Top 20 Sweet Shops In Kolkata

Top 20 Sweet Shops In Kolkata

Kolkata has an old and strong connection with sweets. Sweets and Kolkata are inseparable; both are as old as the culture of the city. Escaping sweets when in Bengal will be tough. Here is the list of top 20 Mishti joints in Kolkata.


Balaram Mullick And Radharaman Mullick

This happens to be one of the oldest and the best sweet shop in Kolkata. It is Voted by the Times of India in both 2009 and 2010 as the best ‘Mithai Shop’. The main branch is in Bhawanipur (2, Paddapukur Road, Bhawanipur, Kolkata)

that has an upmarket appearance with several outlets all over the city. Their specialities include the chocolate Mishti and the Nolen Gur Sandesh.


Bhim Chandra Nag

This is another well-known sweet shop next only to Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick. It is setup during 1826 in Bowbazar by Paran Chandra Nag. This shop is the origin of the famous sweet named Ledikeni and Asu Bhog Sandesh. They have also changed with time and kept up with the shifting taste of the customers. Some of their sweets like Dilkush, Abar Khabo, Kodapak Sandesh, Jolbhora, Manohara and others have made a mark in today’s time, not to miss out their Alphonso Sandesh- with a a rich taste of mangoes that will linger in your mouth and memory for quite a long time.

Location: 5, Nirmal Chandra Street, Near Bow Bazar Market, Bow Bazar, Kolkata



This isn’t a huge shop but real sweet lovers have surely heard and also visited the place in Entally market, Maula Ali. Try their Kachagolla (Rossogolla soaked in cream).


Gupta Brothers

They are known for all kinds of sweets, especially Gulab Jamun. The sweets served here are not dry but made using a lot of ghee. Their Chocolate Mishti and Laddus are also something one must try. Located opposite Triangular Park, New Alipore Kolkata.


Hindustan Sweets

A sweet lover must visit this place in Tollygunge Circular Road, New Alipore Kolkata. They offer variety of desserts. Their Herbal Mishti and Bhaja Mishti’s are worth a try along with the Jalebis.



It is located in the heart of the city in Esplanade and one of the favourite sweet joints of all the people of Kolkata. It is K.C Das from where originated the world famous Rosogollas. Apart from the spongy Rosogollas, the Gulab Jamun, Nolen Gur Roll, and Langcha have also been included in the favourite list. It has several branches across the state and the country.


Girish Chandra Dey And Nakur Chandra Nandy

This sweet joint near Hedua Park being one of the oldest and Kolkata’s best is hard to take over when it come to the renowned Nolen Gurer Sandesh, Kalakand, Rasmalai, Mishti Doi and Chocolate Sandesh.



This is the place you will find almost all types of sweets including the traditional sweets. This shop is in the Gariahat Road, Golpark, Kolkata.


Nalin Chandra Das & Sons

The shop being more than 175 years old is what makes it famous in Kolkata. Not to miss the Mishti Doi (sweet curd) which is available in several flavours. Also, one cannot afford to miss the delectable Nolen Gur sweets they prepare. This shop is located in the Ramdulal Sarkar Street, near Hedua Park, Hatibagan, Kolkata.


Sen Mahasay

This is one of those shops which have made a mark in the pages of history because sweets here are being prepared in a traditional manner. Some of the famous on’s are Ratabi Sandesh, Dorbesh, Desh Gourab, Monohora, Monmatano, Pink Pera and Malai Chop.They have four branches in Kolkata apart from Fariapukur (1/1A, Subhas Bahadur Street, Fariapukur, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata) – in Salt Lake, Gariahat, Bhawanipur and Lake Market area.



This is a confectionary cum sweet shop situated in the Chowringhee Road, Everest House. Late Ganguram Chaurasia who came to Kolkata from Varanasi in the 1880s began to work in this shop owned by Raja Kamala Prasad Mukherjee. For some reason, the business was closed, but the Raja gifted Ganguram a small plot of land in Manicktala because he was pleased with his work and since then started this sweet shop which is renowned these days. They are known for Indrani and Mishti Doi. Also do not miss their exclusive item named Kolaveri Di Sandesh.



This mishti shop is near College Street and also well-known for its renowned breakfast, and also the white Mishti Doi, which is a slight less sweet than the mainstream pinkish version. Other delicacies are Shorer Naru, Chitrakut, Ice-cream Sandesh and much more.



In case you are hunting for the famous Mishti Doi, here is the place to be. This shop was started by four brothers back in the year 1955 and is still holding their position in the market. Positioned in Ballygunge, Kolkata.


Chittaranjan Mistanna Bhandar

This legendary sweet shop situated in Shyam Bazar was established in 1907, and prepares delectable Pantuas, Sandesh and even Rossogollas.



Among all the types of Mishti- making ‘Bhaja Mishti’ is a traditional form in Bengal. To taste the best fried sweets pay a visit to Jayashree in Bowbazar. They serve varieties like Kheerer Chop, Sorbhaja, Jibhegoja and other similar sugar dipped mishti.


Makhan Lal Das & Sons

This shop located in Rabindra Sarani, Shobha Bazar is not only one of the oldest but also the one which has amalgamated the usual taste of Gur and Pista with butterscotch and chocolate. Their Chocolate Sandesh is a must try.


Naba Krishna Guin

This sweet joint is quite ancient and situated in the north of Kolkata and is known for its delicious Rose-Cream Sandesh, Chandan Kheer and Ratabi Sandesh.


Nepal Chandra Sweets

Located in Beniapukur this is the ultimate place where you find the authentic Bengali sweets starting from Kalakand, Mango Sandesh to Rasmalai; all of these will leave you amazed.



Another shop in the North of Kolkata is Amrit in Shyambazar which people are likely to skip because of its minute structure. It is famous for the iconic Mishti Doi followed by the fried sweets- Sor Bhaja, Khirer Chop and Kheerer Shingara.


Tewari Sweets

Located in Bara Bazar Market, this shop doesn’t have the traditional touch of Bengali sweets but still manages to be on the top 20 list. Here you get the Laddoos, Kaju Barfi, Moti Pak and Son Papdi prepared with oodles of ghee. Not to forget the mouth-watering Rabri.