Top 20 Sandwiches That Can’t Be Left Uneaten

Top 20 Sandwiches That Can’t Be Left Uneaten

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwich is something that cheese lovers just can’t afford to miss. This is made by grilling the bread with the help of butter and therefore, toasting it. The stuffing inside this sandwich is sole of cheese which is more reason for cheese lovers to love it.


2. Onion Garlic Cheese Grill

Roasted garlic and caramelized onion gives this sandwich a whopping palatable taste. Something that the onion lovers can’t keep their hands off . It gives a mouth watery taste whenever someone craves a spicy veggie combination, this one is the best to have.


3 Aloo Masala Grilled Cheese

A full flavored aloo masala grilled cheese sandwich, one of the most mouth-watering sandwich for those who love aloo and bread combo as this is considered as one of the basic combo worth eating. It is usually made by mixing the potatoes with spices and stuffing it inside the bread. Therefore, grilling it and making it suitable for eating.


4. Corn Cheese Sandwich 

Corn gives a bit of sweet flavor to the sandwich. Corn is always sweet when we eat it raw, but it’s sweetness lessens when it’s cooked. So, it now depends upon the eater, how he likes the stuffing.


5. Pizza Sandwich

A new scrumptious sandwich which was not prevalent in earliest times, but more of a recent origin. A perfect blend of pizza along with sandwich which fulfills the appetite of pizza eaters to the large extent.


6. Royal Veg Sandwich

Royal sandwich that makes it Royal when it’s mixed with larger amounts of vegetables. This sandwich can be customized as per the vegetable preference of the eater. Most important thing which must be kept in mind while making this sandwich is the right amount of spices in it.


7. Chilly Cheese Sandwich

To serve the quest for spice, the sandwich is served to fulfill the appetite of spice lovers. For compensating the extra spice, cheese is helpful. Chili cheese sandwich is toothsome and is a perfect blend of spices and cheese.


8. Aloo Tikki Sandwich

This is more of a simple sandwich which is made by placing the Tikki which is made with the help of various veggies along with the right amount of spices  and roasted bread amidst the bread slices. It’s grilled properly to mushroom the look and taste of the sandwich.


9. Club Sandwich

A fancy name though, it’s an amalgamation of various veggies purely customized based on the preferences of the consumer. Cheese, being the king of all ingredients is used in copious amounts here. Club sandwich can be made by consolidating vegetables, which can give it a simpler look as well as the fancy look as per the choice made.


10. Tomato Cucumber Sandwich

Whenever sandwich comes to mind, this sandwich is always the first to strike. Tomato and cucumber are the basic ingredients here. We can make it by stuffing the vegetable inside the raw bread by adding  sauce as per the preference. This is usually eaten raw to gulp the natural taste.


11. Vegetable Mayo Sandwich

As westernization moving in, so is the ingredients. Mayonnaise is the current trend in sandwiches. Mayonnaise is a great taste enhancer which gives it a perfect zestful taste.


12. Curd Base Sandwich

Finally after so many combinations, it’s time to  bend on to the Indian culture. Also, to fulfill the appetite of curd lovers. A perfect amalgamation of vegetables and curd  is placed inside the bread. It is preferred to be eaten raw. Also, known as Raita sandwich.


13. Veg Cheese Sandwich

Yet another common sandwich that we are aware of,  is a veg cheese sandwich. It’s a simple sandwich with a great amount of cheese. This sandwich is the healthiest sandwich which is yet another reason why people likes it or eats it.


14. Paneer Bhurji Combo

A veg version of egg bhurji. A full-flavored mellow sandwich which fulfills the appetite of all the paneer lovers out there. It is made by cutting the pieces of cottage cheese thereby giving it a bhurji look and therefore stuffing  it with cheese helps in forming a thick layer to be filled amidst the bread slices.


15. Mushroom Cheese Grilled Sandwich

A not so popular sandwich in earlier times, more of a recent origin. As the name suggests,  mushroom is an important ingredient here. The mushroom is mixed with spices to make it more delicate. The grill is the most important thing here for giving it a pungent taste.


16. Chocolate Sandwich

With the name itself, the mouth starts watering. This is made by stuffing hot chocolate which is appealing to watch and heavenly to eat. The Chocolate sandwich is amongst the most eaten sandwiches of all times.


17. Veg Burger

This is an English version of sandwiches. The Veg burger is nothing but you place aloo tikki amidst the buns and is baked properly to make it look brown.


18. Mumbai Special Cheese Sandwich

This mouthwatering sandwich of Aamchi Mumbai is a consolidation of the famous chaat ingredients which gives it a complete palatable taste, and we can’t stop licking our fingers even after the sandwich finishes. This takes us back to the famous street food of Mumbai where this sandwich rules the heart of all the gourmands.


19. Tomato Onion Club

Not in this sandwich is the clubbing of tomato and onion which goes hand in hand almost everywhere. This combo is famous when it comes to pizza. Now, we have derived this combo right from pizza to sandwiches too. The only difference lies here is the cheese which  sandwiches between the two.


20. Grilled Bombay Veg Sandwich

Since Bombay is considered as the most vital place when it comes to street food, this grilled Bombay veg sandwich just can’t be forgotten. The ingredients used in this sandwich is again depended upon one’s choice, which is mixed with spices to give it a palatable flavor and served to satisfy the appetite of all the sandwich lovers.