Top 20 Things To Do In Chembur

Top 20 Things to Do in Chembur
Top 20 Things to Do in Chembur

Chembur is a suburb in Mumbai which houses cosmopolitan communities and, we are bound to find their cuisine and, its specialties here. This suburb gets the name from the Marathi word “Chimboree”, which means “big crab”. The name was given by the English because they mispronounced the name of the Indians. It used to be a village on the island, of Trombay, a piece of farmland. Since then, it has transformed, becoming an industrial center and, later a residential suburb. Chembur has beautiful gardens and, open grounds and is also home to the presidential Golf Club of Mumbai. Due to the urbanization of the area and, the recent Mumbai Monorail connection, many food stores have opened to provide tempting food. Chembur is renowned for its missal pav, pav bhaji, traditional sweet shops. Nowadays, it’s hard to ignore an area famous for its typical Mumbai cuisine. To help you find the best dishes, we have put together 20 places you can visit and, have a gala time eating!

1. Vig refreshments

This traditional Sindhi eatery can be visited during breakfast and, lunch to make the most of their menu. Avoid visiting late in the evening as many of the items on the menu are over by then. They serve varieties like Dal pakwaan, cholle samosa, cholle pattice, lassi, chaas, kulcha and, even sweets. Do visit this place for the most delicious Chole Bhature and, Lassi!chembur-colony-s-popular

2. Sainath Kulcha

This small joint serves the world Kulchas is made in a tandoor right in front of your eyes. This store can barely accommodate 4-5 customers but you can stand, outside and, relish your food. The stuffing of the kulcha is made from potato, onion, cauliflower, paneer, cheese, depending on your preferences. They serve the kulchas with lip-smacking cholla and, spiced onion. And, don’t forget that giant dollop of butter on top!01012017_cholekulcha01

3. Utsav Chowk Momos

This store This Newly opened small shop serves the best momos in the area. These momos are available in non-vegetarian and, vegetarian varieties. You can order from a range of steamed, fried, stir-fried momos. This place is also famous for its desi Chinese in vegetarian and, non-vegetarian varieties.26092017_UtsavChowkAD_01

4. Jhama sweets

One of the most popular sweet shops in Chembur, famous for its gulab jamuns. These soft and, fresh gulab jamuns are fluffy, and, the chasni that comes with them is perfect, making it impossible to stop eating all of this. This dish can even turn all those who don’t like gulab jamun into hardcore fans. This place is a sweet lover’s paradise. They offer a range of sweets, Bengali sweets, farsan. You will begin Drooling as soon as you step inside the store. Do give a try to the delicious gulab jamuns, rasgulla, kulfi. If you are fortunate enough you might get a chance to try the piping hot freshly made jalebis.unnamed

5. Ayyapan Pure Veg

This place serves some of the best South Indian dishes in town and, is probably the only place nearby that serves Kothu Porotha. Cut the paratha into small pieces and, sauté with powdered turmeric, powdered red pepper, onions and, tomatoes; Marsala is perfect. It is spicy, crispy, and very attractive. Supplied with vegetables. Kurma and coconut chutney goes well together.20150713_143045

6. Sadguru

Soft bread and, delicious Bhaji is a satisfying combination for everyone; the perfect combination of spices and, masala provides great flavors that will make you fall in love with this dish right away. The balance of the ingredients is done to perfection so that all the ingredients exude a unique flavor; This is pav bhaji from Chembur!mahamudra-restaurant

7. Kamrun Food Centre

The roasted buns are crispy, and, the filling is very soft, so this combination is nice, and, the mixture of spices in the filling will only make it better. The peppers are deliberately kept slightly raw to give the dish an oriental flavor. It comes with pudding chutney, which is a bit spicy. Most importantly, the owner is a friendly person, which will only enrich your overall experience.4px-BW84_n2aGZJPv2Q_uysuQlRKXWAtkzmuAfqDQITcuO7_FYe_adbVn_ntvR81Lar5NKSUEvRO_6FwaHgA9WvSJm4ra56UNQxvADm-UYL7MggLyflab5h4yZOHZ68Cj7zsOLnupy3ktuEdlMRpi-xaZlkawtk1

8. Hotel Navina

All seafood lovers will love this place and, this particular dish; It is for non-veg food in Chembur. This fried fish is not very greasy and, is served neatly in a compelling way. Soft, warm fish with perfect masala sauce is a treat, you don’t want anything else.unnamed (1)

9. Status Sweets

Perfectly flavored chaat, dhokla and, samosas are the most delicious dishes. Satu’s Sweets Snacks & Namkeen can also additionally please you with tasty gulab jamun and, right jalebi. Following the visitors’ opinions, waiters provide the right lassi. Food delivery is a huge advantage of this place. The gracious group of workers indicates an excessive degree of great at this spot. Nice carrier is something visitors agree upon here. Based on the visitors’ opinions, expenses are reasonable.maxresdefault

