Top 20 Tiffin Ideas for Your Kid

Top 20 Tiffin Ideas for Your Kid

1. Grilled Chicken Sandwich

These mouthwatering sandwiches are a perfect option if you have leftover chicken tikkas. Just mix the tikkas with a freshly made mix of finely chopped onions and tomatoes, add some cheese slices onto the bread slices and then spread the chicken tikka mix. Rest of the work is done in a normal sandwich maker or a grilled sandwich maker. These sandwiches will efficiently revive your child’s energy during the lunch break!


2. Palak Paneer Rolls

Most children cringe at the thought of eating Palak, so your child is no different. A fun way to make your child eat palak is to make rotis by mixing a moderately spicy palak batter into the dough. Once the roti is made, stuff it with a crumbled paneer and veggie mix. This highly nutritious lunch is yummy and satisfies the needs of both, parents and children.


3. Bread Rolls Stuffed With Maggie

Sometimes, give your loved ones a break. Treat him or her with these delicious Maggie bread rolls. Just prepare vegetable Maggie, with preferably a little oil and cumin. After this, soak slices of bread in water for about 30 seconds, then once they are a little moist just fill Maggie into a slice of bread and gently shape them in the form of a roll. Fry these until golden brown and serve with a little ketchup.


4. Sprouts Salad

Just add tomatoes, onions, corn into Brussel sprouts and mix all these with lemon zest and spices as per your preference. This quick to make, healthy snack is best for those who have a tight schedule.


5. Vegetable Toasts

For packing delicious veggie toasts in your child’s tiffin, you first need to prepare a veggie mix which may include capsicum, onion, tomatoes, corn etc. along with spices of your choice. Then just cut bread slices into a square shape and spread this mix on both the sides. Cook it on a non-stick pan using little oil until golden brown. Pack this with ketchup for better taste!


6. Fried Idlis

If you have leftover Idlis then they can be used as a fine lunch for your child. Just heat some oil in a pan, add red chili powder, turmeric, salt, sugar, curry leaves, a little chat masala and then shallow fry the idlis in the pan. Once they are done on both the sides properly, take them out and cut into two or four pieces. Pack with the evergreen coconut chutney, your kid will definitely love these!


7. Hung Curd Sandwich

These extremely easy to make and inviting sandwiches are prepared by mixing hung curd in a bowl with chopped tomatoes, onions, capsicum, carrots, green chili and to spice it up add chat masala and oregano. Spread this mix on bread, after which just grill them. These super yummy sandwiches are refreshing and quite healthy too!


8. Makhane

I’m sure everyone remembers this snack from our childhood. Rich in protein, calcium, zinc, carbohydrates and iron, this one of the healthiest Tiffin for your child. Just roast these Makhane or lotus seeds in some ghee. Then, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and they are ready to eat!


9. Cheese And Corn Parathas

If you think nothing can beat Aloo Parathas, give that notion a second thought. For Cheese and Corn Parathas all you need to do is to add cheese, mashed sweet corn, and a little pepper into the dough. Following this, just make parathas the way you do. The result is too delicious and can’t bedescribed in words. Try it for yourself!


10. Bun Kebabs

If your child is more pleased with non-veg then this quick tiffin idea will win his or her heart. Just fry the chicken or mutton kebabs. Then slice a bun into two, grease them butter and warm them in a pan. Place the kebabs along with sliced onions, tomatoes and cucumber in the buns; for a better, crispy taste cook the buns in a sandwich maker too. These Bun Kebabs go best with ketchup.


11. Chana Salad

Chickpea or Chana salad is a good source of protein, iron, and magnesium and even prevents cancer and lowers cholesterol. The dietary fiber found in chickpeas is considered of greater value as compared to other pulses. This should be a daily food item for all of us; a fine way to incorporate this in your child’s diet is to make a salad out of it. Just fry the chickpeas with some cumin. Then add vegetables and spices according to your child’s preference.


12. Poha Tikki

This is an innovative way to use leftover Poha. Just grind the Poha in a blender to get a crumbly texture; add boiled potatoes, chopped capsicum and onions, a bit of ginger and spices and mix properly. Shape the mixture in the form of Tikkis and fry them away! You may serve this with a mint chutney or tomato ketchup.


13. Stuffed Peas Paratha

Stuffed Peas Paratha taste amazing with any pickle or ketchup. Just boil peas and then make a fine paste-like mixture out of it and then add it while preparing parathas. Pack these hot and tasty parathas for your kid; they will act like a complete meal during the short lunch!


14. Peanut Butter And Apples

If you’re running late someday then this tiffin idea can save you loads of time. Just slice the juicy, red apples into wedges and put a generous amount of peanut butter along with them in the tiffin. This unusual combination taste heavenly!


15. Multigrain Pizza

With the blessed invention of the microwave, making pizza is a mere cake walk. This time go healthy and prepare the base yourself using whole wheat flour, maize flour and oats. You may also add any other nutrient rich element too. Once the bases are baked and ready to use, toss some veggies of your kids’ choice. This healthy pizza is a better alternative to the regular ones we consume frequently.


16. Peanut Butter And Jam Sandwiches

Give your children a surprise by packing these yummy sandwiches. Just apply the peanut butter on one bread slice and Jam on the other! You even have the choice to wrap multiple such sandwiches and place them in freezer bags. Just take out one whenever in need of a hasty energy fix!


17. Quick Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are loved by every child. This tiffin idea is especially beneficial if you have leftover Chow Mein. The rolls are made from sheets of Thai rice paper, onto the Chow Mein is stuffed. Now all you need to do is to fold them carefully then allow to steam for a few minutes. Pack this with a zingy chutney or the regular ketchup.


18. The Chicken Gift

Made with the same steps as that of Samosas, these pockets are the best option if you’re in a mood to prepare a fancy tiffin. To make the ribbons, use a cookie-cutter to cut the dough in any shape of your choice. Then, prepare a tangy, flavorsome chicken mix and stuff in into the dough. Fry these cute wraps until they look crispy. You may even alter the stuffing according to your preference.


19. Meetha Paratha

Which child doesn’t have a sweet tooth? These sweet parathas are every kid’s favorite. Prepared in the same manner as that of normal parathas, the only new ingredient added in the dough is sugar. Sprinkle sugar once the paratha is ready too! This delicacy must be given a shot!


20. Masala Pav

A variation of the pav bhaji. Masala Pav is a full of flavor tiffin idea for your kid. Just add crumbled paneer and spices into the customary bhaji mixture before frying it. Once it is fried up to the desired level, let it cool and then spread on the buns or pav. These are so yummy that they don’t even require a chutney or sauce along with it!