Top 20 Sea Beach Restaurants near Malad, Mumbai

Top 20 Sea Beach Restaurants near Malad Mumbai

Mumbai has perfect beaches, with golden sand, the Arabian Sea, and a clear sky. Mumbai has a well-known business in seafood, and finding it is easy. The seaside restaurants have specialized in seafood to accentuate the experience of enjoying a popular sea beach. These places are approved for lovers of fish, crab, prawns, oysters, and clams. So if you’re a seafood enthusiast, these places fit your exploration as a traveler.


It is in Malad West and offers cuisines like seafood, North Indian, and malwani meals.  It’s a takeaway but you can also get home delivery. Locals and people from all over Mumbai visit this place and it believes in customer satisfaction and convenience. The food is homemade and full of flavor.


2.By The Bae

It is a kitchen and bar with Chinese, Italian, and continental food. It’s with outdoor seats and nightlife. You can relax, afford food and find special North Indian food. It’s in Andheri West, 33 minutes from Malad West. It’s a dine-in and takeaway with a beach and sunset view.

By the Bae

3.Farmhouse Sea N Sand

It is a casual dining space with Chinese, North Indian, and continental delicacies.  It’s in the Thane area with home delivery and a rooftop too. You can enjoy live performances, karaoke, the sea atmosphere, and DJ in an air-conditioned room. You must try roasted lamb, peri chicken, and peanut brownie.

Farmhouse Sea N Sand


It is in Juhu, in a hotel ‘sun n sand’ perfect for coffee lovers who want to hang out together. It has British food that attracts people and the place is classic. It can give special nights and a beautiful view. It’s a five-star hotel with fish, Italian and continental specialties. The place faces the sea and its menu has salmon, Bacon lasagna, and lobster.


5.Selfish Authentic Seafood

It is a dine-in for seafood and Chinese meals. It’s in Bandra West for casual screening and casual dining. It’s known for authentic Malvani dishes and different seafood tastes. It feels like home-cooked food and affordable meals. The staff is good and the place is beautiful with a 5-star experience.

Selfish Authentic Seafood


It is a multi-cuisine family restaurant that has a bar for south Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, and North Indian food with excellent service. It’s for parties and with wi-fi in Malad West. The prices are attractive and the place is comfortable.


7.City Life

It is in Malad West has multicuisine, seafood, malwani, Konkani, and nonveg thali. The staff is fast, excellent service and the interior is awesome. It provides home delivery service and products to various locals in Mumbai at a reasonable price, with fresh cuisine, and healthy and homemade tastes. The food is delicious and specialized satisfaction.

City Life

8.Ferry Wharf

This Seafood Restaurant is in Malad is relaxing and with options. It has Mangalorean and malvani seafood. Its casual dining is enjoyable, with a lot of natural light and privacy. The seafood is fresh and full of flavor. There’s a sampling platter for you to decide from initially.

Ferry Wharf


This Family Restaurant and bar is offering seafood, Chinese, Maharashtrian, and kebabs. There’s Mughlai dinner, delicious taste and fits food cravings. It fits a large number of seats so no reservation is required. There’s home delivery and had a new experience for those who want special authentic Mumbai seafood.



This Restaurant has specialties like kebab, seafood, biryani, and a banquet hall. Its catering service is customer friendly. Prawns and food delivery is popular. It is a perfect place for conveniently satisfying meals for families. It’s renowned for home delivery and great food experience and to satisfy cravings.


11.Koli’s Seafood

It is in Malad West and has fresh meals of fish and prawns. It is favored and traditional. The food has a delicious taste, and healthiness and is perfect for seafood lovers. It has bombil fry and fried prawns with homemade taste and reasonable and affordable price. It’s clean and hygienic and best quality.

Kolis Seafood

12.Malvan Kinara

It is in Malad west with Punjabi, seafood, biryani, tandoori, malwani food, and Indian food in a casual dining space.  You can visit it even late at night for Chinese specialties. The food is hygienic and stylish interior. The seating and service are to the mark. The fish is very delicious.

Malvan Kinara

13.Malvan Katta

It has table service and the meals are authentic and delicious. It is in Thane west with north Indian, seafood malwani, and biryani cuisine. The casual dining area has quick service with halal meat. Home delivery is offered and the seats are in large numbers. There is wi-fi and no alcohol.

Malvan Katta

14.Konkan Chilly

It has seafood, Chinese, malvani, and north Indian cuisine with no online reservation. There’s a reasonable price with 24 hours service. The must-haves are tandoori chicken, paneer tikka, fish, chicken handi, traditional food, and man chow soup. The customers have comfort, flavor, and fresh meals. There’s Thai, international, and pan-Indian cuisine.

Konkan Chilly

15.Red Turtle

It is in Malad has Japanese, Thai, Malaysian, Oriental, seafood, Singaporean and Chinese. It is perfect for people to explore exotic foreign meals. There are outdoor seats, alcohol, air conditioning in the casual dining area, smoking areas, home delivery, and a good staff and service. This place had reasonable prices, and it is for fun.

Red Turtle

16.Fisherman’s Hook

It is in Malad has Chinese cuisine, seafood, malwani food in casual dining. The surmali thali is a must-order. This place serves locals and visitors from all over Mumbai. The range of products and services is high to serve the different expectations of customers. There’s home delivery and the staff is quick and good.

Fishermans Hook

17.Henry’s Kitchen

It is in Andheri West is for Chinese and seafood. It has fast food takeaway and home delivery services. The noodles and chicken steak green sauce is a specialty and it satisfies a complete and fulfilling meal for a large number of diners. There’s convenience to reach the location.

Henrys Kitchen

18.Fire Bowl

It is in Malad West has Chinese and seafood with a good staff. There is outdoor seating and a good catering service that’s quick and makes you comfortable. There’s no table booking available but home delivery is there. Chicken Lollipop and kung pao chicken is the best meal. The food is very delicious.

Fire Bowl

19.China Gate

It has continental, Chinese, seafood, north Indian, pan Asian, and Thai food. It’s a takeaway service in a casual dining space with home delivery service available with a bar the service is quick. There are enough vegetarian choices and fit for parties. There’s an alcohol and smoking area available with air conditioning. It’s in Andheri west and known for pampering its customers.

China Gate

20.City Lite

It is in Malad West is special for Chinese, Konkani, seafood, Mangalorean, multicuisine, nonveg thali, Malwani, and north Indian food. A lot of locals from distant areas of Mumbai visit this place. It is next to the Toyota showroom and offers home delivery with satisfying customer service and staff.

City Lite