Top 20 Street Food of India

Top 20 Street Food of India

1.Jalebi (Varanasi)

This is India’s the oldest sweet dish served all cross over the country.This is coated in the sugar syrup and sweet in taste, and the best thing is that, it’s not that difficult to cook.


2.Imarti (Varanasi)

Imartis are the bigger form of the jalebi, sweeter, big in size, nice in taste, heavier, thicker you can say that it also belongs to the jalebi’s family.


3.Kachori sabzi (Varanasi)

This is a traditional dish of Varanasi and its little bit spicy in taste. It contains mash potato with different sauces and kachori which is a small dough ball.


4.Malaiyo (Varanasi)

It contains cardamom and pistachio, it is buttery in taste, and it served in the small pots of clay. It is the winter dessert peculiar to Varanasi, and it is very popular in this area. It is the Indian version of ice cream.


5.Chura matar (Varanasi)

It contains matar (pea) with rice, and it is spicy in taste. It is an aromatic breakfast for winter, and with spiciness it is also sweet if we mix some sauces in it according to our taste.


6.Vada pav (Mumbai)

It is the famous street food of India and every person who lives in the India have tasted this. It is spicy potato fritter in a bun with a lot of sauces. And one could get this from any street vendors as it is very cheap in cost yet very tasty to eat. In Mumbai, it is heavily eaten by the poor as its cost is not that much and due to its easy availability.


7.Bhel puri (Mumbai)

It is a savory snack. It contains puffed rice and salad with a tamarind and Chilly sauce. It is highly spicy in taste yet the best street food. Its great taste and less cost made it superb.


8.Pani puri (Mumbai)

It has several names panipuri, puchkas, golgappe and much more. It is deep fried balls puffed bread filled with tamarind water, peas with mashed potato and lot of spicy water. It is eaten all over in the India.


9.Pav bhaji (Mumbai)

It contains lots of vegetables, they are properly mashed and all this mashed batter is served with a side bun. You can make it spicy or sweet according to your taste. It is the famous street food of India.


10.Idli vadas (Bangalore)

Idli is steamed rice cakes which are sweet in taste where as vadas are the doughnuts. It is eaten by all in the South as this is the healthy food because there is no use of oil or another  masalas. It is usually taken for breakfast.


11.Benne dosas (Bangalore)

Dosa the another South Indian dish, it is a savory South Indian pancake made from rice batter. It contains a filling of potatoes, pea and some sauces if needed. Benne dosa means butter pancake, it contains extra butter with extra toppings. It is usually taken in breakfast and healthy to eat.


12.Vellayappam (Kerala)

It is made up of rice, coconut and usually taken in breakfast. It is served with the curry, as it is sweet in taste due to the coconut presence.


13.Capsicum bhaji (Bangalore)

It is the famous street food of Banglore which is a kind of fritter. It contains chopped onions spicy pepper which are deep fried in the oil. Usually taken with tea and most popular in the North side too.


14.Aloo tikki (Delhi)

As its name says, it has potato’s  filling in it. It is spicy in taste, and it is a kind of fritter also a deep- fried snack. And taken with a burger or with vadas. It has croquettes served with sauces, chilies, and peas. It is highly popular in the North region and usually taken with tea in the evening.


15.Paratha (Delhi)

It is a bread which is differently stuffed with vegetables like radish, cauliflower, onions,  potatoes, cheese, etc. It is pan-fried with butter or Ghee, and it is served with pickles, curry, chutney, curd or with tea. It is the popular breakfast of the North Indian people. It contains lot of butter and makes it spicy and sweet according to your taste .


16.Falooda kulfi (Delhi)

It is again an Indian version of ice cream, it is prepared by evaporated and sweetened milk. This has many flavors like rose, basil, jelly, tapioca, mango, strawberry, etc.


17.Momos (Jammu)

These originally come from the side of Tibet and Nepal, and now they are served and whole heartedly liked by the people of India. It is of two types- veg. and non-veg. It is mainly served in winters and also you can eat it boiled as well as fried according to your wish. It is the famous street food and liked by all ages of the people. It contains dough and vegetables if it is veg. and meat if it is non-veg. And its price is not so high that’s why it is the favorite snack of the people.


18.Grilled sandwiches (Mumbai)

Normally, when we eat the grilled sandwich it does not contains many items in it, but this is different as it contains mashed potato, coriander leaves, masala, and different kind of sauces. And easily available on the street in pocket-friendly price.


19.Idli chili fry (Pune)

In this, the steamed rice cake that is idli is fried with the vegetables, chili, and coriander. It is sweet and spicy in taste. And usually taken in the breakfast or in the evening.


20.Litti chokha (Bihar)

It is the famous dish of Bihar. It contains a ball of wheat which is cooked in the ghee and served with the spicy aborigine, onion and tomato mash. It is made on the coal which gives the proper texture and taste to it. It is the evening dish taken with tea. And normally it is spicy, but if you want it sweet, then serve it with mashed vegetable and buttermilk. Buttermilk will add extra taste to this dish and all like it in the North part.