Top 20 Traditional Andhra Dishes To Serve For Sankranti

Special Dishes To Serve For Sankranti

Sankranti, the festival of harvest, demands some delicious tastes. Here are some of the dishes you will find in almost every house in Andhra region on this festival day.

1.Chakkera Pongali

Tradition of making this famous Sankranti sweet with freshly harvested rice is seen from the olden times. Dishes like these are true celebration of rice. This sweet rice made up of Moong Dal and Jaggery induced with cardamom seeds and ghee will leave you wanting to eat more of it.


2.Bobbatlu (Sweet Chapati)

This Sweet Chapati is called with different names in different parts of our country. This is on the list of most favorite and traditional sweets in India which are made on almost all festivals. The idea of turning the regular chapati into something special on special occasions makes this item more special. No wonder it tastes so good.


3.Pulihora (Tamarind Rice)

Being the most common dish prepared in South India, Pulihora is just as traditional. One cannot find festivities without having Pulihora on the menu in the whole of South India. It is also considered as the most auspicious dish and served as prasadam in the temples. Bet there is no one who hates this rice.



Widely prepared around Andhra and Telangana regions for mostly Sankranti, this sweet will instantly steal the hearts of sweet lovers and kids. The outside crisp and the inside softness of Kova gives the taste of delight. High in calories, it serves as an instant energy supply. This sweet is surely a treat.


5.Nuvvula Undalu  

These sweet balls are made up of sesame seeds which are rich in health. The slight nutty crunchy flavours of these balls bring the taste of happiness with good health.


6.Katte Pongali

This dish is mainly offered to the gods and goddesses during various Pujas. This Dal Rice consisting cloves, cumin seeds and curry leaves fried in ghee gives an aroma that can fill your tummy. Pongali, though made of limited ingredients will be easily fancied by people who like simple food.


7.Masala Vadalu

Up for some mouth-watering diet cheat food on the festival day? Try Masala Vadalu. These deep fried golden crispy dumplings serve as the best evening snack to serve your guests with as there will be nobody who will not enjoy eating them.


8.Atukula Laddu

These Laddus made up of beaten rice are most popular in the Telugu states. This recipe draws its connectivity to Lord Krishna as Poha (Atukulu) is said to be his favorite and as his brother Bala Rama is linked with harvesting. So, these Laddus are importantly prepared on the festival of harvest.


9.Bobbarla Vadalu

Bobbarlu (Black Eyed Peas) are known for their nutritional values. Vada or fritters made of black eyed peas are a widely popular snack in the Andhra region. This deep fried snack tastes best when eaten with some coconut chutney. Sure your guests will love them.


10.Venna Appalu

Loved for their crispy texture and heavenly taste, Venna Appalu surely comes in the list of the items the whole family can revel in. Stuffed with butter and jaggery or sugar, these flat dumplings like things deliver the festive taste. No wonder the people of Andhra relish this item.


11.Poornam Boorelu

This Andhra cuisine is a common traditional item prepared for almost every special occasion in all the Telugu speaking homes. Making this item is a difficult task but the taste of these golden balls stuffed with good old Jaggery is worth all the difficulty. They taste real good when one eats them with ghee poured into a small hole made on the surface of these balls. This item is a must try.


12.Semiya Payasam

This Indian classic Kheer made of Vermicelli, Milk and Sugar is one of the easiest recipes which when cooked and served with some dry fruits will immediately impress your loved ones. Easy to prepare, this Semiya Payasam can also be served as a dessert on regular days to make them special.


13.Rava Pulihora

One can find many kinds of Pulihora in South India. This Pulihora made of Rava seasoned with Tamarind or Lemon is a speciality of Coastal Andhra region. It is loved for its tangy taste. Easy to make and easy to digest, mostly it is taken as breakfast. Rava Pulihora is also called as Pindi Pulihora in Coastal Andhra. All age groups of people enjoy eating this Pulihora. This simple item is one of the most made foods for festivals in Andhra region.



Being one of the most famous Andhra sweets, Chandrakantalu are absolutely delicious. This sweet is much relished by the whole of Telugu people. Though time consuming to prepare, this item has a good shelf life. It is also known for its nutritive values. This golden brown colored sweet will surely make you fall in love with it. Its unique taste unquestioningly explains why this sweet is so dear to the Telugu people.


15.Atukula Payasam

This item can be translated as Poha Kheer. Don’t have time to cook something special to serve your guests with? Well, this recipe is your saviour. Easy, simple and fast to prepare, Atukula Payasam will surely satisfy and please your guests when served with some dry fruits.


16.Aratikaya Bajji

Aratikaya means Raw Banana. Fritters made of Raw Banana are always on the menu for special days in Andhra region. It is a popular tea time snack in most Telugu homes. Crispy, tasty and yummy, everybody will fancy them.


17.Perugu Garelu

Perugu Garelu as its name suggests is Vada soaked in thick flavored curd. It is popular as Dahi Vada in North India, but the taste differs. This item is the best post lunch dish to be served. The taste of Perugu Garelu is unique and is mouth-wateringly good.


18.Rava Kesari

One of the simplest sweet dishes to make, Rava Kesari is just so delicious. It is called Sooji Ka Halwa in some parts of North India. The orange color and soft texture of this sweet can tempt anyone. This is again a simple recipe to make on a busy festival day.



These are another traditional South Indian sweet fritters which are commonly made on any special occasion. These are made and distributed among neighborhood and relatives on almost all auspicious occasions. This item is a speciality of Coastal Andhra region.


20.Mamidikaya Pulihora

This is one simple rice dish seasoned with raw mango. This flavor-some rice dish consists of a unique tangy flavor that keeps your tongue tangled to the taste. This item is again limited to the Andhra Waale. For people who never tried this raw mango rice, it’s a must try. Your family will want you to make this dish again and again.