Top 20 Restaurants To Visit If You Are In Guwahati!

Top 20 Restaurants To Visit If You Are In Guwahati!



This is one of the oldest dining places you’ll find in the city. Over the years it has developed itself into an iconic establishment, which has been serving customers over generations now. They are infact also responsible for serving mainstream Assamese cuisine. They restaurant is divided into two floors, in spite of which it is mostly crowded most of the times. The interiors are simple with an inclination towards regional elements for decoration. If you want to have the best of Assamese food here, then there is nothing better than the Thali.



This restaurant is part of the Dynasty Hotel, and the experience is no less than a royal one. It has been running for many years now and has since then managed to maintain its quality of food. They most serve North Indian delicacies, and the Mughal uniforms of the servers surely add to the charm of the restaurant. They also serve some Assamese specialties.


Red Hot Chilli Pepper

If you want to enjoy amazing and great Chinese cuisine, then you can rely on this place. They serve authentic Chinese cuisine without much alteration and will surely make you a fan within one visit.



This is a fine dining restaurant visited by the locals for the amazing food and classy decor of the restaurant. They serve most of your favourite cuisines from Asian to Assamese to North Indian, and even Chinese. The restaurant is even known to host live musical gigs which attract quite a young crowd of the city.



We are aware of the fact that Assamese cuisine is incomplete without seafood. Thus this restaurant which is named after Fish celebrates some of the best fish dishes in town. The specialty of the restaurant is that they serve you the best of dishes with the element of fish in it. Be it Dumplings or Burgers, everything has fish in it. They also ensure that the fish cooked is fresh, by cooking the Fish only when it is ordered.


Grill Republica

This might be a small restaurant but they serve some amazing grilled dishes in the city. Since the restaurant is small, there might be a queue leading to the restaurant but the wait is worth it. The walls are decorated with posters of legendary artists, citing the love North-East has for music. The menu is mostly all about grilled items and some amazing Burgers. One of their specialties is the Chicken Wings, which run out of stock quickly.


Makhan bhog

This is one of the best vegetarian destinations in the city, and a place to go if you’re in the mood for some no- nonsense vegetarian delight craving. Not only is the food great, but also extremely affordable. This contributes to the fact that is filled with students most of the times. They serve Indian, Chinese and North Indian, all of which have delectable dishes to be tried.



This restaurant is part of the Brahmaputra Ashok hotel and is the perfect place to dine with your family. Not only is the service great here, but also the food. They serve dishes from all over the world including China, Europe, and North India.



This restaurant located in the Dispur region is known for its Mughlai and North Indian delicacies. Also, often you’ll find musicians here playing as you enjoy your meal.



This used to a popular spot for hangout by students, which later developed into a fancy restaurant. The interiors are quite quirky which attracts quite the crowd. They serve Chinese and North Indian, along with finger food.


Three Guys

This restaurant has a vibrant ambiance, which makes this a must visit. They have contemporary interiors which are quite charming. Try the Garlic and Basil Fried Rice with Manchurian if you want to try Chinese. Otherwise, the Mutton Maqluba is also a great option for those who love spicy food.


The 11th Avenue And Cafe Bistro

A simple but cosy cafe which is known for offering a mix of great food and some amazing music to go with it. There’s a dish for everyone here. Be it the Pies or the Pasta, the food is remarkable, and will surely grab your attention. The restaurant is mostly known for its English Breakfast platters. Plus, the artsy atmosphere adds to the charm of the place.


The Woking Mama

If you want value for your money, then the best thing to do is to try the Lunch Buffet here. It comes with a decent spread of options. From soup to appetizers, the food will surely impress you.



This is another fine Chinese restaurant in the city, which you will surely love. The Wothib is an interesting dish, and so are the Q Cups. Do not miss the Drums of Heaven, while you’re here. Some of their best in the main course are the Cantonese Noodles and Prawn In Oyster Sauce.


Chung Fa

This is one of the well known restaurants in the city, known to all for the delectable Chinese they make. The Chicken Lung Fung Thong Soup is great, and the Pork Roast is not to be missed. For the main course, their American Chopsuey and Beijing Kay are highly recommended.



This is somewhere you go to enjoy the amazing dishes from the Bengali/ Bangladeshi cuisine. The Thali is great and worth every cent, you pay for. Other than that, the Prawn Malai Curry is also recommended.



This cafe is known for its special OMG Burgers, for which it has garnered a reputation for being one of the best Burgers in town. The Burgers come with a side of Fries. Other than that the Tex-Mex Chicken Sizzler and the Chocolate Avalanche is also recommended.


Cafe River run

A cosy cafe of sorts, which is known for interesting dishes like the Mumbai Vada Pav which comes with the twist. The Vietnamese Ice Coffee is great too.


Shanghai Salsa

Just like the name suggests, the restaurant serves unique dishes with unique flavours. Order the Normandy and the Garlic Butter Prawns here. The Chicken Skewers are also highly recommended.


Xs- The Place To Be

Most of the times the restaurant is full due to a young ambiance the place has. Order the Special Lasagna, which is one of the finest in the city. Other than that, the Kimchi and the Red Thai Curry is also great.