Top 20 Health Benefits Of Honey And Cucumber

Top 20 Health Benefits of Honey and Cucumber

Honey and Cucumber are among the most common items which one would find in any household kitchen but does one know the zillions of benefits which these two provide, besides their usual use/need in kitchen.  So let’s get started into the world of health and beauty benefits which these two provide.

1. Cucumber

Well, did anyone really know that there is a secret behind this green beauty which is usually found in our mother’s kitchen? Yes you heard it right this green beauty here is actually ” a fruit and not a vegetable. “ Well isn’t it surprising to hear, Cucumber which is usually preferred  during a  sunny day or  as a filling in our sandwiches or during a dull day when we are really tired of our usual routine and want to relax this beauty is to our rescue, two slices of it on our eyes and we are recharged for the entire new day  but did one  know that besides this usual stuff there is some really interesting facts or tips which would make this  one are all time favorite.


1 Khira / Kheer/ kakdi as it is called by various names are rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, silicon which are supplied as Skin friendly. The two elements which it is majorly composed of are Water and fiber thus resulting in healthy digestion. It also mostly contains vitamins which ease out anxiety and stress effects. Due to its cooling effect, it treats heat in and out of the body. It also flushes out toxins present in our system.


2 It has certain properties which make it even more magical such as antioxidant, anti –inflammatory, polyphenols and what not. Flavonol which is present in it, being an anti-inflammatory compound is responsible for maintaining the brain health. Lignan one of the polyphenols is responsible for reducing risk related to certain types of cancers such as breast, uterine, ovarian and prostate cancer. It also protects the brain in terms related to protecting memory and also the nerve cells from age-related issues.

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3 Very effective in weight loss especially consuming the juice of it during hot summer. Having the juice often is good for rheumatic conditions. It also helps in curing gout and eczema. Good for our muscles to as it keeps the connective tissue healthy.


4 Besides Keeping our body hydrated, it maintains the shape of our kidneys. Also good for digestion, controls blood pressure and diabetes mellitus (good for diabetics). Reduces cholesterol and unwanted inflammation.

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5 Low in calories and High in fiber is the secret mantra of it. Helpful for swollen eyes and dermatitis. Soothes muscle and joint paint. It refreshes the mouth thus making it smell good.

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6 Related to beauty benefits, good for skin as it has silica and antioxidants which make the skin clear, rejuvenates, reduces dark circles, fights cellulite, reduces wrinkled blemishes under eye, puffiness of the eye etc. Cucumber on face especially soothes the skin, reduces irritation and swelling, and revives the eye as it contains Vitamin C. Hair and nails are made stronger and shiner reduces hair fall and gives shinny hair.

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7 Health related benefits are maintaining electrolyte balance, relieves constipation, great for dental health, aids digestion etc. Strengthens bone and also maintains a healthy weight.

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8 It has become one of the most important/common detox ingredient as it gives beautiful results of weight loss towards the end, whether it be having it in form of a detox drink or in the form of a healthy sandwich for breakfast or as snacks this beauty is a must including thing in our diet. Having plain slices of it is even is even better. Helps in weight loss, cuts cancer risk, reduces cholesterol, healthier bones, managing stress, and the list goes on.

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9 Also used in our daily life works whether it is as a face pack/mask or in form of juice or for longer use in the form of pickle.

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10 Home care remedy- For foggy mirrors a slice of cucumber is just what you need.


2. Honey

Well this golden beauty is known to everyone since their ancestral times, best used alternative sweetening agent is what makes this one here the most preferred item in our daily routine of life. The natural/raw honey especially has enormous significance’s which makes this one into the list of hibernation diet. It is usually used as an alternative in many situations either as an Energy drink, or in our usual breakfast, or as our home based remedy to treat minor health issues etc. There are usually various types of it. In early times before any performance, professional singers use to have it to soothe their throats. Also before our daily workout a spoon of honey would be a great blessing for that extra mile of stone.


1 Raw honey usually contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes. It’s called as a cleansing tonic. The unprocessed honey provides various help in treating skin infections, wound healing, boost our energy, blood sugar regulation, and boost memory and what not. It acts as a prebiotic support and also helps in detoxification.

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2 Antibacterial, Anti fungal, Antioxidant properties are present in it. The Carbohydrates usually offer strength and energy, while the fructose boosts the energy up. It’s really good for weight loss. Antiseptic properties which acts as a natural cure, prevents the growth of certain type of bacteria thus keeping our wounds clean and free from infection (externally) also helps in reducing swelling and pain. It also acts as a Cholesterol fighter.

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3 It makes the brain function optimally by providing strength to the heart and also avoids infection related to urinary tract due to its antibacterial property. Enhances cholinergic system associated with brain and its circulation thus avoiding dementia. Reduces disorders related to ulcer and gastrointestinal type. Flavonoids, antioxidant helps in preventing Cancer and Heart disease. Due to its properties especially antioxidant and antibacterial it improves our digestive system, makes us stay healthy and also fight against various diseases.


4 Maintains and balances the basic elements of body, also as a brain booster due to its natural antioxidant and therapeutic property. Curing urinary tract disorders, bronchial asthma, diarrhea, and nausea. Dextromethorphan is what helps in soothing cough and related sleeping difficulties. Improves Diabetes, reduces allergy symptoms also acts as a Carcinogen (Anti – Cancer).

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5 Best Energy Drink out of all when one feels really low and lethargic. Most importantly for kids due to the level of stress and various activities conducted during school time the honey is a must for them as also it prevents fatigue due to natural sugar present in it. Gentle Exfoliate and helps in cold relief too.

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6 Effective for Sunburn treatment, also for eye protection and improving eye sight. Also for hangovers, acts as a Self Detox. Really helps in improving performance of athletes as it reduces muscle fatigue, also whether it be yeast based infection or arthritis pain honey has a solution for it.

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7 There are also enormous beauty benefits related to honey such as ideal addition to body based moisturizers, shampoo and conditioners, improves dandruff and itchy scalp, as a hair mask, Creates a glow as it extremely moisturizing and soothing, Acne cure, Pore cleanser, hair highlighter etc.

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8 Deals with major issues also which the female youth complaint about the most like Pimples, unwanted facial hair, shiny and silky hair, protect skin from damage and sunburn, In winters especially dealing with dry lip skin thus making it brighter.

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9 Best source for home based remedy  which is been passed on from generation after generation like honey + vinegar acts a detox, honey +cinnamon are ideal for hair loss and bad breath, honey +milk for good health and digestion, the most common being honey+ lemon for weight loss and so on. It treats cuts and burns too.

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10 Best alternative for a healthier and rich English breakfast, if you are a person who wants such healthy and nutritious item to be added in your breakfast then do add honey in your daily schedule and see the results. For longer run it’s used as jams beside an alternative sweetening agent, energy drink and what not.

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