20 Vegetarian Dishes From Punjabi Cuisine That You Must Try

20 Vegetarian Dishes From Punjabi Cuisine That You Must Try
20 Vegetarian Dishes From Punjabi Cuisine That You Must Try

Punjabi cuisine contributes a lot to North Indian Cuisine by their tasty and authentic recipes that are delectable in taste. From dal makhani to Sarson ka saag, everything of this cuisine is outstanding and are available at every other restaurant in the main course meals. Though there are many Non-vegetarian recipes also that are consumed by people in Punjab, it is not like there are any fewer options for vegetarians to try out from this Cuisine. So, bringing you the list of the top 20 vegetarian Punjabi dishes, we expect that you will surely love them and try them out at your home.

Palak Paneer1.

Yes, this tasty winter vegetarian recipe belongs to Punjabi cuisine and is very famous in North India. It is prepared by blending palak and cooking it in the form of puree with tomatoes, spices, and then finally adding some paneer chunks to it. You can even enjoy it along with Makki di roti.

Palak Paneer

2.Dal Makhni

We all know this one dal, which is favourite of all and reasily available in any restaurant or occasion. It is made of urad dal and is heavy to digest. One can make it creamy by adding malai or cream and can consume it in the winter season.

Dal Makhni

3.Matar Paneer

Even this simple and easily cooked curry belongs to Punjabi cuisine. It is prepared by cooking tomato puree in oil or ghee with spices and adding paneer chunks and matar. They taste best when eaten along with parathas.

Matar Paneer

4.Rajma Chawal

Rajma and chawal together are the love of every child in North India or even in other parts of the country. The creamy soft texture rajma tasted along and white jeera rice are delectable. Rajma chawal is the best option to have for a fulfilling lunch.

Rajma Chawal

5.Paneer Tikka

It is probably the no.1 starter of India and is loved by all. It is prepared by barbequing paneer chunks along with bell peppers and tomatoes after marinating in curd batter. They come out to be incredibely delicious and soft.

Paneer Tikka

6.Malai Kofta

Punjab is an area where eating milk, Dahi, Makhan is like a necessity,;their dishes seem to be incomplete without them. So, here we bring you one such dish which contains lots of creaminess in it. The koftas are made up of either paneer or aloo and then dipped into the gravy of tomato puree and malai or cream.

Malai Kofta

7.Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

Kadhi with pakora in it is also one such dish, which is very famous in Punjab. This dahi and besan based liquid curry with pakora in it is lip-smacking in it and tastes teiffic along with rice and bajre ki roti.

Punjabi Kadhi Pakora

8.Aloo Paratha

Parathas are the favourite breakfast of people in Punjab, so how can we even miss this one recipe while mentioning the best dishes of Punjabi cuisine? It is prepared by filling boiled potatoes with spices into a whole wheat sheet. They are the best when tasted with Makhan (white butter) and Dahi.

Aloo Paratha 1

9.Bhatura Recipe

Chole with soft, fluffy bhature is from here, which you find everywhere in North India. You can prepare them with whole wheat and can add baking soda to make them fluffy. Having some pickle, chole, and soft bhature is a perfect meal to crave for.

Bhatura Recipe

10.Sarson Ka Saag

Who doesn’t know about this perfect combination that never fails to impress people? Whenever someone says Punjabi food, isn’t it true that Sarson ka saag comes first in our minds? It is not only tasty but highly nutritious and should be consumed in the winter season.

Sarson Ka Saag

11.Baingan Bharta

One of the best recipes one can make out using Baingan is baingan ka bharta. It is effortless to prepare as you only require heated baingan, tomatoes, spices, and after you combine them and cook them together, they are ready to serve.

Baingan Bharta

12.Stuffed Capsicum Recipe

Stuffed capsicum or, even called Bharwa Shimlamirch, is a recipe prepared by pressing either boiled potatoes or mashed paneer into the capsicums and then cooking them in a pan with some oil and spices. If you cook them in ghee, you will not choose to cook them in oil ever again.

Stuffed Capsicum Recipe

13.Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari kulcha is an Indian bread made by stuffing veggies into it along with some authentic Indian spices to add flavour to it. They are best in taste when served along with chole, rajma, or dal makhani. Adding Makhan on the top of the hot kulchas is a treat to the taste buds.

Amritsari Kulcha

14.Dum Aloo

Dum aloo is usually heavy to digest in comparison to other aloo veggies and is recommended to have for lunch. It is prepared by frying aloo and then adding them into a thick consistency gravy made by cooking tomato puree by adding spices into it.

Dum Aloo

15.Kaju Curry

Utilizing the dry fruit or cashew in differently means making this vegetable or curry using it. You need to roast the cashews in ghee and cook them with tomato puree and spices for a few minutes, and it is ready to be served.

Kaju Curry


The breakfast of Punjabi’s seems to be incomplete without this famous North Indian drink, is usually consumed in winters. It is made by blending curd and then adding sugar to it. You can even make flavoured lassi by adding either cardamom or any fruit flavour.


17.Atte Ka Halwa

We all have eaten sooji halwa and besan halwa, but the halwa, famous in Punjab, is ‘Atte ka Halwa.’ It is prepared in the same way you prepare any other variation of halwa, and even it tastes authentic. Do add some nuts or dry fruits in it to add crunch.

Atte Ka Halwa

18.Kanji Recipe

Kanji is a winter drink made by using black carrots and making them with water. This drink is dark red and sour due to added spices or salt. It is a very healthy and nutritious drink to consume in the winter season.

Kanji Recipe

19.Lauki Chana Dal

Combining a pulse and veggie in one dish will give you this delicious recipe. Lauki is very light to digest, and it can mix with chana dal to make it even more delicious. Also, if someone doesn’t like lauki ki sabzi, make this recipe for them.

Lauki Chana Dal

20.Bharwa Bhindi

All the kinds of Bharwa vegetables you would eat, most of them, come from this cuisine. This recipe is prepared by stuffing a mix of a few spices into bhindi and then either frying or cooking them in ghee or oil. The taste of ghee cooked stuffed bhindi is delectable.

Bharwa Bhindi