Top 20 Five Star Hotels In India- Thaare Zameen Par

Top 20 Five Star Hotels In India Thaare Zameen Par
Top 20 Five Star Hotels In India Thaare Zameen Par

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is full of wonders. Millions of travel enthusiasts visit India to see and embrace its splendour. But the hotel is as much important as the tourist place. It must act as a rejuvenating centre, rather than just a room with a bed and bathroom. You must have a good night’s sleep. When you wake up, you must see a beautiful sunrise as you and not the honking cars. Athidhi Devo bhava, right? They must reflect the tradition of looking after the guests like messengers of God. Here are some hotels which stick to the roots of Indian values and yet provide you with all the amenities modern-day demands.

NOTE: These hotels, wherever located, are gems of India. They are all five-star hotels with more or less the same amenities. We chose those branches which are at the prime tourism centres.

1The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Ranked as the most expensive hotel in India, The Taj mahal palace of Mumbai challenges the beauty of the Taj Mahal in Agra. It has been a legendary hotel for a century. It has offered hostage from majesty to today’s ministry personnel. Mumbai is a city where most of the commercial exchanges of India take place. Thus, this hotel serves many tourists who reach Mumbai’s premises.


2The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

People lovingly call it as Grand Dame of Chowringhee, which means the empress of chowringee. Being an empress is not so easy. She has to uphold all the virtues to be an ideal queen. Oberoi hotels never fail to impress us with their etiquette, just how the queen of chowringhee must be.


3ITC Grand Chola, Chennai

Wondering why it is named Chola? This hotel drew inspiration from one of the most powerful dynasties, the Cholan dynasty. Its splendid architecture resembles the architectural style of the Cholan dynasty. Can you believe that the third-largest hotel in India cares so much about the environment? Well yes. It has been certified by LEED that it is eco-friendly. This hotel also serves mouth-watering dishes which one would remember for a lifetime.


4The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi

Do you wish to live an imperial life for a few days of your lifetime? It is possible with The Imperial Grand hotel. Just as its name suggests, it is always there to offer an elegant lifestyle to the hostages. Many hotels in India were not able to match the royalty and hospitality of the imperial grand. Once you taste their cuisines, you will surely be reluctant to leave the hotel.


5The Leela Palace, Bengaluru

Bengaluru is a hi-tech city and is a destination for many job-seeking, talented youth. Being a hi-tech city, it never failed to maintain the eco-balance. This hotel is a crest jewel among the jewels which adorn the crown of Bangalore’s serenity. This hotel has modern elements with traditional values included in them.  Its Maharaja suite has 24-hour catering services. There, one can access many amazing savouries at any time, right in your room.


6Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur

Umaid Bhavan has a fascinating history behind it. When Jodhpur was famished, the Maharaja built this palace. This palace gave them both employment and shelter. Thus, it was named ‘Umaid’, which means Hope and expectation.  He demanded the architect design the world’s largest luxury private residence. And the result is what we can see in Jodhpur. In later years, with necessary modification, they turned it into a hotel. If you are visiting this palace, you may even get lost in this maze, or you may get lost in giving laurels to its splendid architecture.umaid

7Radisson Blu Plaza, Mysore

Visiting Mysore this vacation? Then Radisson Blu Plaza is the best choice. It edges other hotels due to its geographical location. It is at the heart of the city. The lush greenery of Chamundi hills surrounds the hotel. You can have a cup of coffee at the window gazing at the gigantic golf house. And how can I describe the food! They give a welcome treat with sweet delights and chocolates. You can have the delicious mouth-watering food right in your room at any time round the clock. They supply wine complimentarily.radisson

8Novotel, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is an industrial city, and many people visit there for meeting and business purposes. The Novotel is a perfect choice for them to lodge. It has a high-class hotel with all the modern amenities available. It is just a few minutes away from the airport and is easily accessible. If you are visiting here anytime, make sure that you taste all the yummy dishes from Indian, Chinese and continental cuisines!novotel

9Turyaa, Chennai

Chennai is one of the ideal places to start a business in India. Many business officials from various countries come here to manage and discuss their future business plans. It also has currency exchange services for foreigners! It is the perfect place to visit for those who wish to have a hassle-free experience.turyaa

