Here Is the List of Top Restaurants in Kolkata’s Park Street

Here Is The List Of Top Restaurants in Kolkatas Park Street
Here Is The List Of Top Restaurants in Kolkatas Park Street

1. Zen

Zen at the Park is one of the best places to go in Kolkata for oriental cuisine. The authentic method of creating the best connoisseur experience with a curated menu ensures a divine experience. The region’s atmosphere could be very diffused, and timeless. When dining at this restaurant, you should order the Japanese Fish Curry, Fish Thai Green Curry, Som Tam Salad, Yum Phak Ruam Salad, Lamb Thai Green Curry, Japanese Lamb Curry, and other dishes.20201023-154733-largejpg

2. Peter cat

The meals live up to Peter Cat’s expectations for the Kolkata target market over the years. The traditional Chello kebab was well worth it, and the meals were as usual excellent. The quality of the meat improved, as did the quality of the rest of the dishes. The workforce carrier is something that should be worked on a little more overall, the region is a must-see. Their well-known chello kebab deserves special mention. Pocket pinch is on a more expensive side, but its well worth it.peter-cat-cover

3. Mocambo

Sitting there with its majestic presence, it’s miles a massive within side the eating place business. Located on Mirza Ghalib Street Mocambo’s status quo is implementing, to mention the least. Started in 1956, Mocambo became that common location where the elites used to return for their steaks and wine. The location has nevertheless stored the appeal of the 70s alive, with the standard crimson lamp sun sunglasses of an American jazz bar and the attendants of their specific turbaned uniform.retro-yet-quite-sophisticated

4. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a sequence of Casual Dining eating places where a set of pals or households can come and revel in Chinese, North Indian, and Italian cuisines at the side of quite a few beverages and fancy cocktails. The Multi-Cuisine menu caters to human beings of various age groups. A good and cozy environment and high-satisfactory meals are what they offer. Whether it’s miles lunch or dinner, Marco Polo serves all of them, and you may get quite a few alternatives, and that too of exceptional taste. The outlet is positioned on Park Street, Kolkatta, and is close to Park Street Post Office.unnamed (1)

5. One step up

This place to dine belongs to Kothari (who is also the author of other Park Street legends, along with Mokambo and Peter Cat) and is the reason for the interest in very satisfying food (although most likely, you will not find long lines.) It is a no-frills eating place, unfold over floors, with a reasonably well-stocked bar – pretty famous with the workplace crowd throughout lunch hours (the carrier is short, and that helps). The menu largely contains the city’s trademark Continental fare – their fowl tetrazzini and fowl sicilliene (complete breast of fowl in a mushroom-encumbered white sauce, crowned with asparagus) are especially famous.inside-one-step-up

6. Bar B Q

Bar-B-Q serves a multicuisine unfold – North Indian and Chinese – in an antique decor with crimson vinyl seats. Managed via Kothari’s (Park Street’s first own circle of relatives of kinds who additionally personal giants together with Mocambo, and Peter Cat), the vicinity is one of the busiest eating places along the devour street. Their Indian unfold is decent. However, maximum customers come for schezwan-fashion Chinese food (strive the schezwan chilli pork, certainly considered one among their bestsellers). The chimney soup (a component that serves four) is fantastic, and the marginally tangy , and highly spiced Kung pao chook loaded with cashew nuts is a must-strive. Pair it with suitable antique fried rice or a few chilli garlic noodles.barb-q-spacial

7. Moti Mahal Deluxe

Moti Mahal Deluxe is an exceptional miniature of a real Royal dines. From its stunning golden tinted decors to its red-hexagonal designs, the whole lot contributes to an elegant ambiance. Located internal Magma house, withinside the equal constructing as Career Launchers! There’s valet parking right here. They commonly have excellent gives on alcohol. They even have a facility to stay for a while! There are some fantastic snacks here, especially the aloo stuffed tandoor! The dal makhani is delicious too! The staff is very courteous and is constantly smiling and pleasant.moti-mahal-delux

8. Pings Café Orient

Ping’s Cafe Orient is an informal eating place located on Park Street, Central Kolkata. The eating place serves plenty of Asian specialties. Pan-Asian cuisine like Dim Sums is well worth a shot. The atmosphere is active and embellished in a modern-day style. The personnel at Ping’s Cafe Orient are amicable and well-mannered that provides to the whole experience.5f04fd13491792768c848bd0092d3bd0

9. The Bridge

A great place in the city center to spend a memorable time with your family! Join a meal next to the dining room, or simply relax outdoors. This espresso store is delightfully cheerful with brightly lit interiors with sun sunglasses of blue slicing via the pristine white. With a few classics and a few signature dishes, they may be one of the delicate modern eating areas withinside the city. ‘Truffle Oil Drizzled Petit Cheese Kulchas’ is a residence favorite with ‘Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto.’ The kulchas are tender, and they may be a splendid pairing with a ‘Non-Vegetarian Kebab Platter’. ‘Risotto with Forest and Field Mushrooms’ is so delicious that you may shine off each grain from the plate. It’s splendid creamy with the earthy notes from a touch of Truffle Oil and the Wild Mushrooms. Their signature dessert ‘Madagascar Chocolate Molten Cake, is luscious.the_bridge_banner

