Top 20 Chaat Places In Bangalore

Top 20 Chaat Places In Bangalore

When the hunger alarm rings for a quick binge of lip smacking snacks, you can rightfully rush to these places to grab on to delicious plates of anyone’s all time favourite, Chaats!

Chaat is one such thing that no can resist from giving a nod to! Here is an article to guide you to the top 20 Chaat places in Bangalore.


Gullus Chaats

Gullus Chaats is quite an old place, very famous for its varieties of savouries in chaats. It is a vegetarian food place. The chaats here, mainly, the Masala Puri and PaniPuri are going to keep you lingering onto your spoons & fingers endlessly.The cost here is feasible. It is approximately 250rs/2 people.Other foods available are Rolls, Pasta, Tava Pulao, Twistatos.


2/1, Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West, Seshadripuram, Bangalore


Sri Sairam’s Chats

Sri Sairam’s Chats is one such place which can be called the native city of chaats. It is a vegetarian food place. Here you are offered any kind of chaat you name, from A-Z. To name a few, crazy chaat which personifies its name, student special for all the students out there and even those who want to feel the youth inside them, and many more. The list is sheer endless. The cost is very minimal. It is approximately 100rs/ 2 people. The place is easily approachable.As the variety of chaats is innumerable, no other type of food is going to be noticed, but to give the chilling effect after the spices, you get a variety of juices and milkshakes.


83 2nd temple street, 15th cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore.


Karnataka Bhel House

Karnataka Bhel House is one of the very famous chaat centres in Bangalore. It is a vegetarian food place.The menu is a small one but the quality and quantity is definitely bigger than the biggest. They primarily serve Bhel puri (hence the name!), Masala Puri, Pani Puri, SevPuri, AlooDahiPuri. The cost here is very feasible, which is approximately 100rs/2 people.The place is well located on the main road and hence can be easily driven to!The chaats are going to get your tummy full and you wouldn’t want anything else, yet they offer you with delicious ice-creams with lots of varieties.


6, 2nd main, 3rd cross, Chamrajpet, Basavanagudi, Bangalore.


Nandi Chaats

This chat place serves you with yummylicious chaats that you can never tell a no to. It is a vegetarian food place.The Masala Puri, Pani Puri and Sev Puri will definitely keep bringing you back here.Cost is minimal, which is approximately 150 for 2 people.This food place is located on the main street and easily can be reached to.If you have a sweet tooth, the hot gulab jamuns are a must taste after you have tried your hands on the chaats.


727,7th cross, 10th main,2nd stage, BTM, Bangalore.




Chaatimes is the place where you need to be if your taste buds need some refreshment from the burgers and pizzas. It is a vegetarian food place. They offer a variety of chats with that perfect taste your tongue craves for.The cost is approximately 250rs/2 people which are quite reasonable.They are located in many places which makes it even more convenient to reach them.The highlight of this place is the Jain food they serve in addition to their blingy chaats.


They have 6 locations in Bangalore namely, in, Basavanagudi, malleshwaram,Btm layout, JP nagar, Jayanagar and Koramangala.



Karthik’s Mithai Shoppe

This is a one stop place for relishing the taste of chaats as well as the gleaming sweets out there!The chaats available here do not just look attractive, they personify taste!Cost is approximately 150rs/2 people which are minimal of course.They are located in 4 different places across the city, which says it all.An extra point to their cleanliness.They also serve Samosas, Kachoris and their very famous Mithais. ‘Mithai’ in the Hindi language mean ‘sweet’.


They are located in 4 places, namely, in, Indranagar, Marathalli, Whitefield, Thippasandra.


Anand Sweets And Savouries

This is a place which is definitely going to give you anand(happiness) after grabbing those plates of chats.The immense joy you experience after having those delicious plates of chaats will definitely not leave you regretting your choice of eating here.Cost is approximately 200rs/2people which is feasible.This will take you straight to the streets of Delhi.They also present to you, north Indian cuisine, fast food and delicious desserts.


They are located in 3 different places in the city, namely, in, Jayanagar east, Kodihalli and Sampangirama Nagar.



Suchi Ruchi

This is a place where a huge crowd always throngs for relishing those umpteen amount of varieties out there.The lingering taste left behind on your tongue after munching on those chaats will definitely make you a regular visitor here.Cost is approximately 200rs/2 people.An extra point for the fast service.The Rolls here will cause you to drool over them. In addition they serve you with a variety of Dosas, Chinese cuisine and North Indian cuisine.


92,1st main, 10th cross, temple road, Sampige road, Malleswaram, Bangalore.




This is featured as one of the famous chaat outlets in Bangalore. It is a vegetarian food place.The exotic taste and neat presentation is the highlight here.Cost is approximately 400rs /2 people.Hygiene is given importance.They serve variety of Paranthas, Thalis and different combos from which you can pick your favourite!!


14, 1st floor, vinayaka layout, outer ring road, Whitefield, Bangalore.


