Top 20 Restaurants In Ranchi, Worth Visiting

Top 20 Restaurants in Ranchi, Worth Visiting

People often seek for places where they can spend quality time either with their friends or family. When we talk about quality time, what can suit better than Restaurants? So, here is a list of 20 Restaurants one can visit in Ranchi and enjoy the amazing cuisines with the pleasant weather of Ranchi.

1.Radisson Blu

Some people might be surprised to acknowledge that Radisson Blu, an international brand hotel is present in a small town like Ranchi. Situated in the heart of the city, Radisson Blu offers an amazing Restaurant with a vast variety of foods and a soothing sight of the pool’s reflection. The Great Kebab Factory, Waterfront and, Caramel section are all of its own kind. So, whenever you visit Ranchi, don’t forget to pay a visit to the Restaurant of Radisson Blu Hotel, Ranchi.

2.Capitol Hill

One of the best Restaurants in Ranchi, Capitol Hill is a good option for a fine dines dinner date. The interior makes it look exquisite and the food is also delicious here.



If you want to enjoy a family dinner and would ask any localities for a recommendation, undoubtedly they would suggest you visit Kaveri Restaurant. Kaveri has always been people’s favorite place because of its quick service and mouthwatering vegetarian food. Kaveri has enjoyed the apex position since ages, and it is really hearting whelming to acknowledge that even after a long period of time, it has maintained the quality.


Capitol Residency

Capitol Residency remains located near the Ranchi Railway Station that even a traveler could enjoy the tasty food in the break journey. The ambiance is very nice which complements the perfect food of this restaurant.


Green Horizon

Hotel Green Horizon provides an amiable dining facility. The restaurant offers a blend of multi cuisine, and the good news is that it also has an Elite Bar IMPULSE.


The Kav’s

Ranchi is synonymous with M.S. Dhoni’s place. Any visitor can’t go back without seeing Dhoni’s house. If you are also one among such fans and decide to see his house but hunger suddenly blows your mind away then no need to worry. The Kav’s remains situated at the walking distance of his house. The Kav’s is the non-vegetarian branch of Kaveri Restaurant thus not much has to said about this restaurant, the name justifies everything.



As the name of the restaurant gives you a feel of traditional roots likewise the décor of Angeethi Restaurant justifies it all. Angeethi Restaurant is famous for its ‘Dehati Chicken.’ Filled with many flavors of North-Indian Dishes this restaurant is a good option to hang out for trying something new.


Yo! China

Ranchi has it all, from seafood to North –Indian, Continental to Chinese. Yo! China restaurant is specialized at Chinese gourmets. This restaurant remains situated in the Main Road, Near Sujata Chowk. You must visit this place if you are a Chinese cuisine lover.



A fun fact about this Restaurant is that the people who aspire to eat at Kaveri Restaurant but don’t seek any place to sit, ultimately end up at Krsna Restaurant as it is located just below the Kaveri Restaurant. But, it is inevitable to notice that Krsna Restaurant has indeed impressed its customers so much so that because of its non-vegetarian menu they prefer Krsna over Kaveri.



Chashm-e-Shahi Restaurant remains situated at Kanke Road, opposite Gandhinagar colony. This restaurant offers a good variety of food, and the service is also nice.


Mahi Restaurant

Mahi Restaurant is present at Harmu Road, and the ambiance is really pleasant. The food at Mahi Restaurant is mouth luring.



Located in front of Mahi Restaurant, Trishna restaurant gives a tough competition to its competitors. Both the Restaurants are good in its own way. Trishna offers a variety of tasty food, and it also has a separate bar area.


Le Lac

Hotel Le Lac is present in an environment that even before tasting the food; the location would make you happier. The ambiance, décor, service and most importantly ‘food’ at Hotel Le Lac is A-one.



Once you taste the yummy kulchas at Aroma Restaurant, you will never forget its taste for the lifetime. The staffs are very friendly, and service is also quick. What more would anyone expect from a Restaurant?



The name gives away the secret. Yes, Jungli restaurant would really give a feel of jungle experience. The décor is so attractive and unique that once you visit this place, you will come here, again and again.


Punjab Sweets

One can guarantee that the types of sweets you will taste in Punjab Sweet House, no other restaurant in Ranchi could offer. Its specialty lies in Rabri and Gulabjamun. It is mandatory for a visitor to try out Gulabjamun in Punjab Sweet House only if he is not suffering from Diabetes.


Kathi Kebab

Kathi Kebab is a Kebab hub for Kebab lovers. It offers a wide variety of Kebabs and also other Non-vegetarian dishes. This restaurant is also famous for its yummy ‘Murg Musallam.’ So, if you are a fan of Non-vegetarian food then this place is perfect for you.


Zero Mile

Zero Mile is a favorite place for youngsters. The tasty food and amiable service attract people to visit this place.


Hindustani Dhaba

Hindustani Dhaba is an agreeable place to hang out with friends. The food is so tasty that you can’t help licking your finger. Chicken butter masala, Dehati Chicken, and Chicken Kassa are highly recommended if you visit this restaurant. People returning from the beautiful sight-seeing from Patratu then one must stop at Hindustani Dhaba to please your stomach.



Bawarchi Restaurant is also a good option for a hungry person at Ranchi. It has separate compartments which make it unique. The interior is based on village theme, and the order fulfillment is also fast. So, if you pay a visit to Ranchi, then Bawarchi Restaurant should also be on your list.