Top 20 Ways To Eat Your Ice Cream (Specific To Maharashtra)

Top 20 Ways To Eat Your Ice Cream (Specific To Maharashtra)

Brrr….Winter is Coming! Oh wait, it’s already here. But, that doesn’t stop us Indians from having our bellies filled with ice cream. We just can’t get enough. Around the world, the types of ice creams and the way  they are eaten has taken numerous different forms. Who says warm is comforting? Ice cream does it better inadvertently! Be it “sundaes” on Sundays or barfi shaped kulfis, we are always game. Here are 20 ways in which ice cream is loved to be eaten in Maharashtra:

1 Kulfi

Kulfi is as authentic as it gets and is referred to as the “Traditional Indian Ice cream”. Being denser and creamier, it takes a longer period of time to melt than ice creams from the west. Get it on a stick or without one, the joy of having a kulfi remains the same. Malai, Rose, Mango, Saffron, Elaichi and pistachios are the must have flavours.


2 Mastani

Mastani is Pune’s creation and, oh, do the punekars take so much pride in it! Being a very thick mango milkshake topped with pieces of cut fruits, dry fruits, whipped cream and scoops of ice cream, it is the city’s most favourite dessert. Inspired by Pune’s cultural heritage, it has been named after the beautiful “Mastani” who stole Peshwa Bajiroa’s heart. Now-a-days, mastanis come in all the flavours one can think of and not just mango. “Sujata Mastani” in Pune again, is THE brand for mastani lovers and has been serving people for the past 50 years!


3 Barf Ka Gola

Golas are creative and fun. Who would have thought ice creams could bring out the artists within us? With the crushed ice made into popsicles, putting colourful syrups on it just makes our mouth go yaaay! Khus, Kala-khatta and Rose are typically flavours to try out. To top it all, masala and condensed milk are often put on this barfila treat! Also, there’s something so satisfying about asking the gola-wala again and again “Bhaiyya, upar thoda aur Kala-khatta dogey?!”.


4 Fried Ice Cream

Frying it and still calling it ice cream— sounds rather weird right!? That is exactly what makes us want to try fried ice cream in the first place. It’s a scoop of ice cream frozen below normal storage temperatures (helps ice cream to not melt when being fried) which is coated with raw egg, rolled in cornflakes or cookies and then deep fried. This golden brown crispy scoop of ice cream is what we get served in real fancy restaurants thereafter. Crack the shell, and there lies the goodness!

fried ice cream

5 Falooda

Kindly sit with a dictionary, the following ingredients won’t just spin your taste buds but your heads too! Falooda is just what you need to beat the tropical heat Mixture of rose syrup, vermicelli (made from wheat), psyllium or basil seeds (sabza), tapioca pearls and pieces of gelatin with milk and water is served in an elaborate glass forming this magnificent dessert.


6 Ice Cream Sandwich

Our childhood was eating the cream in between the two biscuits and then throwing those away. Ahh…but imagine having ice cream instead of the cream and cookies or cakes instead of just plain boring biscuits. I know right…Heaven! And thus evolved the concept of Ice Cream Sandwich! Easiest to eat, fuss free, extremely delicious, it is something you can get at every store, small parlour or fancy restaurant! Took a bite yet?


7 Nutella Freak Shake

Hearing “Nutella” makes my brain go on a rollercoaster. Nutella Freak Shake takes this to the next level of awesomeness by combining Nutella, ice cream, brownies, choco-bars and whipped cream in a wholesome jar. It keeps overflowing like your joy on seeing it. This sure is becoming the latest talk of the town, mainly in Pune, being served at the “Greedy Man Pizzeria”.


8 Thick Shakes

Yes, your conjecture is quite obvious, it is a milkshake but only thicker! It’s the easiest to do sitting at home when bored to just brighten up your lazy day a little by being rather lazy again. Take three scoops of your favourite ice cream, add only a little milk, and mix it till it thickens. It’s just like melting the ice cream and drinking it but something Maharashtrians absolutely adore. There you are, having the yummiest stuff with efforts in the least.


9 Softie

It’s for people with soft hearts and fierce stomachs! All the foodies out there— this is what we love from the bottom of our hearts. Softie is just ice cream that is made softer than regular ice creams by aerating it during the freezing process. Always loved how the softie ice cream twirls and sits on the cone ~oh so nicely~ from the machine. Must be a rich dancer in the vast ice cream family! Choco-vanilla softie, here I come!


