Top 20 Restaurants You Must Visit In Apgujeong-Dong, Gangnam-Gu In Seoul

top 20 restaurants you must visit in apugujeong donggingham gu

Just as South Bombay is to Mumbai, Gangnam is to Seoul. Considered one of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods, Apgujeong-Dong is in the Gangnam District of Seoul. With the neighborhood full of residential properties with sky-rocketing prices, Apgujeong has several upmarket shopping centers, restaurants, and other leisure spots. Hyundai Department Store and Galleria Department store are two essential shopping complexes of the area, housing several high-fashion brands and restaurants within the building. Apgujeong also has a famous fashion street, Apgujeong Rodeo Street, located right opposite the Galleria Mall. Exciting attractions like the headquarter of K-Pop behemoth SM Entertainment is present here. In addition, Apgujeong-Dong often provides a beautiful filming location for several K-Dramas and movies.

1. Jang’s SteakHouse

This restaurant is a must-visit if you want to relish some delicious steak at reasonable prices. The steakhouse serves varieties of soups, salads, beefsteak, pasta, and a decent selection of wines as a part of their course meals. In addition, their appetizers and desserts have a refreshing taste. Customers love the restaurant’s bright and neat interiors, which imbibe a sense of clean and comfortable atmosphere. The staff is known to be pleasant and kind. 

1 Jangs SteakHouse

2. Sokcho Kodari Naengmyeon

This cold noodle restaurant will be a memorable visit, and more so if you belong to the older generation! At this restaurant, you can order deliciously seasoned Bibim Naengmyeon (cold noodles), along with Dumplings (called Mandu)—a hot favorite among customers. Moreover, the food items’ prices on the menu are pretty reasonable; the taste is well-balanced, without much sourness or spice. As a result, the restaurant is quite well-recognized in the area.

2 Sokcho Kodari Naengmyeon

3. ON River Station

Providing a stunning view of the beautiful Han River, ON River Station is an experience never to miss. As a 3-story complex, ON River Station has food and beverages for all ages and offers many recreational activities. In addition, the place has top-tier on-site chefs dedicated to providing a magnificent dining experience and top-class service. However, the primary reason to visit this cafe is its breath-taking atmosphere and ambiance, perfect for romantic dates.

4 Baekmidang

4. Baekmidang

Do you love soft ice creams? Then visit this cafe plus ice cream parlor located in the Hyundai Department Store in Apgujeong. This restaurant serves soft ice creams in milk and soy milk variants. The soy milk ice cream may feel slightly lighter in texture than the milk-based ice cream, which uses organic milk. Other items on the menu are beverages like coffee and shakes, desserts, paninis, noodles, rice items, and salads. 

5 Test Kitchen

5. Test Kitchen

Customers like to describe this high-rated restaurant as an Italian specialty with a creative twist. The restaurant offers delicious food with stunning presentation, albeit at higher prices. But the calm yet lively atmosphere and the friendly staff make your dining experience a comfortable one. Visit this restaurant, which is near Dosan Park, to have delicious Italian meals.

5 Test Kitchen

6. Il Riso

Il Riso is another fantastic Italian restaurant on our list that is perfect for casual dining. The menu offers a variety of Italian Mains and a decent range of coffees, desserts, and wine. The interiors are simple yet classy and give out a spacious feel to the restaurant. The cream-colored walls and light wooden-colored furniture make the place look well-ventilated and bright. Customers consider this restaurant reasonably priced for the top-quality food served here.

6 Il Riso

7. Cafe Mamas

Cafe Mamas, located in Galleria Department Store on 343 Apgujeong-Ro, is conceptualized as a food court. This restaurant has a casual and contemporary vibe with a modern/fusion menu perfect for brunches with friends. The place is quite popular, so it may get crowded enough to wait for a seat. The cafe serves deliciously filling food, but customers especially love the cafe’s Ricotta Cheese Salad and Green Grape Juice. Their sandwiches, paninis, and potato soup are a hot-favorite too. 

7 Cafe Mamas

8. Jackson Pizza

Jackson Pizza, located in the neighborhood of Sinsa-Dong on 144 Apgujeong-Ro, is very near to the area of Apgujeong-Dong. The pizzeria has an American vibe, a must-visit if you want to feel like you’re in the US. First-timers to this restaurant should note that customers observe the taste of the pizzas to be on the saltier side; it may feel like a stimulating experience. Customers love the taste of pizzas served here and have likened them to the ones in America!

8 Jackson Pizza

9. Naui Gaya

Naui Gaya is a restaurant located inside the Hyundai Departmental Stores. This convenient restaurant mainly serves Bulgogi and Gopchang, two famous dishes from Korean cuisine, and many other Korean specialty dishes. The restaurant’s atmosphere is spacious, neat, and clean, and the staff is amicable. Customers love the side dishes, especially the seasoned crab side dish, which is generally available during winters. The prices may seem costly, but the portion sizes are pretty generous.

