Top 20 Dishes that you should try in Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad

Top 20 Dishes that you should try in Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad


Manek Chowk is situated in one of the fasting growing metropolitan city of Gujarat named Ahmedabad, which is itself a large and one of the first fastest growing city of Gujarat. The people of Gujarat are fond of every kind of food, whether it is their Gujarati Thali or any other Indian dishes or Mexican and Italian food. Manek Chowk of Ahmedabad is located in the old town of Ahmedabad which is named after the Maneknath baba who helped Ahmed Shah to build the Bhadra Fort.

In the early morning, the Manek Chowk is a vegetable market, while in the afternoon there is jewellery shops market and at night it is the biggest food market in Ahmedabad. You will able to find plenty of food items and also that dishes will have plenty of flavors, so one will face some tough choice while ordering the food over this place. The opening hours of this place is from 6 PM to 1 AM at midnight and the pick period in which the crowd is more are from 8 PM to 11 PM, and during this time it is hard to get your ordered food faster and waiting time increases on the weekends as the crowd also increases gradually till late night. So, it is good to go on working days rather than the weekends if you don’t want to be in crowdy area. Here are some dishes that are delicious that you must try if you ever go to Ahmedabad.

1 Gathiya Jalebi

The morning of the people in Ahmedabad starts with this Gathiya and Jalebi. It is popular in this city and it is said that this is the one dish without which they can’t leave. However, Gathiya is a salty and spicy snack while Jalebi is a sweet. You will be able to find many stalls of Gathiya and Jalebi over the lanes of Ahmedabad till late at night.

Location: Laxmi Gathiya in Manek Chowk is a well-known place for Gathiya and Jalebi


2 Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is the dish of Mumbai but in Manek Chowk, it is served differently. They serve the pav in a unique way by cutting the pav into pieces, then they fry and mix them with oil/butter and some bhaji in it with the red chilli powder. This is called “masala pav,” served with bhaji and the whole taste of the bhaji changes.

Location: Mahalaxmi Pav Bhaji Center


3 Chat

The chat includes Sev Puri and Dahi Puri in which they also provide the variety such as Cheese Sev Puri and Cheese Dahi Puri,  and this makes the taste of the Sev Puri more delicious and cheesy. If you just try the simple Sev puri, you will still be desperate to eat it again.

Location: Anand Bahyabhai Bhel Wala


4 Fafda

Fafda is the morning breakfast along with the Gathiya and Jalebi. Fafda is often eaten with the Jalebi, and they make the best combination. There is not any specific location where you will get the best Fafda as there are many stalls available and they all are the best.


5 Chocolate Sandwich

Shoutout to all chocolate lovers out there. It is one of the unique dishes of the chocolate which is the combination of a sandwich with chocolate and cheese and people are loving it. This is the unique combination and it is not only popular among the youngsters but also adults and senior citizens love this dish. They serve the sandwich with the chocolate syrup inside it, and apart from that they also add fruits inside the sandwich.

Location: Manek Pizza and Sandwich Center


6 Chocolate Dosa

We have seen many types of dosa such as Masala Dosa, Mysore Dosa, Bamboo Dosa, and Spring Dosa but in Manek Chowk there are various different variety of dosa available. The chocolate dosa in which the stuffing is of chocolate and cheese,  in the melted form makes the taste mouthwatering.

Location: Balan Dosa


7 Double Cheese Pizza

Who doesn’t like double cheese pizza, right? Everyone loves it right…! Well, here in Manek chowk the double cheese pizza is super cheesy and cheese lovers are fond of it. You will find different types of pizza also such as Chocolate Pizza; it is also one of the well-known dishes of the Manek Chowk

Location: Manek Pizza and Sandwich Center


8 Ice-Cream Sandwich

One of the unusual dishes is ice-cream sandwich for the ice-cream lovers out there. You can enjoy chocolate and cheese along with the ice-cream, and it is super delicious and yummy.

Location: Manek Pizza and Sandwich Center


9 Kulfi

Kulfi is another desired thing in Manek Chowk, and people eat it after their dinner. You will find various varieties of kulfi such as Rajbhog, Mix Fruit, Orange, Chikoo, Pineapple, and Green Apple and every favor is worth trying.

Location: Ashar Fila Kulfi


10 Methi Na Gota

Methi Na Gota is like Bhajiya which is made from the methi, and other spices are added to it. After this, they are deep-fried, and to enjoy the taste at its best Methi Na Gota should be eaten directly after they are taken out of the pan. They are served with the onion having some spices and the chutney is made by doing the Tadka in it.


11 Gotala Dosa

One of the different types of dosa is Gotala Dosa. The plain dosa is made, and the filling is served in the different plate along with the sambhar, coconut chutney and tomato chutney.

Location: Balan Dosa


12 Tava Ice-Cream

The name itself suggests that the ice-cream is made on the Tava and the variety of flavors that you want are available here. Flavors such as Oreo Ice-Cream, Pista Ice-Cream, Nut and Fruits Ice-cream, Chocolate Ice-cream, KitKat and Cadbury Ice-cream and even you will get Pan Ice-cream here. They make the ice-cream in front of you, and the ingredients are added to it as per your choices. At the serving time, the ice-cream rolls made are garnished by your favorite toppings.

Location: Tava Ice-cream


13 Ghugra Grill Sandwich

This Ghugra Grill Sandwich is the combination of sweetness and spiciness together. Ghugra is a sweet in Gujarat, and the combination of Ghugra and Sandwich is worth tasting as it becomes more delicious and mouthwatering.

Location: Manek Pizza and Sandwich Center


14 Gwalior Dosa

Another variety of the Dosa here which is well-known is Gwalior Dosa. It is same as the regular dosa, but the taste of it double as this dosa is super buttery and this makes the flavor of the dosa priceless.

Location: Balan Dosa


15 Tava Pulao

Tava Pulao is one of the best Pulao you will find here. Along with the Tava Pulao, Dahi is served and if you want to make it spicier then you can use the red chutney in it, but it tastes great without chutney also. You can have it anywhere in the Manek Chowk, they all make the best Tava Pulao.


16 Rajwadi Chas

Every Gujarati is fond of Chas (Buttermilk), and here we have different variety of Chas called Rajwadi Chas which has ingredients such as Green Chili Paste and Some Black Salt along with Coriander which makes the taste even better, and the consistency of the Chas is kept thick.


17 Papdi

You can have Papdi over there which is made up of rice. They fry it and then if you want some Papdi chat, you can add vegetables such as tomatoes and onion along with the chat masala.


18 Uttapam

Not only Dosa but Uttapam is also great out here. Many vegetables are added along which the cheese if you want the one, and red chutney too is added to add some spiciness.

Location: Balan Dosa


19 Open Cheese Dosa

Yes, you heard it right there are varieties of dosa and many of them are a unique one. Open Cheese Dosa is served along with the chutney and sambhar. In this, the dosa having stuffed are kept open, and the cheese is added to it. It tastes so cheesy and yummy.

Location: Balan Dosa


20 Chowmein

You can have Chowmein here which is smoking, spicy, and delicious. There is no specific location out there; you will find many stalls on the roadside which tastes the best.