10 Ice Cream On Demand Theatre

We know how picky people can be when it comes to ice cream. No worries, a recent trend is satisfying all sorts of ice cream lovers. The ice cream at such parlours is customised for the respective customer at the time of placing their order. Prepared on a cold stone by using instruments to hit and mix the ice cream and particular on-demand toppings together to form a delicious, personal and customized dessert. Places like “Creamstone” and “Oh So Stoned!” are parlours based on this current trend, also showing a little theatrics while serving the ice cream to the customers.


11 Matka Ice Cream

This is as indigenous as it gets and will be found mostly on a hot sunny day, waiting for you at the top after climbing a fort in Maharashtra. Literally the sweet taste of victory. Matka ice cream is just kulfis placed in earthen pots inside a container filled with ice and salt, forming a natural freezer for the matka kulfis. Yes, truly cool!


12 Frozen Yogurt

It’s a straight forward case of being an imposter. M’lord! Beware, tastes like ice cream but is actually flavoured and frozen yogurt. No harm done though, as it is healthier to eat than an ice cream for all those dieting foodies out there, containing lower amounts of fats and yet comes in a variety of flavours. Adding yummy toppings of whatever you please, makes having this even more irresistible.


13 Gulab Jamun With Ice Cream

Ever gone to an Indian wedding and not found the evergreen gulab jamuns? I don’t think so. Same goes with ice cream, doesn’t it? Here comes the invention. We combined these most special two desserts and formed our very own gulab jamun with ice cream. The hot and cold textures together on our tongues make us go to food paradise directly. Just await the wedding season!


14 Flavours in Maharashtra

All you people who always want to try something new and feel that the weirder it sounds the better, these unique flavours found in Maharashtra are something you should get your hands on. “Chilli, Ginger and Lime Kulfi Ice Cream ”  is served on the Konkan side and has this amazingly unique taste. Also, “Peru Ice Cream with Chilli Powder sprinkled on top” is unique and increasingly popular in Pune served at “Raj Mandir”. And for the Paan lovers out there, “Paan Ice Cream” is definitely a must have. After all, using spices is the key in  India!


15 Gelato

It’s an Italian ice cream type growing immensely popular in Maharashtra. And why would it not be loved, after all we adore the other yum stuff that Italians have given us. Extremely smooth, fancy flavours (Ferrero Rocher being a personal favourite) just adds to the fact that 1st of every month, “Gelato” offers their customers their flavour of the month at lowest prices making us go overly crazy. C’mon yum, fancy and affordable food, we can’t keep our minds off that! The more you churn, the more creamier ice cream you get.


16 Nitrogen Ice Cream

For all the nerds in the world, study the science behind this ice cream making carefully! One of the most interesting and quickest ice cream is made by adding liquid nitrogen to the ice cream’s mixture. It instantly hardens up and forms delicious ice cream, giving us the theatrical pleasure of  seeing the nitrogen fumes from which our ice cream magically appears! This is also one of the few immensely growing trends in the state.


17 Mini Melts

Recently many movie theatres had a huge parlour specially for mini melts inspired from UK. They are nothing but nitrogen ice creams, except the small step of the mixture of the ice cream being put through a sieve and then mixed with liquid nitrogen, forming very tiny balls of nitrogen ice cream. These different mini melts can then be mixed as per our requirement and be enjoyed. It’s literally like having colourful snow in your mouth!


18 Sundae

You should get as excited about a “Sundae” as you do on hearing about a Sunday. All those lazy, holiday and party feels of Sunday are what the “sundae” as a dessert incorporates. It consists typically of one or more scoops of same or different flavoured ice creams, topped with all sorts of stuff you please like sauces, syrups, sprinkles, whipped cream, peanuts, dried cherries, fruits and the list goes on. The plate is your canvas and you can and should throw all sorts of ice creams and toppings on it and make yourself a jaw-dropping painting.


19 Ice Cream Candy

Each and every one of our school memories include one where we bought “Ice Candies” and “Choco-bars”. How incomplete our childhood would have been without them! The ice candy has flavoured ice and choco-bar is this vanilla ice cream covered entirely by hardened chocolate, and all this on just a simple stick! The next time I buy one I hope I open the candy from the right side, I mean the stick side!

icecream candy

20 Floats

Putting big scoops of ice cream in aerated drinks and watching them float is the only joy you should live for. No kidding! Seeing the bubbles carry the ice cream is just heart melting! “Mickey Mouse” is child’s play, but just add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to Coca-Cola and voila!

floatsHave a happy ice cream year ahead!!