to visit Belapur.


20. Belapur Khau Galli

This place Belapur is a food lover’s paradise. This is a long stretch that serves many different types of food. Many dishes are prepared here. It is located opposite Belapur Railway Station. it is the centre of business, many companies or groups of people come here for lunch or dinner. Good selection of food and affordable prices. Here you can find dishes such as Chinese desi, dosas, lunch thaali, Punjabi, chole bhature, all kinds of parathas, fresh fruit juices, biryani etc.

Belapur Khau Galli