Top 20 Dessert Places To Know In Vidisha For An After-Happy Meal

What could be more enthralling than a dessert after a meal? You should eat sweets to increase dopamine in your body, which is a happy hormone. So every time you eat something sweet, you feel euphoric or happy. Eating a dessert after every meal is also good for your health. So complete your taste with the top 20 mouthwatering dessert places in VIDISHA for an after-happy meal.

1.  Gopal Sweets

It is the oldest shop in the town. The oldest yet, the most variety and quality sweets are available here. From the richness of Bengali sweets to Sindhi mithai, all at one stop. There are a variety of sweets available here. Sweet curd (lassi) is also available here and tastes good. The famous ones are Kaju katli and barfi.

2. Rajasthan Sweets

What’s better than having a delicious taste of Rajasthan in your hometown Rajasthan sweets are known for their taste of Rajasthan in Madhya Pradesh. They are famous for GHEWAR, SWEET SAMOSA, and delicate MYSORE PAK. It’s a must-see place to visit for a delicious variety of desserts. The handi lassi and Kadai doodh are best for a mediocre dessert craving.

3. Waffles World

What can keep the youth engaging in the dessert corner? The waffles! The taste of Belgium is now here. The waffles world delivers fresh, tasty, and hygienic waffles to its customers. From white chocolate Belgian waffles to brownies, it serves a large variety. Classic crispy waffle and melted Belgian dark chocolate topped with a brownie for brownie lovers! It also has healthy yet tasty Nutella waffles on its menu.

4. Mug-Bug

What could be more delightful than shakes, which can feed your sweet cravings and can also make you feel relaxed in the hot setting sun? Mug-bug is the perfect place to dine in during such times. Mug bug has almost a 100’s variety of drinks, including fudges, shakes, moose and mojito, etc. The ambiance of the place is also dynamic. The slow music makes your evening even better. It also has a wide variety of brownies, cakes, and donuts.

5. Krishna Sweets

It is a perfect place to dine with the family. Krishna sweets have been known for their exclusive taste in sweets ranging from desi gulab jamun to shahi moong halwa. Its taste is its core merit. It is situated on a highway and almost serves a good atmosphere.

6. Shanti Sweets

Shanti sweets is one of the oldest sweets shops in Vidisha. The environment is friendly and filled with cheerful faces. It has various sweets from rasgulla, Indrani, and Kaju katli.

7. Balaji Sweets

It is among the top Sweets shops in Baraipura Vidisha. Customer satisfaction is its primary aim. It serves a large variety of mouthwatering desserts for any cravings. It has a clean, hygienic and supportive staff and environment. If you want a large plate to choose from, visit here!

8. Brij Sweets And Lassi

It is the best place to have lassi in Vidisha. It’s very famous among travelers and visitors. Cakes, sweets, chocolates, and cold drinks are rich in taste here. It is a renowned ancient shop in Nikasha, main market road vidisha. The lassi is served cold with thick curd and thick malai on the top with the flavor of kewra and rose water.

9. Manoher Sweets

It is another outlet for dessert in vidisha. The most famous dish here is IMARTI, which is so juicy and delicious. It is best served hot during winters, but its taste can be fanaticized in summers too.

10. Motishree Sweets

All the ladoo lovers, alert here! Motishree provides a wider variety of ladoo ranging from motichoor, boondi, besan, to dry fruits ladoo. It serves fresh, impeccable, and soft sweets throughout the year. Its famous winter dessert is shudh ghee ladoo to keep the body warm.

11. Rajwadee Sweets

Want to experience the taste of Rajwada? Visit the Rajwadi sweets. It plates a range of Marwari sweets from soan papdi, kesar rajwadi peda, badam-katli etc.

12. Nema Sweets

It serves a large variety of mouthwatering desserts for any cravings. It has a clean, hygienic and supportive staff and environment. Sweet ranging from peda, to barfi till all Bengali sweets.

13. Raj Sweets

There are a variety of sweets available here. It is yet another corner for dessert lovers. The typical sweets, and cakes are available.

14. Kavya’s Cakery

Do you want cakes for Birthdays, anniversaries, or feel a random urge to eat cake? Kavya’s Cakery is a perfect match. It has a wide variety of cakes, from essential white cream to chocolate truffle. It provides a good taste of cute pancakes and cupcakes. They also serve the famous pinnacle cake and also take pre-orders for customised cakes and fudges.

15. Ramji Mithaiwala

This restaurant is a recommendation for the vegetarian cuisine offered. Guests will have a pleasant experience with the professional service at Ramji Mithaiwala. Their Rasmalai is so good & gupchup is very tasty.

16. JMD Bakers

Jai mata di bakers are new in the town and serve a combination of fresh homemade cakes, sweets, and smoothies.

17. HOT

House of Taste is yet another place for a good dessert. It serves regular seasonal sweets, ice creams, and fudges.

18. Creams N Cones

When you want to have a large variety of ice creams, place your foot at creams n cones. It has over 50+ sorts of different flavors of ice creams served in cups,cones, or chocolate cones. Its best is the hot chocolate brownie.

19. Fine Dine

Fine dine is the best family get-together place for having fresh and enriching desserts.

20. Pet Pooja

It is a mediocre dessert place. It has regular desserts, sweets, and ice cream with different numbers of flavors.