Top 20 Pineapple Dishes You Won’t Regret Trying

Top 20 Pineapple Dishes You Wont Regret Trying
Top 20 Pineapple Dishes You Wont Regret Trying

Pineapple is a tropical edible fruit which is grown as a small shrub. It can be used in many ways like, in cuisines around the world, either in the form of juice or of the outer covering. Also, it has various health benefits like it acts as a detoxifier and helps in eliminating body odour. It contains such enzymes, due to which it has anti-inflammatory properties. Impressed by these qualities of this fruit, we have listed 20 unique, delicious dishes that can be prepared with pineapple giving you various benefits. Have a look at the list of such 20 recipes.

1.Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This delicious moist cake, which is topped with pineapples and cherries and topped with syrup of brown sugar and caramel, it is difficult to resist as it extremely tasty and has a buttery texture. It is not a time-consuming recipe.

pineapple upside down cake

2.Pineapple Carrot Cake

The combination of pineapple and carrots help make this cake flavourful and soft. It is topped with cream cheese, which can be used of any flavour and a treat to taste buds. The ingredients used are basic and easily available.

pineapple carrot cake

3.Pineapple Coconut Popsicles

What do you expect to get when you combine two healthy ingredients in one dish? Of course, a super healthy recipe that is also delicious. These popsicles would definitely become kids’ favourite as they look really attractive. The initial steps are easy though the difficult part is to freeze them.

pineapple coconut popsicles

4.Ambrosia Salad

This is not a diet salad recommended when you want to lose weight, but it is a delicious sweet dish. It contains pineapples, oranges, cherries, and marshmallows that are covered with whipped cream cheese. It only requires your 5 minutes from a whole hectic day.

ambrosia salad

5.Pineapple Cupcake

Cupcakes are sweet little cakes that can be even used to gift someone. They are prepared with different flavours, but have you tried the pineapples ones? If not, then just prepare them and try them. You can dress your cupcakes in whipped cream.

pineapple cupcake

6.Pineapple Coconut Bars

Making out bars of a combination of sweetness and bit tangy flavour of pineapple with the natural smooth texture giving coconut is an ideal dessert to try this time when you crave for sweets. It is a mix of smooth and crunchy texture.

pineapple coconut bars

7.Pineapple Cheesecake

Cheesecakes are the trending cakes in the present time and are a time-saving cake recipe that is made with very few ingredients. Preparing the base with pineapple mixed in cream and topping or garnishing them with your favourite nuts is a treat to taste buds.

pineapple cheesecake

8.Grilled Pineapple Ice Cream

Most of us have eaten the regular pineapple flavoured ice creams easily available at any nearby ice cream shop. Still, many of us would not have tasted this grilled ice cream that is smooth, creamy, and heavenly delicious. Pineapple is surely the main ingredient.

grilled pineapple ice crean

9.Pineapple Doughnuts

Regular doughuts, when topped with pineapple rings dipped in sugar syrup, are excellent when tasted. To enhance their delicious flavour and make them more creative, you can add caramel, cream, and nuts to it.

pineapple dougnut

10Pineapple Bread Pudding

This soft and moist baked pudding has pineapple chops embedded into it and gives you authentic flavours of pineapple in each bite you have of this pudding is highly recommended to prepare for kids. You can even please your guests with this unique dish.

pineapple milk pudding

11.Pineapple Mint Smoothie

Need a refreshing drink to beat the summer heat? No worries, this delicious pineapple and mint smoothie having hydrating and refreshing qualities would help you to fight the heat of summers. It is also to be noticed that both the ingredients are extremely healthy.

milk pineapple smoothie

12.Pineapple Salsa

This dish prepared with pineapple is not sweet but is salty and a bit spicy, made by chopping veggies and pineapples that are diced together with some lemon juice and spices. It can be taken either in breakfast all alone or as a side dish with your lunch meals.

pineapple salsa

13.Grilled Pineapple

You might have eaten grilled chaap or paneer, but have you tasted grilled paneer? If not, then you must try this very easy and not much time-consuming recipe that is fantatstic when tasted. You can enjoy it along with the honey syrup.

grilled pineapple

14Burger With Pineapple Slice

We  have eaten a burger containing alootikki, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, but what if we replace the veggies with pineapple? Isn’t it something really exciting and weird at the same time? Don’t worry, it is not a tasteless combination; instead, it would become one of your favourite pineapple recipes.

burger with pineapple slice

15Coconut Pineapple Cashew Rice

You have to do nothing much to prepare them. You just have to make rice in freshly garnished coconut and add chopped pineapple and cashews to it along with some sugar to enhance their sweet taste. They can easily be served either as a dessert or a meal.

coconut pineapple cashew rice

16Pineapple Tacos

All of us are well aware of tacos and also know how to prepare them. Similarly, these Pineapple tacos are also very easy to prepare, you just have to add pineapple chunks in the filling, and they are prepared. You can also add other fruits or veggies to the filling.

pineapple tacos

17Pineapple Pizza

By replacing your regular pizza topping with this sweet and tangy flavour giving pineapples chunks, you can make a super cheesy pizza. This pizza would have a little tangy and sweet taste and would be a good option to relish the taste in a creative way.

pineapple pizza

18.Caramelized Pineapple Sundae

If you like pineapples and the flavour and taste of caramel, then you must prepare this sundae without any second thought. Drizzling both of these two ingredients on vanilla ice cream is marvellous when tasted. The vanilla ice cream can be replaced with others, but the taste of pineapples are more enhanced when combined with vanilla.

caramelized pineapple sundae

19Creamy Pineapple Salad

Salads are an ideal dish suggested to eat when on a diet. However, dieting can actually be fun when you would make this kind of salad for yourself. This mix of pineapples, along with a few other fruits and lots of cream, is a paradise of deliciousness. You can also top it with honey or caramel.

creamy pineapple salad

20Pineapple Cookies

Chocolate cookies are the favourite recipe of kids, but these cookies made with pineapple are favourite dish of adults. Yes, it’s true most of us love eating tangy and sweet flavours, and these cookies are providing you with both, so why not prepare them and enjoy them with your loved ones.

pineapple cookies