Sweet Moments

As the name goes, it will definitely leave some fresh moments for you to ponder on, after those absolutely stunning plates of chaats.It would not be exaggerating if it’s told that, they offer one of the best Paani Puris. Cost is approximately 100rs/2 people.It is located right opposite the bus stop, says it all!!As the name suggests they offer a variety of sweets. They also serve Kachoris and Samosas.


11, near RC church, opposite Kammanahalli bus stop, Kammanahalli, Bangalore.



Pani Puri in North India is called Puchka in East India. The tangy twist in the Puchkas are making heads turn around these days and the always present huge crowd says it all. It is a vegetarian food place.The irresistible Puchkas are offered with 3 types of Pani, namely, sweet spicy and a blend of both which is one of its kind.Cost is approximately 200rs/2people which is reasonable.Quality slays over quantity here.The hot Jalebis are a must try here.They offer Samosas & Kachoris too.


Silver Springs layout, near Spice Garden Restaurant, Marathahalli, Bangalore.


Bansuri Sweets

Bansuri in Hindi language means ‘The flute’. Just the way playing of a flute brings a smile on every person’s face the savouries here will do nothing less than that! It is a vegetarian food place.This chaat outlet offers you the chaats with the modest north Indian touch to it. So if you want to collect back your memories, due north, you can very well head out here!Cost is approximately 250rs/ 2 people which is feasible.The taste factor soars high.They have a variety of foods ranging from Pav Bhajis to Paranthas and Lassi.


They have four locations spread across the city namely, in Basaveshwara nagar, Kormangala, Btm Layout,Vijayanagar.


Shiva’s Chats

This is a pure chaat place which is definitely going to get your tummy full. It is a vegetarian food place.The chaats here, especially the Masala Puri and Sev Puri pose a challenge to many others.Cost here is approximately 100rs/2 people which is definitely affordable.The colourful plates of chats will undoubtedly prove the statement, ‘Don’t underestimate the power of a common man’.As mentioned already, it’s a purely chaat place and you will definitely not want anything else after having them, chaats!


363, 50 feet road, Hanumanth Nagar, Banashankari, Bangalore.



Shubh Sweets

Shub in Hindi language means ‘good/ auspicious’. So after gobbling up those yum plates of scrumptious chaats you day will definitely be ‘shub’. It is a vegetarian food place.The chaats here, especially the GolGappas are a treat to the eyes as well as the tongue.Cost is approximately 400rs/2 people. The taste factor overpowers the cost. An extra point to the clean and neat open kitchen.They also offer you with Parathas and Rice Combos. The Desserts are explicit and a must try.


2623, next to axis bank, 27th main road, sector 1, HSR layout, Bangalore.


Maheshwari Chaat Waala

As the saying goes, simplicity implies the etiquette’s of a person, this chaat place emphasizes this. Though a simple outlook, it offers the best of food and service. It is a vegetarian food place.The chaats served here leads to temptations of having more & even more.Cost is approximately 200rs/2people. Service rendered is commendable.Their Sunday special Chole-Bhature is a must-try.


4, Sunder Mudaliar Street, Ulsoor, Bangalore.


Shree Chaat Point

This is a food place which solely offers chats only. It is a vegetarian food place.The chaats offered here embarks a fresh and unique taste which lingers on forever.Cost is approximately 100rs/2 people.An extra point to both the hygiene maintained and quick service.A total Chaat place, and also a quality imbibing place.


22nd cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore.


Calcutta Famous Chaat

This is a place which offers north Indian cuisine and street food. It is a vegetarian food place.Though a small place, the promising taste overpowers everything else.Cost is approximately 100rs/2 people, definitely minimal.Service is quick.They offer Samosas Parathas too.


649,CMH Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore.


Chintu Chit Chat Centre

The Chaats here embrace you with their unique taste. It is a vegetarian food place.Though the menu is limited, the favours in each of their chaats are indefinite.Cost is approximately 100rs/2 people.A special mention to their CCM-chow chow mix. It is a whole & soul chaat place.


444, near coffee day, 2nd main, kasturi nagar, Bangalore



This place will definitely not leave you regretting those bunches of notes you spent. It is a vegetarian food place.The presentation of food strikes the chord and the taste is bliss.Cost is approximately 500rs/2 people.Cleanliness is a high point.The menu includes Chinese cuisine, north Indian cuisine and a variety of pastas.


207, Green Glen Layout, opposite M.K.Ahmed, Bellandur, Bangalore.


Dilli Chaat Wallah

It is a vegetarian food place.The ambiance radiates everywhere and into you as well.Cost is approximately 950rs/2 people. Though the rates are too high, you will not mind it,as the blend of taste, different colours and ambiance will submerge the thought of those currency notes exiting from your hands,effortlessly.Service rendered is another high point.They offer the entire north Indian cuisine, impeccably.


165, 20th main, 15th cross, 2nd phase, JP nagar, Bangalore.