Top 20 Stunning Restaurants For Fine Cuisine in Vasant Kunj

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Vasant Kunj is considered a posh area in the South Delhi district of New Delhi. Many prominent political personalities have a residence in this locality. Vasant Kunj is extremely near to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. This place is not just a commercial hub for Gurgaon but also has many worth-visiting places and luxury restaurants and hotels located in close proximity to each other. The restaurants in Vasant Kunj are perfect for indulging in a premium dining experience as the food, service, and ambience are top-tier. North Indian cuisine can be easily found in these restaurants along with other international cuisines from East Asia and Italy.

1.Olive Bar & Kitchen

Olive Bar & Kitchen offers Continental and Mediterranean cuisines. In addition, the menu provides a decent range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. Additionally, the menu offers an extensive range of vegetarian and meat and seafood-based pizzas. Cheese Souffle, Scallops, Fettucine, and Gnocchi are some of the well-known items on the menu.




Pllatos primarily serves Continental and Asian cuisines. Their menu consists of Soups, Salads, Pasta, Pizzas, Grills, Starters from the Indian, Italian, and East-Asian cuisines. Additionally, Pllatos also offers Sushi Platters and Greek Platters. There are multiple options for the main course. Pllatos is well-suited for young crowds because of its bright and relaxing ambience.



Simply Sushi

Simply Sushi is a Japanese speciality restaurant serving Appetizers, Rolls, Aburi Platter, and Sashimi. The seating is arranged comfortably, and the food presentation adds to the gastronomical experience. This restaurant is loved for its mellow ambience. Veg Tofu Sandwich, Veg Edamame, Salmon Nigiri, and Crispy Shrimp Rolls are some of the most loved dishes here.

simply sushi



Rooh serves Modern Indian and Continental dishes. Customers have noted this restaurant as ideal for romantic dinners and have lauded it for its hygiene and sophisticated interiors. Recommended dishes of Rooh are Corn Bhurji, Sweet Yogurt, Chilli Chutney, Cocktail, Chaat, and Carrot Halwa. The average cost for two orders is expensive at Rs 4000.




Qla is located near the Qutub Minar and serves Italian and Spanish cuisine. It is open for 12 hours from noon to midnight and is closed on Mondays. Some recommended foods here are Chicken Slider, Wine, Cocktail, Tiramisu, and Prawn. Qla is ideal for dates and romantic dinners because of its sophisticated environment and jazz music.



Kheer – Roseate House

Kheer has stunning interiors with plush green seats neatly arranged around broad wooden tables. The classy ambience and lighting make the atmosphere relaxing. Kheer exclusively serves North Indian cuisine and is well-known for Jalebi Chaat, Bakarkhani, Stuffed Paneer Tikka, Paneer Khatta Pyaz, Kheer, and Kulfi. Although the food here is expensive with an average cost of Rs 4500 for two orders, it is definitely worth the price. 




Cascades is a restaurant inside The Grand in Vasant Kunj and serves North Indian, Continental, and Asian cuisines. The menu has Breakfast options consisting of North Indian, South Indian, and European-style breakfast items, Beverages, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Burgers, Wraps, Pasta, Street food, Kebabs, the main course, and desserts. Additionally, the buffet is also available here from noon to 3:30 pm. 




Roseate House is an upscale hotel in New Delhi, and DEL is one of the restaurants inside the hotel. DEL serves North Indian, Asian and European cuisines. Popular items on the menu are Sushi, Jalebi, Tacos, Bacon, Chocolate Mousse, and Noodles. DEL provides a relaxed atmosphere, and customers can expect to receive personal attention and premium service.




Kampai is an Asian cuisine restaurant serving primarily authentic Japanese dishes. The menu offers Soups, Salads, Appetizers, Dim Sum, Gyoza, Bao, Sushi, Poke Bowls, Rolls, the main course, and Ramen. Vegetarian options are present; however, they are limited. Most ordered dishes are Tempura Udon, Ebi Tempura, Tempura Prawns, and Matcha.




