Top 20 Telecooking Theories

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Many people make masterpieces in their kitchen. Well, all of them are not from culinary schools, of course. Some take the valuable advice of their elders. Some pay heed to the doyen chefs around the world on television and Netflix too! They share many preventions and cures which help you enhance your culinary skills. There are two kinds of cooking shows. One type focuses on recipes, and the chef teaches you to cook that recipe. Another type provides a platform for the master chefs around the world to compete on. The second type is not advisable for a novice since they make ultra-sophisticated foods that give you chills. The first type, which is the educational genre, is the best for amateurs to follow. The chefs teach you many tips and tricks that will increase both your cooking pace and passion. Here are some of the educational television programs that will surely interest you.

1.Fit Foodie

Hosted by the fav chef of India, Vikas Khanna, this show is for foodies who love to taste new recipes but do not because of their fitness concerns. Intending to commence a healthy lifestyle? Then try deciding your menu with the Fit Foodie!


2.Turban Thadka

Punjabi cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. It is enriched with proteins and is filled with spices. Want to taste the original taste of Punjab? Then try Turban Tadka. It is hosted by chef Harpal Singh Sokhi who brings a joyful mood with him. Cooking is enjoyed yet requires a lot of preparation to start. His cheerfulness gives you new energy for a great start-off.


3.Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern

Much like the stopped show No reservations, in this show, the host travels to exotic locations to try regional cookeries that may look bizarre or offensive.  It is worth watching for comprehending more about the provincial cuisines of various places.


4.Bachelor’s Kitchen

Are you a bachelor living in the city all alone? Try cooking with Chef Aditya! He has a recipe for every occasion (including hangovers too).  So what are you waiting for? Put on an apron and march on the kitchen!


5.The Food That Built America

The history enthusiasts over there! This is a perfect combo of histories, mysteries and food stories. It airs on the History channel. It reveals many ancient facts about the foods which make us appreciate them even more.


6.Gourmet Central

This show hosted by Chef Vicky Ratnani is one of the handiest food programmes ever. He instructs vividly and also shares some practical tips that help you build your culinary skills. If you are a novice at Indian cuisines, this show must be of great help to you.


7.Cooking With Ranveer Brar

Start your day with delectable ideas by chef Ranveer Brar. He emphasises that food is not about recipes but about the science of flavours behind it. So try this show and make your dining times magnificent.


8.Good Eats

Food is an art to be explored. Who else agrees? But we cannot grasp it fast if we try to understand it all by ourselves. We need an expert. We need Alton Bron. He teaches the science behind food and gives reasons for every possible why?. Curious minds over there… Get ready!


9.Telugu Ruchi

Die-hard fans of south-Indian food over there? Then this one is for you. It is hosted by Geetha Sowjanya. A chit chat with house cooks and a chatpata dinner is a mind-blowing combo for Telugu fans. Try that today!


10.Epic Curious

A channel where a professional chef and home cook participate in a challenge. The challenge is that their ingredients will be swapped and they need to make it on their own style.


11.Nailed It

Till now, we heard about master chefs participating in cook shows. But have you ever heard of complete beginners baking or cooking a meal on a cooking show? Yes! Nailed It is a show where most of the participants enter the kitchen for the first time. Give this show a shot. If not learning, you can gain confidence that you are a better chef than most people!


12.Trisha’s Southern Kitchen

Trisha’s Southern Kitchen is one of the most interactive food programs ever. It is hosted by Trisha, who is a singer-turned-chef. She tries unique recipes in her own kitchen, which turn out to be amazing!


13.America’s Test Kitchen

This show is a storehouse of new recipes!  In every episode, about two to three new recipes are telecasted. Do not worry whether they are safe or not. Before the broadcast, it is tested for about 40-60 times over 35,000 volunteers. Even after passing the test, the chefs reason their recipe with its science and flavour. This show enhances your creativity, and you will get inspired to try new!


14.Master Chef Junior

A competitive show of kids cooking. Hosted by chef Gordon Ramsey. MasterChef Junior is an American cooking competition involving children aged 8–13 that premiered on Fox channel.


15.The Best Thing I Ever Ate

Have you ever wondered what chefs eat for their meals? They are into so many delicious things, so what do they probably like? This show has an answer for you. Here, the most sought-after chefs share their favourite foods all time. Well, this show is not much advisable for the novice.  Those who want to improve their culinary skills to an expert level can go for this one.


16.Chinese Food Made Easy

Chinese food is not as complicated as it seems, says a Chinese chef Ching-He Huang. In this show, she introduces many Chinese dishes and also modernises them with readily available foodstuff. This is the best cooking show if you are willing to try your hand at Chinese cuisine.


17.The Pastor Paul Cooking Show

An American cookery show where they cook with divine and worship towards food. Hosted by none other than Pastor Paul.


18.Indian Digital Chef

If you are an Indian foodie, then you must be knowing Sanjeev Kapoor! He is the master of master chefs of India. Who all gave up cooking because it needs so much effort in it? Then this show is for you. A series of people cooking shows while the judges watch them cook digitally.


19.100% South Indian

Many people have a misconception that south Indians rely on Idly sambhar alone. But it has a large spread of delicious recipes. If you are also among them, watch this show to explore more south Indian cuisines with chef Rakesh Raghunathan.19

20.Indian Food Classics

Chef Pankaj Bhadouria explores Indian cultural diversity with age-old recipes that are passed on from generation to generation. She picks the constituents from her patio garden. Follow this channel and check out some novel ancestral recipes.