Top 20 Street Food To Eat In Esplanade Kolkata

top 20 street food to eat in esplanade kolkata 1
top 20 street food to eat in esplanade kolkata 1

If you’re planning your next trip to Kolkata then you definitely don’t want to miss out on the most famous and mouth-watering street food. Kolkata is not only known for its tradition, and culture but also they have a variety of good and mouth-watering foods, and today in this article I am going to tell you about the most famous street food near Esplanade, Kolkata. So, without any further delay, let me be your guide and explore some delicious snacks in Kolkata.

1.Samosa Chaat

Let’s start your Street food tour with some light snack Samosa chat, They served it with two crushed samosas on a plate with matar and masala and chutney and they also had sour, and sweet chutney with some spicy masala. They are selling this for almost 65 years, and for just 20 rupees it is a great snack to start your tour with.

2.Dosa And Idli

Idli and Dosa are now continuing our journey with main course Idli and Dosa you can have this for just 50rs both. They serve Masala Dosa with sambar and coconut chutney for 30 rupees. And they serve idli in a bowl with sambar itself and top of it with coconut chutney two idlis for just 20 rupees.

3.Stuffed Corn

After some heavy meals, now it’s time for some light and tasty snack called Stuffed sweet corn. The sweet corn is boiled in water then served in a cup mixed with different types of masalas, and butter. They also had mango pulp honey with some special masala and the cost was just 50rupees.


After some spicy snacks, it’s time to have something sweet. This sweet is called Falooda. It is a mix of small jelly-like string with milk, rose syrup, and ice cream topped with small pieces of pistachios. And this whole glass cost only 20 rupees.

5.Softy Ice Cream

After some Falooda, it’s now time to have some ice cream. Who doesn’t like ice cream? So now I’m going to tell you about the best ice cream you can try in Kolkata at a very low price opposite Hogg market. There is an alley, and this is the second shop from the right side. You can grab this ice cream cone for just 10rupees. They have chocolate, and vanilla mixed flavour which you can try.

6.Lassi Parlors

Next in our list is lassi parlors. When you walk down the street in Esplanade in Kolkata, you will find these shops everywhere. These lassi are made from freshly come seasonal Mangoes topped with cherry mango pieces and some grated coconut and taste delicious.

7.Khichuri And Tele Bhaja Stall

When you enter James Hickey Sarani, you will see a lady and a man selling fresh hot with spicy Khichuri and Tele Bhajas for just 30rupees. These snacks are heavenly and are very good appetizer for the monsoon season. These snacks not only taste good but are very cheap in price, so you can try many other delicious snacks without worrying.

8.Pav Bhaji

Dacres Lane the place is a regular for the office goer in this area, and it’s popular for cheap get filling food with numerous stalls. Pav bhaji is very famous here for just 30rupees it’s very flavorful and creamy for 30rs you will get one plate with two pav, and bhaji it has a very tangy flavor with sprinkle coriander, and butter on top of bhaji.

9.Bebo Sandwich

Bebo Sandwiches or grilled chicken cheese sandwiches are famous here. These are filled with lots of cheese, and chicken, coriander, and a lot of filling capsicum, and onion, small pieces of tomato, and mayonnaise and at the end, they grilled the sandwich.

10.Chitto Da’s Suruchee Restaurant

This restaurant is very famous in Kolkata and is known as the Father of all the Khau Galli. The restaurant is always so crowded that you have to share tables with strangers and it is almost impossible to find an empty table. The restaurant has a variety of food. The place is always very crowded, and people are shouting but you don’t mind those things when the food is this good during lunchtime the restaurant is bustling because all the office workers go there, so it is difficult to find an empty table. The best in their menu are Diamond fry, Fish roll, Butter toast, Chicken stew.

11.Tea Shop

When you enter the Dacres Lane, you will find this tea shop on the right-hand side. They serve very good tea. A good mixture of Assam and Darjeeling tea leaves, and you can also ask them for less sugar or milk in your tea. The tea is served in a proper dish cup so, it is also eco-friendly.


After the tea stall there are two chowmein stalls, serve great Hakka noodles with Chilli chicken gravy they had some other stuff like pulao and if you don’t eat non veg you can just ask and buy Hakka noodles they are super tasty and mouth-watering and it will differently go well with a cup of tea.

13.Apanjan- Dacres Lane

As you enter Dacres Lane you will come across a stall named Apanjan it’s mother branch in Sadananda Road, South Kolkata the taste and quality is same but they had lot of more food items some of their famous main lunch items are Pulao mixed veg combo and Fried rice Chilli chicken combo.

14.Lassi And Gajar Ka Halwa

Between Apanjan and Chitto da, there is a stall that sells good Lassi and Gajar ka Halwa through this lane is not very famous for their dessert but you will find a good Gajar ka Halwa here which is quite good.


If you are looking for some good place with good hygiene, while you are in Esplanade, Kolkata. There are many good restaurants with good hygiene and good food. Amber is very famous for their food and they have a variety of food which you can try. They have highly playable North Indian dishes. There are Briyani, Baked fish, and Chicken Reshmi Kabab so, don’t leave without visiting this place.

16.Aaheli- The Peerless Inn

If you want to experience the whole Bengali cuisine and Bengali tradition, they serve you the authentic taste of Bengali food with waiters serving in Bengali traditional clothes feels like you are eating in Bengal.

17.New Aliah Hotel And Caterers

This place is famous for their Briyani, and Kabab and if you are near this restaurant then don’t miss out and try there cuisines there best are Mutton Briyani, Mutton kosha, and Chicken Rezala there are food are so good that it will not only fill your stomach but also your soul.

18.Green Benches

Green Benches are famous for their beverages. They have a variety of drinks, and snacks that you don’t want to miss out on. After a heavy meal you need to have some beverage. They have hot chocolate, cold coffee, and hot tea with some snacks. Their filter coffee and cheese are the best.

19.Shri Krishna Hot chips

They have a  variety of chips not only potato chips but banana chips, onion chips, sweet kurke chips, and many more and variety of Namkeen, biscuits to eat and the best thing is they also take online orders so you can ask them to deliver it you where you are without going to their place by yourself after a long journey it good to have some break and enjoy some chips you can also ask them to pack it for you to take it on your journey ahead.

20.Balaram Mullick And Radharaman Mullick Sweets

Now it’s time to end your journey with some good sweet, and also famous sweet of Kolkata which is Mishti Doi, and you must try it while you are still in Kolkata because you will not have the same flavour anywhere except Kolkata. The restaurant sells very good Mishti Doi, and they also have Rasgulla which is a must have if you travel to Kolkata so don’t miss out and have a taste of all these great and delicious food when you travel to Kolkata and have a great journey.