Wah! Pav – Top 5 Pav Bhaji Hubs In Kolkata


Our Capitals, Other than their popularity for magnificent architectural and natural beauty, stands on a pedestal for the various scrumptious delights they have to offer. Maharashtra, home of vegetarian titbits and gourmets, is also the place where pav bhaji has originated.

Steaming thick curry of mashed vegetables, sprinkled with coriander and butter as a garnish, the term Bhaji originates from Marathi terminology. This spiced mixture is best enjoyed with soft buns lightly toasted on a hot tawa. The buns are colloquially known as ‘Pav.’ Initially cooked for fast lunches of textile mill workers, this popular dish now can be found in various food outlets ranging from simple hand carts around lanes or markets to high-end restaurants in India and Abroad.

Kolkata, the city with a retrospective aura, also gifts various food joints, offering delicacies not only of Indian states but also various international cuisines. Pav Bhaji accounts for the popular items for busy office goers or a memory of late afternoon at a college canteen.

Following are the most sought after snack joints that serve lip-smacking pav bhaji for a visit:


Dimpi, a pure vegetarian restaurant, is located on the Hatibagan connector of Shyambazar 5-point crossing. Cuisines available range from North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese. Dimpi serves up a deliciously spicy and warm mashed vegetable curry with butter-toasted pav to go along. The bhaji is filled to te brim of the special fish shaped dish that they use for this order, altogether placed on a banana leaf. As the area beams with surrounding offices, colleges and the famous Hatibagan market, the food here is of reasonable price. The pav bhaji dish under the snacks section is priced at the 90/-per plate with 10/- per extra piece of toasted pav. The special version of this dish has fresh cheese garnished over the warm curry, melting into the delicious mix. The pav bhaji is available at a reasonable price of 130/- plate. The joint is popularly recommended if you’re out on a tour of North Kolkata’s famous Baghbjar Raajbaari and Kumortuli.



Located on the AJC Bose Road Chowronghee Crossing, Near Exide More, Tit-Bits is suitable for casual dining or hosting formal parties. Availability of cuisines ranges from North Indian to street food. As the counters in the ground floor serves up sweets, fruits, and snacks, the first floor is spacious and consistently designed for dining under soothing lights. It’s a comfortable place to hang out with friends and family. One of their most famous dishes, the Pav Bhaji, is spicy and tangy, with a fresh lemon squeeze and shredded coriander as garnish. The pav toasted in butter, is crunchy on the edges remain soft and packed with flavor. Tit- Bits also has been featured in the collection of Kolkata student favorites. Pocket pinch per plate would stand to 120/- can be enjoyed with hot gulab jamun and ice cream as dessert. The food is hygienic and served properly which attracts variety of enthusiasts from around the area. Can be a quick visit for grubs, if you’re planning to visit Nandan and Academy of Fine Arts.


3.Agarwal’s Pav Bhaji

Agarwal’s Pav Bhaji is a small kiosk located near Vardhaan Market, Camac Street area, Agarwal serves up freshly cooked bhaji for each order with a generous layer of butter, chopped onions, and coriander. Each dish is loaded up with lightly toasted butter pavs to dips in the steaming bhaji. The stall is conveniently located along Vardhaan Market for a post-shopping quick biteLocated near St. Xavier’s College and Loreto College, the dishes are priced at 60/- per plate. Each plate serves a hearty amount of freshly cooked bhaji with two slices of pav, lemon slices and chopped onions on the side. Visiting Maidan might get you lucky if you happen to pass by Agarwal’s stall.


4.Fast Filling

Fast Filling is a small stall at Humayun place, Kolkata, serving up quick bites and South Indian Delicacies. A block away from New Market, it can be traced easily inside the lane, One block away from the market. Being a small snack joint in a small area, seating arrangement includes comfortable chairs with tables in front of the shop, which can 10-15 diners. Pav Bhaji from Fast Filling is manna dew after a long day of shopping. The Bhaji is light and filling, with an option of cheese or butter for garnish. The pav is toasted lightly on butter or just stuffed with cheese iIn the center of the bread, before warming it up. Squeezing lemon gives a funky taste to the light textured curry. The pocket pinch for each plate is 60/- per plate with butter- 10/- extra and with cheese- 15/- extra. A must visit if you’re planning a shopping spree around New Market and Sreeram Arcade.


5.Food Path

One of the popular themed restaurants for students, Food Path is located at Sinthee More of North Kolkata. Food Path is well known for its pavement-like design for seating arrangements, divided into two pavements on each side with a comfortable seating arrangement. One of the main attractions of Food Path, is the Bombay Keema Pav. Keema Pav comprises of a scrumptious and spicy shredded meat curry, with a tangy after-taste, served up with lightly toasted pav bread on the side. The bhaji is garnished with a fresh dash of lemon squeeze and chopped coriander. The keema bhaji is one of the most unique dishes of Food Pth as a non-vegetarian version of Pav Bhaji. With a soothing ambiance and out of the box interior designing, it’s a perfect spot to hang out with friends after college. The Bombay Keema Pav is priced at 111/- plate, making it affordable after an extravagant day. Team it up with Food Path’s Frozen Cream Roll Necklace for a beautiful meal in the afternoons after college! So get packing for Kolkata and don’t forget to try these hubs for a hearty meal and a beautiful memory!