K3 is North Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisine serving restaurant in JW Marriott in New Delhi. There are three live kitchens inside this restaurant preparing each of Dehelvi, Cantonese and Tuscan recipes. Their menu is elaborate, with each cuisine category presenting a range of dishes like soups, starters, appetizers, salads, the main course and desserts.




Honk is an Asian speciality restaurant serving Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisines with a limited range of Korean dishes. The menu offers starters, Soups, Appetizers, and the main course. Frequently ordered dishes in this restaurant are Peanut Parfait, Caramel Chocolate, Sashimi, Fragrant Chicken, and Honk Lemonade. Honk is an ideal location for romantic dining.




AnnaMaya is a North Indian and European cuisine speciality restaurant with a modern vibe and colourful and bright interiors. This restaurant is a perfect place for dates and meet-ups with friends in a luxurious setting! Some frequently ordered dishes are Peach Lemonade, Monster Shake, Masala Chai, Grilled Fish, and Pork.



The Great Kabab Factory

The Great Kabab Factory is inside the luxury hotel Radisson Blu. This restaurant offers North Indian and Mughlai specials. Additionally, a full bar is also available in this place. The veg and non-veg meal boxes are among the chef’s special dishes. This restaurant is noted for its hygiene, hospitality, and food that is worth its price.



Farmer’s Basket At Pluck

 Farmer’s Basket At Pluck offers Chinese, European, and North Indian cuisines. The menu offers small plates, the main course, side dishes, and desserts. Notable foods of this restaurant are Mushroom Soup, Salmon, Risotto, Buffet, and Wine. This restaurant is ideal for Sunday brunches and romantic dining. A full bar is available here.




NYC is a restaurant within the luxury hotel Radisson Blu and serves North Indian and Continental cuisines. This restaurant operates from 11 am to 11 pm throughout the week. This restaurant is best known for its widespread buffet and elegant ambience. Some notable dishes are Wheat Pita, Chocolate Fountain, Babaganoush, Bhel Puri, and Kalakand. 




 Tonino serves exclusively Italian dishes. The menu offers a vast spread of Italian foods, and some frequently ordered ones are Chocolate Lasagne, Ravioli, Risotto, Tiramisu, and Calamari. The restaurant operates from 7 am to 3:30 am. Tonino is a sophisticated restaurant to indulge in luxury dining and is perfect for date nights.




Viva is an all-day dining restaurant inside Holiday Inn in New Delhi. This restaurant serves North Indian, Asian and European cuisines. Minestrone, Pita Pocket, Mutton Rogan, Salads, and Desserts are some notable dishes in this place. Professional staff, melodic jazz music, and elegant ambience add to the experience of enjoying meals here.


18.JW Lounge

The JW Lounge inside JW Marriott in New Delhi offers North Indian and Continental cuisines. A full bar of alcoholic drinks is available in this restaurant. JW Lounge is well-known for its ambience and comfortable seating. The average cost of two orders without alcohol estimates at Rs 2500. The meals prepared with fresh ingredients makes this restaurant a must-try!



Bella Italia

Bella Italia inside the Holiday Inn in New Delhi is a restaurant exclusively for Italian delicacies. Paan Gelato, Tiramisu, Pasta, Salad, and Spinach Risotto are some recommended dishes. In addition, the menu offers Starters, Insalata, Pasta, Pizza and Grills. Bella Italia is a restaurant that exhibits professional hospitality and a peaceful environment.




Bukhara is a restaurant inside hotel ITC Maurya and specializes in North Indian cuisine. Sikanderi Raan, Chicken Khurchan, Jumbo Prawns, Firni, Meat Masala, and Onion Kulcha are well-known dishes. The restaurant has a modern and sophisticated vibe, plays tasteful jazz music and provides efficient service. The food is expensive at Rs 6500 for two orders, but it is definitely worth the price.