10. Kwality restaurant

Making manner for a hearty meal is Kwality Restaurant in Kolkata. This location is synonymous with delicious meals that may satiate all meals cravings. It is domestic to a number of the maximum favored cuisines, which consist of North Indian, Mughlai, and Continental. One can cater to an enormous range of dinners; it occupies beneficial vicinity at Park Street. You have to certainly order Chicken Sizzler, Dal Makhani, Chicken Bharta, Naan, Prawn Butter Masala, and Tandoori Prawn when eating at this establishment.kwality

11. The Sixth Sense

The area is ideal with a comfortable ambiance. The area has dim lighting fixtures and is correct for partying with friends. You can watch stay IPL along with your meals and drinks. The meals are likewise correct. You must try their Veg Hakka Noodles, and Crispy Chilly Babycorn, which usually may be rated as 4/5. You can quickly locate this restaurant on Park Street.the-sixth-sense

12. Trapeze

Park Street now has another great all-day club for you , and your loved ones to hang out. Spread over two floors with luxurious interiors, bright and elegant ambience and aesthetic décor, Trapeze is ready to welcome you and invite you to dinner. An excellent menu with mouth-watering world cuisine, eclectic cocktails , and light non-alcoholic cocktails – their gourmet dishes will captivate you! The adornment is so beautiful that you will fall in love with it at first sight! In addition, a huge bar with great views, rhythmic music , and an open dining room make the gastropub the perfect place for lunch and dinner. Well, the bright space, greenery, and elegant outdoor seating area deserve a special mention and are the ideal place to enjoy a smoked hookah. Shisha is served upstairs, and family dinners are fully prepared downstairs.restaurant_661959_restaurant920190301081519

13. Aqua

Aqua is a place where you can truly relax and unwind. The atmosphere is very relaxing and dark. This is an excellent place for a romantic date with your loved one or a quiet evening with friends. They charge 100% tax. This is a relatively expensive place, but if you are willing to spend a lot of money, this is the place to relax in the afternoon, by the pool or on a sun lounger indoors. The seats are comfortable, the lighting is perfect; however the staff is not overly cheerful, and the service is relatively slow.aqua-the-poolside-al

14. Someplace Else

Someplace Else is full of performances from the city’s best bars that have dominated Kolkata’s pub culture since its inception. Beautiful surroundings and an exceptional selection of drinks. Go to an English pub in Kolkata. Without a doubt, this is a 5-star hotel with great decor. Great atmosphere and best live music in Kolkata. Even if you want to chat with old friends over a drink, sit in a corner and talk. The restaurant falls in the expensive price range, so keep this in mind.someplace_else_banner

15. Unplugged Courtyard

A de-energized courtyard is a quiet place where you can relax during the day , and turn into an event. The indoor seating area has a dedicated illuminated panel, a unique wall, a dance floor for guests, and a cozy, beautiful restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience. The rooftop seats look great with a bright and vibrant bar area. Soft sofas in the entertainment area are separated by red brick walls and covered with artificial grapevines; one end has been busy for an extended period of time. The interior has a slightly vintage decor. Delicacies of world cuisine are served here. Their menus include Asian, North Indian, Chinese, and Turkish dishes, cocktails, and non-alcoholic cocktails.content12582

16. The Accord

Accord is a dining room open all day at the Corporate Hotel on Royd Street. Here you will find carefully executed interiors and an overall pleasant atmosphere. Food is a combination of everything. Although there is a buffet breakfast, the a la carte breakfast option is more interesting. Plain Chinese food is quite popular and is also a safe à la carte option. Fried rice with a bit of Chili potato is an excellent dish to start with.the-accord-metropolitan

17. Roll it out

There is another incredible place in the City of Joy. With a quirky ambience , and a cool vibe, this place is ready to satisfy the good taste of a fun city. Park Street never ceases to amaze us. The grilled chicken casserole is beautiful , and the filling is delicious, baby corn is Rs. Only 99, and the quantity is just enough for the price. In all, it will be a good experience , and you must visit this place too!AdobeStock_295714376

18. Chowman

A cosy place to stay. The atmosphere is good, and comfortable. The main dishes are above average, but I highly recommend the desserts. The staff is courteous. The quantity and quality are good. We recommend this restaurant for small groups, couples, and individuals. Overall, this is a good restaurant with reasonable prices. Good selection of non-vegetarian options. You will get a variety of chicken, fish, pork, lamb , and duck dishes. Both vegetarian , and non-vegetarian tastes.Chowman_0

19. Eaterniaa

This place is that the best if you are hungry, and sorting out bites, snacks, and combos at low prices. The style of the dishes is excellent here , and never disappoints quality further as amount wise. You must visit this café or else you’re sure as shooting going to miss this hidden (1)

20. Tea Junction

The blended tea is pricey, but the food is delicious and nutritious. All dishes on the menu are delicious, especially the sandwiches. This place is usually packed with people ordering sandwiches. They want a mixture of fun and cheese for their sandwiches. The chicken sandwich area is a great option for non-vegetarians. They overestimated drinks like bubble tea, a drink that consumers love.tea-junction