Top 20 Ugandan Dishes

top 20 ugandan dishes

Uganda is an East African country with a vibrant and diverse landscape. It has abundant wildlife, both rare animals and birds. The beautiful landscapes encompass the country. The people here are friendly. This place also has a rich culture and tradition. The food practices here are lovely too. There are many different and unique delicacies found here. Here are some of the best Ugandan dishes that shouldn’t be missed.

1. Ugandan Tea

Ugandan Tea is a popular and refreshing drink in Uganda. It is prepared with sugar, tea leaves, milk, and ginger. Lemongrass and cinnamon leaves are also added into it. It has a sweet aroma and an excellent taste.

1.Ugandan Tea

2. Beef Luwombo

Beef Luwombo is a famous Ugandan recipe in which the beef is cooked inside the banana leaf. Veggies like tomato, onion, carrot, garlic and green pepper are added. It is richly spiced and has a great taste.

2.Beef Luwombo

3. Ugandan Egg Rolls

Ugandan Egg rolls is a trendy recipe. It is prepared with hard-boiled eggs wrapped inside mashed potatoes with a few vegetables. It is then dipped in whisked eggs and fried until golden brown. It is enjoyed as a snack.

3.Ugandan Egg Rolls 1

4. The Beef G-nuts Luwombo

G-nut is a famous sauce prepared with groundnut. The beef is roasted and fried with other vegetables. It is then mixed with the g-nut sauce. The beef with g-nut sauce is poured into the banana leaf, and enjoyed as a delicacy.

4.The Beef G nuts Luwombo

5. The Famous Rolex

Famous Rolex is not a watch but an egg recipe in Uganda. It is the egg warp in which fried eggs are filled in Chapati. Veggies like tomato, onion, and cabbage are also added. It has a delicious taste and can be eaten as a snack.

5.The Famous Rolex

6. Ensenene

Ensenene is a popular fried grasshoppers recipe in Uganda. The grasshoppers are cooked in oil and their wings and legs are removed. Veggies like onion, carrot, and tomato are added. It has a fantastic taste and is enjoyed as a delicacy.


7. Katogo Dishes

Katogo dishes is a popular snack in Uganda. It is a mixture of different ingredients that are cooked together. It is made with green peeled bananas and a sauce made with groundnut, offal, beans, and beef. The banana is cooked in the sauce and enjoyed as breakfast.

7.Katogo Dishes

8. TV Chicken

The TV chicken is a popular dish in Uganda. It is called so because it is cooked in a rotisserie oven that looks like a television. It has a crispy texture and a great taste. It is enjoyed with salad, fries, or smoked bananas.

8.TV Chicken

9. Royal Chicken Luwombo

As the name suggests, this is a royal dish for special occasions. In this Luwombo dish, the chicken is cooked inside the banana leaf. Some veggies are also added to it. It is richly spiced and has an authentic aroma.

9.Royal Chicken Luwombo

10. Matooke (Steamed Mashed Bananas)

Matooke is a popular mashed banana dish in Uganda. It is peeled, steamed, mashed, and is served with some sauce. They are sometimes prepared with onions and tomatoes. It is enjoyed with beef or goat meat.

10.Matooke Steamed Mashed Bananas

11. Fried Chapati

Fried Chapati is a staple flatbread in Uganda. It has a triangular shape and served as a side dish. It is prepared with wheat flour, green pepper, onion, and carrot. It is fried in minimum oil and enjoyed with other dishes.

11.Fried Chapati 1

12. Kikalayi

Kikalayi is a popular fried pork recipe in Uganda. It has a marvelous taste and is prepared with rich spices. Sometimes pig ears, snouts, and pig faces are also cooked and sold.

12.Kikalayi 1

13. Roasted Maize/ Corn (Kassoli)

Roasted maize is a popular snack in Uganda. The fresh maize is roasted over a medium fire to get all the sides brownish. It has a sweet and smoky taste. It is a seasonal, delicious snack and is not available all year round.

13.Roasted Maize Corn Kassoli 1

14. The Mushroom G-nuts Luwombo

The Mushroom G-nuts Luwombo is a famous Ugandan recipe. The mushrooms are cleaned and then steamed in banana leaf. It has a rich taste and an authentic aroma.

14.The Mushroom G nuts Luwombo

15. Chicken-Nut Sauce

Chicken nut sauce is a not-so-common Ugandan dish. It is prepared with chicken pieces, spices, peanut butter cream, and chicken stock. It has a rich taste and is enjoyed with rice or ugali.

15.Chicken Nut Sauce

16. Gonja

Gonja is a famous Ugandan recipe prepared with bananas. The gonja are wrapped in banana leaves and steamed for authentic taste and aroma.


17. Ugandan Rice Balls/Rolls

This rice ball recipe is a trendy dish in Uganda. It is prepared with boiled rice and mashed potatoes. The batter for frying is made with eggs and other ingredients. It has a rich taste and a crispy texture.

17.Ugandan Rice Balls Rolls

18. Roasted Pork Ribs

This is a popular recipe in Uganda. The pork ribs are roasted and cooked to get a rich flavor. It is a barbecue dish that is enjoyed as a delicacy. It is served with banana or kachumbari.

18.Roasted Pork Ribs

19. The Fish G-nuts Luwombo

In this recipe, the fish is first smoked to remove its smell. The bones are removed, and the fish is cleaned. It is then mixed with g-nut sauce, and added to the banana leaf and enjoyed as Luwombo.

19.The Fish G nuts Luwombo

20. Muchomo

Muchomo is a roasted meat recipe. It can be made with any meat variety. The meat is roasted and enjoyed with salad, unpeeled bananas, or chips. It has a delicious taste.