Top 20 Hidden CaféS In Coimbatore

yop 20 hidden cafes in coimbatore

1. Street Nosh

Street Nosh – A small place but packed with vibrant and tasty food. It is the best café to try various street style Frankie and wraps in vadavalli. A calm, hidden and pleasant ambiance to enjoy food with friends. It serves more than expected quantity.

Overall rating found on Google sites: 4.9/5

1. Street Nosh 1

2. Torvaa

Torvaa – A café with good and excellent ambiance. Lovely and dark-themed café it is. This café provides yummy and great food. It is entirely non-alcoholic. It appears to be hid in RS Puram. It is couple friendly.

Overall ratings on google sites: 5/5

2. Torvaa 1

3. Rolling Dough Café

Rolling Dough – A café with a location where one can enjoy the traffic from its balcony. It is mostly crowded. The quality and quantity of food are perfect. Its ambiance is very aesthetic. The menu appears to be a bit costly. Tender coconut mousse is the most favorite there.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.2/5

3. Rolling Dough Café 1

4. Hideout

Hideout – A café that is highly recommended for couples. Is appears to be hidden both outside and inside as it has cabinets. Food appears reasonable cost-wise and best quality-wise. The ambiance is perfect. The service is quick.

Overall ratings on google sites : 4.2/5

4. Hideout 1

5. Bellyful Café

Bellyful Café – A café with lot of awesome food in the menu. It is one of the best late night cafés. It has the ambiance suitable for friends and family get-together. It is considered reasonable to celebrate parties with minimum of people. It serves best via quantity, quality and service.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.1/5

5. Bellyful Café 1

6. Beatles

Beatles – A café that’s opposite to prozone mall. The seating would be a bit of a bother but food wise amazing. Pricing would be average. The quantity is ok not too reasonable in comparison with the other cafés.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.3/5

6. Beatles 1

7. High For This

High For This – A café with ambiance that suits best for couples. They encourage parties to be celebrated. The cost of pricing would be bit costly. The have ‘insta -H’ which charges 90rs for a photo. Best quality food. The service is quite not up to the range.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.4/5

7. High for This 1

8. High On Coffee

High On Coffee – A café with great food and ambiance. It serves top-quality beverages. The service seems to be great. It requires heavy patience as they take a lot of time to prepare even if it is the lowest order. But taste wise its reasonable.

Overall ratings on google sites: 3.6/5

8. High on Coffee 1

9. Hifive Café

Hifive Café – A café is always the best as it suits the location. There is an outdoor seating and a little garden. The indoor seating is pleasantly air conditioned. They are claimed to be India’s first container café. The quality and quantity of food are excellent. They provide an exhaustive menu with lot of options.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.4/5

9. Hifive café 1

10. Cups Café

Cups Café – A café that is best for snacks and coffee. It has one of the simple and best ambiances. It’s a best café for a chill out with friends. The place is aesthetic. The price, quality and quantity feels apt.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.9/5

10. Cups café 1

11. Blackmode Café

Blackmode Café – A café with best food and its own vibe. Service appears to be pleasant and kind. The inferior is cozy. Highly recommended for friends. The taste, quality and quantity wise food seems to be best.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.7/5

11. Blackmode café 1

12. The Hub

The Hub – A café that is calm and away from distractions. Each table is set beautifully with music playing in the background. It sets a relaxing ambiance. The food is fantastic. It provides a private area for celebrations. A reasonable hospitality is maintained.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.6/5

12. The Hub 1

13. Magical Beans Café

Magical Beans Café – A café that is located exactly inside decathlon. The environment appears pleasant and clean. The food quality and taste are reasonable. It is a small place but has a good atmosphere.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.3/5

13. Magical Beans café 1

14. Blasuz Maggie Café

Blasuz Maggie Café – A café with the best hospitality. The atmosphere is simple and great. The food needs to be taking a little more time for preparation. But it is worth as they seem to be affordable and tasteful. The lighting is very reasonable and soothes our emotions.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.5/5

14. Blasuz Maggie caf1é 1

15. Eat Alley Café

Eat Alley Café – A fine place to have chat! They provide excellent chemical-free ice creams. The staff are courteous and listen to your preferences. A bit expensive but worth for money. A reasonable choice to give a try for Italian foods. They also prepare custom food as per requirement. The customer service is great.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.2/5

15. Eat Alley café 1

16. Dudes Café 

Dudes Café  – A reasonable café to sit out and loved it, as pets were allowed too. Outdoor seating area as well as indoor seating is available. The service is a but low but every item they served were delightful. It is situated in the foothills of siruvani. Its a reasonable place to spend during night time. The outdoor seating is very pleasant and perfectly lighted.

Overall ratings on google sites: 3.7/5

16. Dudes Café

17. Food Bar

Food Bar – A café with amazing food. A place that doesn’t look good on the outside but good from inside. The service is great and excellent food is provided. The quantity they serve is really value for money and the steak was delightful. Being located on the inside it is to be a quiet and less crowded place. The ambiance is somber and quiet. A little costly but very reasonable in taste.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.1/5

17. Food Bar

18. Café The Halt

Café the Halt – A café with great ambiance and reasonable for photos. The food appears to be excellent. It is one best places to hang out with friends. The menu seems to be good and worth for the cost. Quality-wise reasonable too.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.5/5

18. Café the Halt

19. Namma Café

Namma Café – A café that is kids friendly, it appears better to have a meal on the spot with a group of people. This is simple, small and best. It is overall the best as it is. The quality and the quantity of food are excellent.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.9/5

19. Namma Café

20. Café Totaram

Café Totaram – A café that is very small and cozy. They provide a decent menu. The presentation of food appears to be unique. The ambiance is excellent and the taste the of food is mouth-watering . They provide reasonable quantities and little high price rates.

Overall ratings on google sites: 4.1/5.

20. Café Totaram