Top 20 Late Night Food Joints/Restaurants In Hyderabad

Top 20 Late Night Food Restaurants in Hyderabad

When sleep eludes you and hunger strikes, it’s the worst feeling ever. Thankfully the city of Hyderabad is blessed with some late night food joints that serve the best, delicious late night snacks and food that will just blow your mind.

1. RamkiBandi

Ramkibandi is undoubtedly the most popular dosa centre in Hyderabad. As soon as the clock hits 3:00am, and the hunger starts messing with your mind, pay a visit to Ram Ki Bandi and you won’t be disappointed. Paneer dosa, cheese dosa, masala dosa, upma dosa, rawa dosa, paneer cheese dosa and a huge variety of crispy dosa’s are available. It just shows how South Indian snacks can provide a tasty and healthy snack for food lovers.

Timings: 2:30am to 8am, Nampally

Cost for Two: Rs 150


2 Nimrah Café And Bakery

Located near Charminar, this place opens early in the morning, and you can see people sipping on Hot Irani chai and munching Osmania biscuits. While enjoying the heavenly tea-biscuit combination, you can also admire the beauty of the city at peace.

Timings: 4am to 11pm

Cost for Two: Rs 100


3 Laxman Ki bandi

An ideal place for all the early birds out there. The stall opens at 6:30 am and serves idlies and dosas. Delicious, crispy dosas along with hot sambar and coconut chutney, followed by a cup of tea, kicks off your day in style. If you crave South Indian food for breakfast, then this is a great place to be.

Cost for Two: Rs 100

Location: Begum Bazaar


4 DLF Street Food

Located near Gachibowli, this 24×7 snack house serves  a variety of maggi’s like cheese maggi, egg maggi, butter maggi, egg maggi and also omelette, burji, shawarma, badam milk and a few more snacks. An idea place for the vampires out there who seek for late night food to satisfy their inner cravings.

Cost for Two: Rs 100

Timing: 24×7


5 Cream Stone Concepts

This ice cream joint is spread across the city and is open till late night. With world class ice creams at your service, it’s one of the perfect places for a late night dessert.Walk-in with your friends and treat yourself with a wide variety of ice creams and desserts.
Cost for Two: Rs 350

Timing: 10am to 11pm

Location: Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Himayath Nagar, As raonagaretc


6. Express Meals

If you are craving for a proper meal and aren’t interested for snacks and quick bites then express meals is a good option. Located near Banjara Hills, they are open till 2:30am and serve hot, spicy and mouth-watering food. One can also request for a home delivery. Chinese and North Indian cuisines being there speciality, and dishes like chicken shawarma, biryani, fried rice, tikka masala being some of the foods that customers frequently order.

Cost for two: Rs 500

Timing: 10am to 2:30am


7.  Hotel Shadab

Situated in the busy and crowded streets of Charminar Hotel Shadab will surely test your patience as it’s so popular that getting a seat in this Hotel is an arduous task itself! It’s well known for its traditional, authentic Hyderabad Dum Biryani. Hotel Shadab is  specially suggested a biryani lover! Open from 5 am to 2  am at night, this place is perfect for the late night biryani cravings.

Cost for Two: Rs 850

Location: Ghansi Bazaar, near Charminar


8 Yummy Dogs

Low on cash and looking for a snack? Don’t worry! There is this place near Hi-tech city, which serves some of the best quick bites and snacks at a pretty reasonable price. With the service being almost 24×7, (10  am to 6  am), you can always pay a visit to this place for a Hot dog or a burger.

Cost for two: Rs 250

Timing: 10am to 6am


9 Café Abbott

A perfect place to chill with your friends at late night, and at the same time enjoy sandwiches, rice, noodles, smoothies, or simply a warm coffee. Located near Jubilee Hills, you can see a lot of  people enjoying their beverage in a nice and cosy shack.

Cost for Two: Rs 850

Timing: 11 am to 3 am


10 Mustang

This late-night bar is an incredible place to boost up your mood and enjoy a drink or two with friends.  Hotel Green Park’s Mustang is in Begumpet. One of the many places in Hyderabad to enjoy a glass of wine, or whisky on the rocks with colleagues and friends along with good music and snacks. You can still visit this place even if you are in no mood for drink, as they serve delicious and delectable food.

