Top 20 Must Try Dishes At Mohammed Ali Road, Mumbai

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Mumbai’s Mohammed Ali Road, with its street market flourishing at its best during the holy month of Ramadan, is famous for its exceptional food and sweets. A myriad of food stalls are in operation and each year serve hundreds of delicious meat dishes, Biryani and an incredible variety of desserts on this small street. This market which started decades ago with only a handful of stalls dotting the outskirts of Minara Masjid is now a popular tourist attraction. During Ramadan, it attracts huge crowds, all eager to feast on delicacies. Regardless of religion, caste, or creed, this huge, vibrant market embraces everyone with its offerings.

Top 20 Must Try Dishes At Mohammed Ali Road Mumbai

1. Gosh Khichda

Khichda can be explained as a mixture of rice, pulses, spices and meat combined. This dish originates from the Bohri cuisine. It is another version of Halim which is cooked till the meat blends with the lentils. This dish is very rich in protein and carbohydrates and thus it is said to have helped several famine-affected people.

Gosh Khichda

2. Surti Barah Handi

Surti Bara Handi is made by using parts of goat meat which are slowly cooked for 12 hours on 12 different types of pots known as handis. It highlights the tradition of slow cooking which enhances the taste of the meat. These dishes are of Bohri origin. The mixture of meat cuts and wheat is slowly cooked for 8 hours.

Surti Barah Handi

3. Mutton Khiri Kebab

These kebabs are found at many stalls on Mohammed Ali road and are sold at rises as little as rupees 30. Khiri meat is the meat that is made from the goat udder or the mammary gland. It has a unique chewy texture which makes it a people’s favorite.

Mutton Khiri Kebab

4. Nalli Nihari

The word nihari means slow-cooked mutton. This means that the dictionary nihari is a combination of meat, spices and served in the form of gravy with naan or rice. This is best enjoyed with rumali roti.

Nalli Nihari

5. Mutton Kheema Pav

The word keema means mini store ground meat is typically served with mutton meat. The minced mutton is cooked with tomatoes onions, ginger garlic commercially and coriander and seasoned with spices and usually served with battery power. This is a signature dish of Mohammed Ali road and it is available at every other stall.

Mutton Kheema Pav

6. Tandoori Quail

This is a very popular dish on Mohammed Ali road. Quail is marinated with spiced yoghurt and then grilled which gives it a delicious burnt flavor on the outside and maintains the tenderness and the juiciness on the inside. The serving of this dish may look small but it is very filling. The price of an entire plate of this dish could be approximately rupees 200.

Tandoori Quail

7. Gurda

Gurda is nothing but the kidney of a goat which is spiced and cooked on a Tawa. The meat is first marinated and then cooked to enhance the flavor. It is paired with none or any bread of your choice. The cost of this dish could be approximately 200 rupees for a full portion.


8. Baida Roti

Baida roti is a unique combination of Angle, chicken and vegetables served in the form of a roll. This dish can be easily prepared at home Very easily available in this market. It is of egg fried roti which is stuffed with chicken or mutton and is served at rupees 100 approximately for each plate.

Baida Roti

9. Roti Pe Boti

As the name suggests this dish is comprised of two parts that are roti which is a khasta paratha and boti which means cubes of lamb cooked in thick gravy served on top of the roti. This is a bite-size food that can be garnished with lemon and onions and enjoyed in one bite for a burst of flavors.

Roti Pe Boti

10. Hyderabadi Haleem

The origin of this dish comes as a nutritious dish that was prepared for the soldiers in the cantonment in Charminar, Hyderabad. This is a combination of meat lentils compounded wheat which is cooked into a thick paste. It is served with rice or roti. You can garnish this with some fried onions, Kaju and lemon. This dish is priced at approximately 200 rupees per plate.

Hyderabadi Haleem

11. White Biryani

This is a unique Biryani that is made with curd and cashew nut paste. Even though the colour looks white this dish is highly flavorful. It is usually served with raita or chutney. This Biryani is priced at approximately rupees 200. Noor Mohamed hotel is the best place to try the white Biryani at Mohammed Ali road.

White Biryani

12. Phirni

Phirni is an iconic dish that has to be a part of the Mohammed Ali road eating spree. It is a form of care that is a combination of rice, milk almond nuts, flavored with cardamom powder, saffron, rose water or kewra water and cooked slowly to enhance its classic taste.


13. Mawa Jalebi

We all must have tried the saffron color jalebis but have you ever thought of dark brown jalebis? Burhanpur Mawa Jalebis are one of the most enjoyed deserts on the Muhammad Ali road. This recipe makes use of grated Khova along with refined flour.

Mawa Jalebi

14. Malpua With Rabdi

Malpua is an Indian version of pancake which is prepared using a batter with eggs and they are deep-fried in ghee. After that cooked well they are removed from the hot guy and then immersed in sugar syrup. These juicy pancakes are then slathered with a layer of rabadi garnish with Kesar and dry fruits. The best place to visit for some gooey Malpuas is Sulaimaan Osman mithaiwala at Mohammed Ali road. These malpuas are priced at rupees 150 approximately.

Malpua With Rabdi

16. Falooda

Falooda, as we know, is a delicious combination of ice cream Jelly, kulfi and so many delicious ingredients there is no meal at Mohammed Ali road which is complete without a glass of rose falooda. To enjoy a tall glass of falooda you must visit any of the famous falooda points at Muhammad Ali road.


17. Karachi Halwa

Karachi halwa is a soft melt in the mouth but chewy dessert made from corn flour, ghee, sugar and water. It is colored with many different dyes and decorated with finely sliced dry fruits which make this dessert look extremely attractive.

Karachi Halwa

18. Paya Soup

Paya soup is made using the legs of the goat especially the young ones. It is considered as a very healthy soup sorry stop it is cooked with various spices so boiling hot with a thin consistency which is a winters Delight This preparation is found in many restaurants at Mohammed Ali road like the Shalimar restaurant and cafe Nazari.

Paya Soup

19. Zaban Soup

This dish is definitely for adventurous eaters. The preparation includes cooking gods tongue on a Tawa which is known as zuban fry or made in the form of a soup.

Zaban Soup

20. Keema Samosa

Keema samosa is a conventional samosa that is made with a filling of minced mutton. Samosa is the signature street food of Mumbai. keema samosa non vegetarian crowd. You will find keema samosa on various stalls at the Mohammed Ali road.

Keema Samosa