10Sofitel, Mumbai

Sofitel is at the heart of commercial exchanges in India. This hotel has french architecture. They have a spa where you can relax after a tiresome journey. It has a classy meeting hall which enables you to create a pleasant atmosphere in the meetings and give a peaceful presentation. It serves delectable dishes that can give you an energy boost for your plan for the next day.sofitel

11The Gateway Hotel MG Road, Vijayawada

This hotel intends to meet the amenities one expects from a five-star hotel. They keep upgrading their services from time to time which enables you to have a world-class experience. This hotel serves the tastiest food from many local and international cuisines.


12Eros Hotel, Delhi

Eros Hotel is a magnificent place to visit for any purpose, for an important meeting or a fun vacation. It is at the heart of India’s capital, where most of the trade takes place. Many tourist places are nearby that saves your time and energy to reach the spot. It serves dishes from Punjabi cuisine, Indian cuisines, Chinese cuisines. It also has a coffee bar and has a private alcohol bar.


13The Ananta, Udaipur

Do you and your family need a perfect vacation? Then Ananta Hotel is the right choice. Being surrounded by Aravalli hills, it has a jaw-dropping serenity and tranquillity. Here luxury knows no bounds. Once you visit this, you will feel like living in it forever. It has an open-air dining area! Just imagine. Having mouth-watering dishes with your family, the cool breeze striking you every few minutes, the joy, the tranquillity. It is such a wonderful experience! There is a special kid’s room that keeps them engaged.


14Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Hotel with a legendary history. It is the closest hotel to the Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus and rivals other hotels due to its marvellous view of the Marine Drive (Queen’s necklace). Mumbai is a metropolitan city and is vibrant round the clock. No matter how much you see it, there is still more to explore. For enthusiastic explorers, Nariman is a great place to lodge.trident

15The Park, Chennai

The Park is a hotel with one of the most jaw-dropping architecture. True to its tagline, “Anything but ordinary”, It has 24-hour assistance, modern amenities and choosy polished furniture. We can have a cosy and comfortable stay there. We can dine there in many ways. We can choose to have a fun party at the poolside. We can have a professional dinner. We can even have an intimate dinner in the harem.park

16The Lalit, New Delhi

The Lalith Hotel is one of the most hospitable hotels in India. It treats its guests with utmost humility. The hotels even respect the specially-abled people and made some changes that make their stay more comfortable. Its elegant interiors complement choosy furniture that makes you experience boundless luxury. This hotel serves many traditional foods of India and many more dishes from all over the world. You will have a premium dining experience.lalit

17Hilton, Jaipur

Hilton is a hotel that offers world-class luxury. It can accommodate up to 700 guests at a time which makes it a perfect venue for celebrations. There, you can have any recipe of any cuisine in the world. It also has a bar with a collection of the world’s classy drinks.


18The Grand Dragon, Ladakh

Can you expect a cosy stay in the place which records the lowest temperature in India? No right! That is why this hotel is beyond expectations. The Grand Dragon Hotel, located in Ladakh, gives you a warm stay amidst the cold weather outside. It is enchantingly eco-friendly since it uses solar energy to meet most of its electricity needs. Though it is a hilly area, it doesn’t fail to provide you with WIFI. It serves its guests daily with mind-blowing dishes from cuisines around the world.


19Fragrant Nature, Munnar

Munnar is the dream destination for many nature lovers around the world. When you visit the hilltop, you will experience the joy of being above the clouds. It is also a lovely place for a trek. Yet, as I said before, a hotel is as much important as a tourist place. It must be able to boost your energy for another adventurous day. Fragrant Nature is one of such hotels which offers you a wonderful stay. Starting with appetizers to the main course dishes, it brings many mind-blowing recipes into your plate that make your day after a tiring trek.


20The Accord Metropolitan, Chennai

Chennai is a metropolitan city and is one of the trading capitals of India. The Accord suites the requirements of a five-star hotel in a cosmopolitan city. Its splendid interiors and cosy rooms act as a tranquillizer to your daily routine. It fills your table with flavoursome dishes from cuisines around the globe.