10. Sindh Pani Puri House

While the controversy over how the great pani puri is served in Mumbai will continue, we cannot go that route right now. Sindh Pani Puri is specific in flavor and, texture whilst as compared to an average pani puri time out and, that units it apart. The sprouts arent much, alternatively the alu & their trademark masala takes up the complete filling. The paani is to die for and, the proprietors make sure that its miles are served chilled constantly. You not often forestall with one plate and, could constantly like an additional bowl of the paani.5c4307b846e0fb000e7cf3dd

11. Manis lunch home

Manis lunch home is the perfect restaurant for a humble south Indian meal. The ambiance of this place is homely and, the staff serves all the food with excellent service. The prices on the menu are very pocket-friendly. They serve their food on simple steel plates and, a homely environment. They also offer filter coffee, pure ghee south Indian sweets. The Mysore Pak here is undoubtedly the best in Mumbai.26285567_371385923325390_1617379650248376320_n_1576541745724

12. Khichdi experiment

If you crave a piping warm khichdi this winter, Ola has a marvel for you. With its new Khichdi Experiment, the ride-hailing app has given a spin to the ultimate ‘desi consolation food’. After months of experiments in its kitchens, writing paper has reinvented India’s most cherished dish associate exceedingly in a very never-seen-earlier than an avatar. Khichdi is one of the most famous dishes that every Indian is familiar with and is widely used in all parts of the country. Ola reimagined the concept of “humble khichdi in healthy, versatile, and enjoyable food that is not the simplest and most useful, no matter how tempting it may be.5dbee538e436792e8f4476f6_1572791608058

13. Singh Saab

Singh Saab is considered one of the most traditional Punjabi restaurants in the city. The ambiance of this restaurant is eye-catching. It could be considered as a theme restaurant because of its Maharaja theme. Both the vegetarian and, the non-vegetarian varieties at this restaurant are beyond imagination. This place might seem slightly overpriced but it is worth every penny. This place will take you back years and, make you feel like you are dining with The Royals.img-20180920-wa0004-largejpg

14. Chulha- The Amritsari Dhaba

Chulah is an Amritsari Dhaba that specializes in the Pure veg meals cuisine from Amritsar. They additionally serve Chinese, however, I might propose you revel in their Amritsari residence specials. Try their Kulchas, chole bhature, Paneer bhurji, and, also you won’t be disillusioned with any of them as all of them are spot on in phrases of Flavours. For desserts, Gulab jamun and, Rabdi is heavenly, and, also you must now no longer pass over them. It’s a Food centered place, and, you’ll have smiled when you dine here!photo0jpg

15. Wok Hei

Wok Hei is a restaurant located near Diamond Garden, Chembur which serves scrumptious Chinese and, Thai alternatives. This restaurant gives a huge form of varieties in soups, starters and, major routes for each the vegetarians and, non-vegetarians. The atmosphere is well designed compact air-conditioned outlet. Chef special crab meat Tulung’s soup, grilled wings, steamed chicken, Chiang Mai noodles, and chicken in cold beer sauce. You must try! They serve alcohol and, the feature gives on them too! It was a special treat and to be honest, I had to travel all over Chembur to sample some of the fresh lip alternatives from the menu.Wok-Hei-FK-1200×800-940×627

16. Via Bombay

Via Bombay is a Casual Dining eating place with a sober and, complex ambiance. The eating place is thought to serve scrumptious North Indian delicacies and, the low-priced menu additionally gives Chinese delicacies. In addition to the imparting is a well-set bar menu imparting an array of spirits. The body of workers at Via Bombay is extraordinarily welcoming and, courteous. It is positioned at Hotel Jewel of Chembur, Chembur, Central Mumbai and, stands contrary to BMC office.images_1543400661097_Via_Bombay___Food

17. Bhatt Vishranti Gruha

The Missal at this joint is easily one of the best missiles available in the city. This restaurant is famous for its Maharashtrian delicacies. the missal here is so delicious and, fiery that it is sure to make you come back again. If you ever get a chance to visit this place try its dahi missal, batata Wada and, the other Maharashtrian varieties.outside-view

18. 1441 Pizzeria

The idea of the 1441 store could be a fast informal store whereby you’ll build your very own dish from over fifty toppings, with four sauces, four-cheese alternatives and, various greens and, meats – it’s one in all the utmost precise pizzerias withinside the country.1441-pizzeria-thane

19. Geeta Bhavan

This is one of the oldest Udupi restaurants withinside the region and, awesome for south Indian dishes. Their dosa and, Idlis are tasty. The menu additionally consists of Indian Chinese and, Punjabi food. It is stated they the awesome Raj Kapoor used to go to this region in his early days. You need to strive for Dahi rice in this region. The eating place opens at 7 am and, continually has customers in at that time.1571403864_01 (1)

20. Sukh Sagar Ice cream and, Kulfi Centre

This is one of the best Falooda in the city and, the factor that makes it unique is the malai. This falooda is covered with a layer of fresh malai, fresh tender sev, flavor syrup and, ice cream which adds a unique flavor and, adds a surprise factor to the dessert.sukh-sagar-juice