Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Commercial Street Bangalore

top 20 south indian restaurants in commercial street bangalore

Commercial Street is a one-stop shopping haven in Bangalore where you get excellent items at excellent prices. You can spend the entire day shopping without having to worry about your meals! Our Commercial Street restaurants are here to meet your cravings as you shop, and they will never let you leave with an empty stomach. The area is filled with hundreds of restaurants, cafes, and food joints all waiting to serve you your favorite meal. Ranging from burgers and milkshakes to biryani and idli dosa, you will find all the various cuisines in one place.

Among all the various cuisines, the South Indian cuisine is a shopper’s favorite. Is light food enough to fill your stomach and keep you shopping? Umm yes! And guess what? South Indian cuisine comes in a variety of rich flavours and textures and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and even snacks!

“Not just shop but eat till you drop” is a phrase that can easily pass as the motto of a commercial street!


Woody’s is an old-school hotel buffet restaurant featuring South Indian and Chinese food in a big, understated space. It is a rather popular pit stop on commercial street where you can relax and re-energize yourself with a quick dosa and coffee amidst your shopping.

Woody’s is known for its south Indian specialties and has stood the test of time.

woody Bangalore

2.Shiv Sagar

Shiv Sagar is a popular restaurant for a quick bite. A good vegetarian place featuring South Indian, North Indian, Continental, and other cuisines under one roof! Vegetarian specialties, brownies & milkshakes are served in this relaxed destination.

Shiv Sagar is well known in the area and is recommended to hungry customers by many shopkeepers. The ambiance of the restaurant serves well for a shopping break.

Shiv Sagar

3.Aromas Of South

Aromas Of South offers South Indian meals in a chic restaurant with classy interiors & an upscale vibe. It is one of the few restaurants with authentic multi-south cuisine food. Their must-try dishes are their soppu vada, elaneer payasam, and appam. It is a terrace garden restaurant providing peace and quiet to its diners.

Aromas Of South

4.Konark Vegetarian Restaurant

Konark Restaurant is known for its legendary no-frills pure vegetarian menu. This restaurant serves breakfast, fast food, and meals in South Indian, North Indian, and Chinese Cuisines. Chaat are a must-try.

Clean lines are a defining feature of this contemporary vegetarian restaurant serving Indian & Chinese dishes.

Konark Vegetarian Restaurant

5.Chaitanya Restaurant

This place is a synonym for delicious food. Chaitanya Restaurant makes sure to satisfy each customer with the best food experience by offering highly palatable food. The food here is said to satiate all food cravings. Chaitanya Restaurant is home to some of the most appreciated and well-known cuisines, including South Indian cuisine.

Chaitanya Restaurant

6.Shree Saravana Bhavan

Shree Saravana Bhavan is located on a prime spot at Ibrahim Sahib Street. The name itself is associated with pure south Indian veg food. They serve the most mouth-watering south Indian snacks. The place is filled with the aroma and the delicate taste of Chennai. This place is a must-go after heavy shopping.

Shree Saravana Bhavan

7.Shree Idly Corner

Shree Idly Corner has its claim to fame thanks to their utterly butterly delicious idlys! This place offers just a few south Indian dishes on their menu, out of which idlys are a favorite. This place will easily pass for the best takeaway joint for idlys and one can’t go for long without savoring their idlys.

Shree Idly Corner

8.KV Canteen

KV Canteen is a small ‘hole in the wall’ joint located in the next lane to Saravana Bhavan on commercial street. They serve some fantastic traditional south Indian food. They serve a small variety of items, including idli, vada, dosa, and Pongal. Every item they serve is authentic and delicious however, their dosa stands out the most!

KV Canteen

9.Vinaya Sagar

Vinaya Sagar is one of the popular darshinis in the commercial street area. Among customers, this restaurant is known for its consistent taste and quality with affordable pricing. Their idly, dosa, and sambars are their specialty, along with their puris. If you are a south Indian aliment doter, then this is the place for you!

Vinaya Sagar

10.Naveen Butter Dosa Camp

Craving soft and yummy dosas on a busy street at commercial?? Try the Naveen Butter Dosa Camp! His dosa camp is easy to recognize with the distinct aroma of his special homemade butter wafting around. If you want to try dosa as street food, this is the place you must visit.

Naveen Butter Dosa Camp

11.Indira Darshini

Indira Darshini is the ultimate place where you get traditional, well-cooked south Indian dishes at excellent rates. This is a place that one can never get tired of. They offer both breakfast and lunch, along with evening snacks.

Indira Darshini

12.Madurai Hotel

Madurai Hotel is a traditional south Indian veg restaurant that serves home-style ethnic food. All the south Indian foods are made with authenticity with the special flavors of Madurai! The food here is affordably priced making it a home for south Indian food lovers in Bangalore.

Madurai Hotel

13.Sri Krishna Upahar

Sri Krishna Upahar is known for its scrumptious south Indian breakfast menu. They serve highly palatable idly, dosa, upma, vada, and much more. This is a darshini type of restaurant that encourages self-service. Their idli vada with sambar is a must-try!

Sri Krishna Upahar

14.MTR 1924

The MTR Restaurant, also known as MTR 1924, is a legendary eatery in a prime location. This place offers sweets and snacks on the ground floor with a spacious seating area on the top floor. The name ‘MTR’ itself is a synonym for the ‘best quality food items.

MTR 1924

15.Hotel Ashoka

Hotel Ashoka is an old-style restaurant located on busy streets. They have a limited south Indian menu, but that doesn’t compromise the taste of the food. They offer south Indian dishes including masala dosa, Uddin vada, etc., and a fantastic coffee.

Hotel Ashoka

16.Empire Juice And Dosa Chicken

At Empire Juice And Dosa Chicken they serve authentic south Indian food and South Indian juices. It is a one-stop place for a lovely south Indian meal. The quality of service, the restaurant’s ambiance, the taste of their food, and their prices are all perfect.

Empire Juice And Dosa Chicken

17.Murugan Mess

Murugan Mess is a one-of-a-kind restaurant on commercial street. They prepare a tasty breakfast of idly vadas, Pongal, palav, and more for morning breakfast. Each of their dishes is brilliantly made. This is a veg restaurant and is said to be a hidden gem among south Indian restaurants.

Murugan Mess

18.Ram Prasad Veg

Ram Prasad is a fantastic place for a nice south Indian meal during lunch. This is a pure vegetarian restaurant and is said to be heaven for all vegetarians, especially with its menu comprising heavenly South Indian cuisine.

Ram Prasad Veg

19.Bharathi Dosa Camp

The Bharathi Dosa Camp is a very basic outlet serving steaming hot, fresh, and incredibly delicious dosas. The dosas are made fresh on a metal griddle right in front of your eyes. This is a one-stop place for incredibly appetizing and fresh dosas on the street!

Bharathi Dosa Camp

20.SriRama Coffee Shop

Sri Rama Coffee Shop is another basic outlet for south Indian foods. They serve really good south Indian basic dishes. In the evening, you may even get to try some of their bhajjis, vada, and bonda. Their regular menu includes idly, vada, puri, rice bath, curd rice, sambar, bajji, pakoda, and everyone’s favorite- coffee and tea.

SriRama Coffee Shop