Top 20 Tibetan Restaurants In Delhi

Top 20 Tibetan Restaurants In Delhi

Piping hot plates of mountain food, be it juicy hot momo or a lip-smacking thukpa, tempts almost everyone. And delhites have their own Little Tibet here, in the streets of Majnu Ka Tila in Delhi, to devour the rich and authentic Tibetan delicacies made with simplicity and flavorful ingredients by Tibetans. Though Majnu Ka Tila is an abode for Tibetan Food lovers in Delhi, there are other places to explore in search of these delicacies at an affordable price. A whole world of Shaptas, Cheley, Tsampa, and Sha Phaley is waiting to be explored and loved in the rest of Delhi. Below is a list of the best restaurants delivering Tibetan delectables right in your city:

1.Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen

Yeti-The Himalayan Kitchen, with multiple outlets across Delhi, serves beautifully presented Tibetan awesomeness. Their Tibetan Platter comprises Gyuma, Lowa, Cheley, Shapta, and Tingmo and is to die for. The authentic flavors here will directly transport you to the beautiful lanes of Tibet with their delicious Tibetan delights. It has warm and cozy interiors and is one of the best Tibetan restaurants in the city, with top dishes, including Shabhaley, Thenthuk, La Phing, and Yeti Special Tigmo.

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2.Lama Kitchen

Lama Kitchen, located in the Hauz Khas Village, offers a wholesome Tibetan dining experience with a breathtaking view of the adjacent fort. You’ll love to devour their Gyuma Sausage and Lowa with Tingmo. They have an extensive menu of Tibetan delicacies, so try their juicy Pork Momos, Crispy Shabhaley, and Tibetan Yak Butter Tea.

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3.Tee Dee

Tee Dee is a small Tibetan Cafe located in the narrow lanes of Majnu Ka Tila. It has a comforting decor to sit back and relax on its wooden furnishings. You can relish their Chilly Gyuma, Cheley, and Lowa Khatsa. They serve Tibetan Buff Thalis as well. There are a lot of dishes you can try here with Pork, Mutton, and Buff. Don’t miss out on their zesty Thenthuk.

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4.Rigo Restaurant

Rigo Restaurant, again in the Majnu Ka Tila, has the warm, inviting vibe of a Tibetan Family Restaurant. They have a lip-smacking collection of soups on the menu. Their Tibetan specialties include Alu Phing Sha, Devil Style Buff/ Chicken Momo, and Keema Thukpa. Their Pork Shaptak is delicious. They serve Oriental and Continental Cuisines as well.

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5.Yo Tibet

Yo Tibet is situated in the narrow lane of SDA Market in the heart of South Delhi and is a pocket-friendly Tibetan plethora of options, serving mouth-watering Tibetan delights. Their specialty is their unique Mokthuk, which is Soup Dumplings, and everything from their momo to thukpa and Sha Phaley to La Phings is feisty and worth craving.

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6.Lha Kitchen

Lha Kitchen, in Safdarjung Enclave, reminds you of Tibetan Eateries due to its vintage interiors and decor. This gorgeous place with floor seating serves authentic Tibetan dishes. Their heavenly Jhol Momos are super-hit among their other delectable Tibetan and Himalayan delights. Wonton in Chilli Sesame Oil, Shyapta, and Lha Special Kothe Momo will give you the much-awaited gastronomical experience.

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7.Lhasa Tibet Kitchen

Lhasa, located in the East of Kailash, is a Tibetan Cuisine paradise. Lhasa is a small Cafe dedicated to Tibetan food lovers. Their Aloo and Buff Momos are mouth-melting, and you can give the Crispy Paneer/Mutton fusion Shaphaley a definite try. Their Tingmo is perfectly cooked and served with Buff Chilly Shapta. Their Thenthuks and Rhe Chotse(Momo Soup) are equally delectable.

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8.Dolma’s Since 1984

‘Dolma’s Since 1984’ is a newly opened Rooftop Restaurant of their old and esteemed Dolma Restaurant in Majnu Ka Tila. The ambiance is relaxing, with a spectacular view of the city’s skyline and Signature Bridge. The food here is hearty and incredible. They serve a full-fledged Tibetan cuisine with Oriental and Continental dishes as well. Their Droepa Khatsa is unique, and gravy Shapta, Tibetan Tsamthuk, and Sha Baklap are a must-try here.

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9.Taste Of Tibet

Taste of Tibet is open in the East of Kailash and is a cute and tiny Tibetan eatery. Their Tingmo Kothey and Buff Steamed Momos are a super-selling combo. Keema Thupka, Chicken Thenthuk, Buff Alu Phing Sha, and Gravy Shaptak are all delectable. Chicken Kothay and Paneer Sha Phaley are not to be missed here.