Cost for Two: Rs 1800

Timing: 11am to 8am


11 The Dining Room Park Hyatt

This late-night bar and lounge is open 24×7 and is one of the perfect places for a late night party and celebration. Their  ambiance and décor is just splendid, and the music is incredible. You can spend the hours chilling at this luxurious and extravagant lounge with a drink without being bothered about the closing time.

Location: Banjara Hills

Cost For Two: Rs 2000


12. Gafoorbhai Shawarma

Hot, grilled Shawarma with tender and juicy chicken and creamy mayonnaise that caused a flavour explosion in your mouth with every bite you take. This late night stall is open till 5  am and sure as serves one of the best Shawarmas in town. The  ambiance, however, might not be impressive, but if you don’t mind eating at a cabin, at the corner of a street then you’ll surely love this place.

Location: Banjara Hills

Cost for Two: Rs 150


13 News Café

Located in Banjara Hills News café is another place that’s ideal for a late night party, a get together, or simply to chill. With live bands and performances  you can see a lot of local crowd gathered on weekends and occasions.  With a beautiful view outside, and late night food availed to the customers, it’s another option of late night food mongers who wouldn’t mind a drink or two.

Cost for two: Rs. 1000

Timing: 12noon to 8am


14 Alhamdulillah Hotel

Known for their fabulous Biryani and other Hyderabadi dishes, Alhamdulillah Hotel is yet another late-night food joint.Seek kebab, beef biryani, boti kebab, talawaGosht, chicken b iryani, Hyderabadi biryani, mutton biryani being some of the famous dishes. Located at Nampally, you can have a blast with sumptuous biryani with salan. Tala huaGhosth is another recommended item that a non-veg lover must try.

Cost for Two: Rs 350

Timing: 9am to 4am


15 Hotel Rumaan

Located near the busy streets of Charminar, Hotel Rumaan is famous for spicy and mouth-watering Hyderabadi food and biryanis which are available from 5 am to 2 am. A pocket-friendly food joint that’s known to serve different types of meats! Food wise this place is astonishing, and  ambiance might not be the primary attraction. But a food lover will surely be blown out of his mind with the quantity and taste of the food at such prices.

Cost for Two: Rs 250-300

Timing: 5am to 2am


16 Testa Rossa

A café that serves, seesha, coffee, snacks, chat, nachos, cheese cake, you name it! A very popular place for late night food lovers that has a lovely ambiance, and great food. Open from 8 am to 2 am,it has a rooftop area and an outdoor seating are so you can enjoy your drink/food in fresh air. The feel that this restaurant maintains is remarkable and will surely freshen you up with its variety of coffees.

Cost for Two: Rs 800

Timing: 8am to 2am


17 The Chocolate Room

The chocolate room has several outlets in Hyderabad, but the one near Hitech city is open all night, from 9 am to 7 am, almost 24  hours. Fondue, pizzas, burgers and a lot of other bakery items are served and can be enjoyed even at late hours. The desserts are the highlight of this place, as you can already guess from its name. Ecstasy sundae, sizzling brownie, Mt. brownie, chocolate lava are some of the highly recommended items.

Cost for Two: Rs 400

Timing: 9am to 7am


18. Aqua The Park

Aqua the Park has a lovely and romantic  ambiance with quixotic music and good food. Open from 12 noon to 3  am; it’s an ideal spot to take your loved ones for a date. You can’t go wrong with such beautiful ambiance and music, Can you? The food is also nice, and the service is courteous and prompt. Would suggest this place if you want to enjoy a romantic evening with your significant other.

Cost for Two: Rs 2500

Location: Somajiguda

aquathe park

19. The Square – Novotel Hyderabad Airport

Close to the Airport, Novotel is an exotic  place for tourist and foreigners to chill with a drink and hangout around. Being one of the most popular 5 star hotels in Hyderabad, you can spend an entire evening in luxury with friends or family. They are open 24×7. The food is splendid in taste with the right blend of spices and masalas, and the  ambiance is just brilliant. They serve awesome biryanis, and the cuisines include North India, Italian and Continental. They also have one of the finest staffs and service in Hyderabad.

Cost for Two: Rs 2200

Timing: 24*7


20 Over The Moon

Known for its nightlife, its open-air  ambiance, music and food, Over the Moon is one of Hyderabad’s quintessential spots. With breath-taking view of the Hi-tech city, this microbrewery is surely the party place of Hyderabad! Be sure to get your dancing shoes if you have decided to pay a visit!

Location: Hotel Daspalla, Jubilee Hills

Cost for Two: ₹2,500