Top 12 Veg And Non-Veg Dishes In Maratha Samrat, Pune

top 12 veg non veg dishes in maratha samrat pune
top 12 veg non veg dishes in maratha samrat pune
Maratha Samrat

Restaurant is a place where you can buy and eat food. Restaurant is a business that prepares & serves food & drinks to customers. Many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery. There are so many top restaurants in Pune. One of the best restaurants is  Maratha Samrat.

-It is located on Address: Rohan Chambers, Karve Statue Square, Rahul Nagar Road, Near Jalsampatti Bhavan, Kothrud, Pune.

There are so many facilities are Available in Maratha Samrat restaurant like:

Parking facility, Kids Friendly, Home delivery service, Various modes of payment are accepted here, Different cuisines are served at the establishment.

Let us see some menu’s available in Maratha Samrat restaurant:

1. Chicken Curry

Loaded with flavours, this hot Indian chicken curry is one of my most favourite recipes to make when I want to eat something hearty, really delicious, and easy to make.

Chicken Curry

2. Veg Raita

Vegetable Raita is a famous Indian gravy that is yoghurt-based. Made with mixed vegetables and curd, this is a popular side dish for main course meals like Pulao, Biryani etc. Extremely that can also be consumed as a savoury yoghurt snack on the summer-friendly afternoon. This is another-cook, one bowl recipe for a sweet savoury yoghurt saving during summers.

Veg Raita

3. Paneer Pakora

No-cook is a quick evening  pakoras made with paneer and gram flour. There are various types of pakora’s made in India from different vegetables. Mostly we use Besan flour for making pakoras. We can easily cut or slice paneer in various shapes. Paneer pakora serves pakoras chutney or with Chaat masala. It’s so tasty.

Paneer Pakora

4. Pandhra Rassa

It is white coloured with gravy. It is especially of Kolhapur. This mouth-watering recipes special coloured Maharashtrian and is native to Kolhapur. This is mouth-watering with lambdarassa. It is served with brown rice.

Pandhra Rassa

5. Dal Tadka

 Dal Tadka is lambdalar Indians served made with arhar dal or masoor dal. This dal tadka recipe is so much Indian with smoked flavours. In the restaurants it is made with the optional smoking method. Ingredients of dal tadkare, chicken arhar, dal, masoor dal, tomato, onion, green chillies, red chillies, salt & masala.

Dal Tadka

6. Chicken fry

This easy recipe is very spicy, crispy & super good.

Ingredients:- Chicken on bone, garlic paste, curry leaves, ginger paste, pepper powder, green chilli paste, Kashmiri red chilli powder, coriander powder, Thai yoghurt, garam masala powder, soy sauce, Salt to taste, cornflower, Oil for frying, and Chaat masala for sprinkling.

The first food known deep-friend food in Western histories flittered, which were popular in European medieval times. However, among the Europeans, the Scots were the first to fry chicken oil. At that time, they had fried her without any cover. Meanwhile, most of the West Africans were aware of fried chicken.

Chicken fry

7. Solkadhi

Solkadhi is popular in Goa. It is a type of drink. It is usually eaten with rice or sometimes drunk after or along with meals. It is made from coconut milk, Shamsull & kokum. It’s colour is deep purple-pink. It is a very delicious meal.


8. Kheema

It is made with any meat. You can prefer goat meat, chicken, pork or lamb. It is also known as keema or queen Kheema or kheema pav is made with chicken or lamb with ginger, garlic, onion tomatoes & earthy spices.


9. Jeera Rice

It is an Indian dish. It is made from rice &cumin seeds. It is popular in north India. It is easy to prepare. Jeera is the Hindi word for cumin seeds. The ingredients used are rice, cumin seeds, vegetable oil, onions, and coriander leaves. It is a very simple recipe. We can easily make it at home also.

Jeera Rice

10. Shev Bhaji

It is a spicy; gravy recipe with is easily available in roadside dhabas. We can make it also at home. For making Dhaba style shev bhaji just increase the amount of oil, red chilli powder &she bhaji masala. The ingredients used are Shev, onion, tomato, dry coconut, garlic, jeera, dhania powder, turmeric powder, red badge Mirchi, garam masala, coriander leaves, salt  & water. We can eat this recipe with pav or chapati.

Shev Bhaji

11. Egg Biryani

It is one of the easiest, delicious & flavorful biryani. It is prepared in a pressure cooker or a pot. In this recipe, we use boiled eggs. For making egg biryani we use basmati rice. Another kind of rice may take sticky or mushy. In this recipe, we use garam masala or biryani masala.

Egg Biryani

12. Matki Fry

Matkiusal is a very common, healthy Maharashtrian dry curry. It is brown. We can serve this usual with chapati. It’s very healthy. We can use garam masala for making this recipe. It consists of a large amount of protein. It is a heart-healthy food.

Matki Fry