TOP 20 Types of Idly Famous in Tamil Nadu

top 20 types of idly famous in tamil nadu

One of the most famous South Indian breakfast food items is idly. It is
alsocalled savory rice cake in English. In Tamil nadu, it is readily available in all
the hotels, restaurants, and also in roadside shops. Everyone must try the
following twenty Idly varieties that are incredibly soft and rich in nutrition. An
interesting thing to know about idly is that "IDLY DAY" is celebrated by food
lovers across the world on 30th March every year.

1. Rice Idly

Rice idly Is prepared by using parboiled rice, urad dal, and a few amount of
fenugreek seeds which is the reason for its Softness. It is also known as
regular Idly. It looks like a full white moon and that is why everyone loves to
taste it. It is popular in all the districts of Tamil Nadu. This Idly is
accompanied by chutney, sambar or kurma.

Ghee Idly

2. Kanchipuram Kovil Idly

One of the most popular Idlies in Tamil nadu is Kanchipuram Kovil Idly.
The main ingredients to make this Idly batter is raw rice, parboiled rice,
urad dal, fenugreek seeds, Ginger, Cumin Seeds, and black pepper. The
consistency of the batter must be coarse like Rava and it should not be smooth.
Kanchipuram Kovil Idly is accompanied by mint chutney or Podi. It has a
unique fan base in Kanchipuram.

Kanchipuram Idli

3. Kushboo Idly

The most fluffy and smooth Idly variety is Kushboo Idly. Its spongy
nature tempts everyone to taste it. It was served with sambar and coconut
chutney. The ingredients to make Kushboo Idly batter is Idly rice, puffed
rice, urad dal, and Javvarisi (sago palm). The essential ingredient for this
Idly is caster seeds which give a spongy nature to it.

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4. Ragi Idly

Ragi idli is healthy and traditional food. It helps to lose weight. It is
often accompanied by coconut chutney and, it is delicious and a perfect
side-dish for Ragi idli.


5. Rava Idly

One of the tastiest Idlies in Tamil nadu is Rava idly. The making of Rava idly
batter does not require grinding or soaking. Rava (Semolina) and yogurt are the main
ingredients for this Idly.

Rava Idli

6. Podi Idly

The trending idly in recent days is Podi idly. There are so many
varieties of Podi(Spicy powder) that are homemade and available in the market also.
This dish consumes less time for preparation. The Podi(mixture of spices
and pulses) can be prepared at home and stored for 2 to 3 months.


7. Vermicelli Idly

Vermicelli idly is prepared without grinding, soaking, and fermenting
process. The children love to eat this Idly along with coconut or tomato chutney. It is
instantly prepared within 20 to 30 minutes. It is also called Semiya Idly in

Vermicelli Nut Idli

8. Beetroot idly

Rich are essential for us. The deliciousbeetroot idly is healthy food and, it attracts the children. Because it is in reddish pink color.To make this idly, you have to add the juice of boiled beetroot into the regularidly batter.

9. Carrot Idly

Carrots are rich in Vitamins ,which improves our vision power. Carrot Idly
is the best dish for the lunch box to the kids. Carrot idly is healthy and tasty. So, for
a change, you can try this idly instead of regular idly.

Carrot Idli Recipe by Archana's Kitchen

10. Mini Idly

Masala Idly is aromatic. This aroma tempts you to eat more and more
Idly at a time. It was prepared by using South-Indian spices. It was also
served as a snack item in the evenings.

Mini Idli

11. Masala Idly

Masala Idly is aromatic. This aroma tempts you to eat more and more
Idly at a time. It was prepared by using South-Indian spices. It was also
served as a snack item in the evenings.

Mini Idli

12. Egg Idly

Egg Idly is a delicious and healthy breakfast item. The regular idly batter was
used to make this idly. It was served with hot sambhar and chutney in the
hotels of Tamil Nadu. We can also prepare this idly at our home.

Egg steamed in idli cooker - Mary's Kitchen

13. Chicken Idly

Chicken idly is highly delicious and loved by non-vegetarians. The
spicychicken masala is stuffed into the idly batter and then streamed. It was
served with sambhar or chicken gravy. It has a separate fan base in

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14. Curry Leaves Idly

The best traditional South-Indian dish is curry leaves idly. This curry
leaves idly was prepared by adding the fine paste of curry leaves into
the regular idly batter. And it was served along with coconut chutney.

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15. Goli Idly

Round rice balls or Goli Idly is a simple and tasty dish prepared easily at
home. The procedure for making this idly is entirely different from the
traditional idly. And it is also served without any side dishes.

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16. Keerai Idly

Keerai Idly is the healthiest breakfast food in Tamilnadu. Keerai idly is
prepared byusing many varieties of green leaves (Keerai) available in the market like Palak
leaves,Mudakathan leaves, etc.

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17. Vegetable Idly

Vegetable Idly is a healthy and tasty breakfast that is perfectly opted
forchildren. Vegetable idly is prepared by adding the finely chopped
vegetables into the regular idly batter. And it is accompanied by Chutney
or Sambhar.

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18. Vegetable Ragi Idly

Ragi flour, Urad dal, and finely chopped vegetables like capsicum,
carrot, andcoriander leaves are used as an ingredient to make this vegetable ragi idly.
It wasaccompanied by Tomato or Coconut chutney. Vegetable Ragi idly is rich in

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19. Jaggery Idly 

One of the traditional South-Indian Idlies is Jaggery Idly(Sweet Idly). It is
servedas a snack item without side dishes in the evenings. Jaggery idly is healthy
andaromatic. Some grated coconut and cardamon powder were added into this
idly to get a better taste.

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20. Coconut Idly

This coconut idly is a homemade food and loved by the kids also. It was
preparedwithin thirty minutes. The grated coconut in this idly gives a unique taste to it.

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