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10.Kalsang Restaurant

Kalsang is an Oriental and Tibetan restaurant covered in wooden decon that takes you straight from the streets of Majnu Ka Tila to Tibet. They have the signature red hanging lanterns and floor seating available. Their Steamed Mutton Momo, Cheese Spinach Mixed Kothey Momo, and Chicken Cheese Shabhaley are flavorful. Don’t miss their Schezwan Hand-made Noodles Thukpa, Chicken Mokthuk, and the sweet Baksamarku.

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11.The Big Apple

The Big Apple is a traditional Tibetan restaurant in Majnu Ka Tila. It has a quirky Tibetan decor. Their freshly made Wholewheat Bhaglap with Petsey Chutney, Buff Momo, and Rhuchowtse is a must-try. Other than that, Shabhaglab, Petsel Tofu, Fried Gyuma, Cheley, Lowa Khatsa, Thukpa Pheshi, and Steamed Tingmo with Tibetan Herbal Tea are all equally delectable to have here. Once you visit, it will be your new favorite Tibetan Cafe.

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12.Himalayan Restaurant

Himalayan Restaurant, set in New Aruna Nagar, has an old-school charm of a traditional Tibetan restaurant. They serve amazing sizzlers. Their Thenthuk, Spicy Thukpa, with seafood, is a showstopper. Phing Mokhro, Cheley, Tsipsha, and Shabhaley are mouth-watering. Authentic Mokthuk should be given a try at this simple Tibetan eatery.

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13.Sikkim Restaurant

Sikkim Restaurant in Sumang House in the North of Delhi is a casual dining outlet with typical Asian decor that serves lip-smacking Pork Thukpa. You can also relish Tingmo here with Thenthuk. And Chicken Mokthuk, which is Soup Dumplings, is unmatchable here. And lastly, indulge in the sweet texture of Darsaan here.

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14.Momo Master

Momo Master, set in Laxmi Nagar, serves delectable Tibetan cuisine in East Delhi. Like its name, this place is a master of delicious Tibetan food with its Delivery Only joint. Their Devil and Kothey Momos are heavenly. Chicken Keema Shabhaley, La Phing with Wai Wai, and Dry Thenthuk are all delectable here.

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15.Chimney Sizzlers

Chimney Sizzlers in Chanakyapuri is an abode of tender momo and Tibetan specialties. This small outlet serves all things Chinese and Italian. Their dishes are mostly fusion, so you can expect Indo-Tibetan flavors. Their Juicy Fried Chicken Wontons with Chili and Schezwan Sauce are everything. You can try their delicious Mushroom, Prawn Thukpa, and other dishes on the menu.

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16.Sumo Restaurant

Sumo Restaurant, with its wooden ceiling and Tibetan graffiti walls, is a charming authentic Tibetan restaurant in Little Tibet, also known as Majnu Ka Tila. Their ambiance has an inviting vibe, and their food is finger-licking good. Their Prawn Kothe dumplings and Wontons are mouth-watering. Their authentic Buff Gyakho is super delicious, accompanied by gooey Gyuma. Gulp down this flavorful meal with a Beer here.

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17.Boju’s Kitchen

Boju’s Kitchen on 32nd Avenue is an elite place to have Tibetan food. The ambiance is rich, and the vibe is experiment-worthy. You can try their assortments of Pan-fried Veg and Non-Veg Momos Glass Noodles or Flat Noodles Thukpa meals. Their Pork Curry, Mushroom Cheese Momo, and Sekua are worth trying!

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18.The Ladakhi Kitchen

The Ladakhi Kitchen serves unbelievable pure and delicious Himalayan food. Their Tibetan delicacies are neatly and traditionally prepared, like in Tibet. The Mutton Sha Phaley, a fried stuffed pastry prepared here, is fresh and flavorful. Pair a Tingmo(fluffy steamed bread) with Soya Shapta or Mutton Shingbee. Pork Oroma and Rhe-Chotse are mouth-melting here.

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19.Makye Amay Tibet

Makye Amay Tibet is a unique restaurant in Majnu Ka Tila. With a traditional floor seating arrangement and paintings on walls that take you straight to Tibetan lanes, there are many stories this place has to tell. Even their ceilings are colorful and Instaworthy. Their Buff Mothuk, Tingmo, and Shabhaley pair great with a hot Thukpa to calm your hunger pangs.

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20.Café Lungta

Cafe Lungta, in Sector 15, is an artsy Tibetan Cafe. Shyaphaley served with soy garlic sauce, is crunchy and worth devouring. Their La Phings are prepared with wai wai, chicken, and soy filling dipped in chili garlic sauce. They serve Momos with lip-smacking cherry pepper(hot dalle) dip. Their Momocha (mini momo), Thukpa, and Keema Phaley Roti are the specialties here. They have an exquisite bar here as well.

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