9 Naui Gaya

10. Wine Works

Wine Works is a wine shop and restaurant located in the Hyundai Department Store. The outlet boasts a whopping 1500 different varieties of wine. In addition, you can enjoy the delicious food prepared with fresh ingredients, free of charge if you buy their wine. Burrata Cheese Salad and Honey, Zucchini Risotto, Pasta, and Lobster Toast are some dishes recommended by the customers, making them worth trying. Although the restaurant is present in the Basement area, the atmosphere is quite enjoyable.

10 Wine Works

11. Noah Bakery

At Noah Bakery, located near the Apgujeong Station, you can taste various kinds of healthy and fresh bread. In addition, the menu offers multiple other items like cakes, rolls, cookies, pounds, sandwiches, salads, and beverages. Furthermore, customers strongly recommend foods like ‘Lovers in Paris’ and Dalkong with cheese. The rich flavors of crispy, soft, and chewy pieces of bread will surely make you want to visit this bakery again and again.

11 Noah Bakery

12. Sushi Shimizu

Customer satisfaction is the utmost preference here at Sushi Shimizu, located on 11-3 Eonju-Ro 152-Gil in Apgujeong-Dong. You will find the chef to be highly hospitable, engaging the customers in fun conversations. The sushis are filling and delicious, prepared with care. Sushi Shimizu is perfect for lunches. The atmosphere puts you at ease. Even though the restaurant is slightly overpriced, it will leave an excellent impression.

12 Sushi Shimizu

13. Hanilkwan Apgujeong

Located on 14, Apgujeong-Ro 38-Gil, this family-friendly Korean restaurant comes with a long history established in 1939. The service is old-fashioned, fast, and friendly, and the decor is neat and straightforward. Their menu is elaborate, with several pages of traditional Korean dishes and set menus. The food is costly but surely worth it. The restaurant is foreigner-friendly as they have an English menu. The restaurant’s most recommended dish by the customers is Bulgogi.

13 Hanilkwan Apgujeong

14. Bowl Room

You can visit BOWL ROOM located on 36, Apgujeong-Ro 42-Gil. Customers dub this place ‘the best restaurant for having salads’ in the Apgujeong neighborhood. The right assortment of fresh ingredients in the recipes makes this restaurant a go-to place if you ever crave a healthy bowl of salads. However, since the restaurant has a limited area, you can expect it to become crowded during lunch hours. A must-order is their famous ‘Poke.’


15. Woo Tender

Woo Tender, located on 25-10 Apgujeong-Ro 42-Gil, is a Korean Beef Barbeque restaurant. Korean Barbeques are extremely popular among locals and foreigners alike. As the name suggests, this restaurant has built a solid favorable reputation for delivering tender and juicy barbecued meat. A must-try is the Hanwoo beef grilled for you right in the center of the table. The service of this place is exceptional; a must-visit restaurant when in the Gangnam district.

15 Woo Tender

16. Cheese Room

Located on the 1st Basement floor of Andaz Gangnam on 854 Nonhyeon-Roin Amgujeong-Dong, Cheese Room is a restaurant for those who adore cheese. You can taste interesting Appetizers, Pasta & Risotto, Flatbreads, and many other exciting dishes. The Cheesecake is a must-try and a favorite among many customers. The ambiance is classy, and the decor is sophisticated.

16 Cheese Room

17. KwonSookSoo

This two-Michelin-stars restaurant is a must-visit if you’re ever in Gangnam District. KwonSookSoo is a Korean cuisine restaurant and presents an exciting and unique menu. The chefs incorporate modern and traditional styles of cooking. Moreover, they include local as well as foreign ingredients in their recipes. This fine-dine restaurant serves excellent-tasting food in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Booking your table beforehand is a must.

17 KwonSookSoo

18. Cine De Chef, Apgujeong

Imagine seeing an excellent movie while gorging on some delicious food. Doesn’t it feel too good to be true? This scenario is a reality at Cine De Chef, located at 45 Apgujeong-Ro 30-Gil. Experience non-mainstream films on large, clean, and comfortable seats. The food is delicious, although customers feel the portion sizes may be small for the given price. However, wine is available too. Overall, dining and watching a movie at this restaurant is an experience you would not want to miss.

18 Cine De Chef Apgujeong

19. Sushi Kotei

If you enjoy savouring Sushi, the essential dish from Japanese cuisine, then this restaurant is a must-visit for you. With a menu of a wide variety of Sushi, you will find yourself spoilt with options. The atmosphere is welcoming, and their hospitality is warm. Sushi dishes made of Tuna, Freshwater Eel, Sea Bream, Horse Mackarel, and many more are available. 

19 Sushi Kotei

20. Ssangdoongine

Experience a surprisingly sweet and delightful dish in the form of Tteokbokki. Usually, the standard version of Tteokbokki is spicy and savory, but at Ssangdoongine in Apgujeong-Dong, you can taste the sweet version. This dish and the restaurant are associated with pleasant childhood memories for many customers. Many other Korean foods are available here, along with Tteokbokki. Expect this place to be crowded and busy. 

20 Ssangdoongine