Top 20 Yummy Food Joints In Manipal

Top 20 Yummy Food Joints In Manipal

A place where cultures meet. A place where religion, ethnicity, caste unite. When people from Delhi, Mumbai, Bihar, Lucknow, Assam, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Punjab and various other places are casually hanging out in one room without any cultural barriers, that’s true peace. Manipal is the place where such events take place.
Along with different cultures, comes different food! And yes, Manipal is one of the best place for food lovers! There are hundreds for Restaurants spread across Manipal and since Udupi and Manipal are known to be extremely friendly neighbours, Udupi being famous for its South Indian delicacies, it’s a haven for food-holics! So let’s talk about few famous food joints that you must visit when you are in Manipal.

1.Snack Shack

Snack shack is located near Tiger Circle and is a perfect example of the things we mentioned above. Dishes from various parts of the country and even few neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand etc are served here. From exotic Pot bellies to delicious Burgers, Pizza’s and mind-blowing desserts, Snack Shack serves a variety of foods at very reasonable prices! Yes! The staff is extremely courteous, the music is just awesome (with a touch of the 70’s and 80’s) and ambience is like the textbook place where college students might want to hang out
Cost For Two: Rs 200


Dollops is popular among the students as they serve delicious food from multiple cuisines. One of the best places in Manipal to enjoy a dinner with your friends or family. I personally love the Naan bread here. Dollops is not too hard on your pocket as well. Ambience is just lovely. You’ll certainly have a good time here!
Cost For Two: Rs 250
Location: Near Tiger Circle


Another family friendly place that serves some of the best dishes in town. Saiba is located near Tiger Circle. You can find students not only from the engineering college, but also from the Medical, Business and Management school here. The sizzling brownie is recommended!
Cost For Two: Rs 300


My personal favourite food joint in town. Danish serves Arabian delicacies like Shawarma, Falafel, Kabsa Rice, Grilled Chicken and kubbus, and also Indian food. And believe me, it’s the best! The mayonnaise has a dash of mustard which takes the flavour and experience to the next level! Even if you are a vegetarian you’ll certainly  visit this place. The Paneer Butter Masala and other India curries are mouth-watering! And the most astonishing fact about this place is that its very pocket friendly. A highly recommended place for food lovers!
Cost For Two: Rs 150!!

5.‘ZZA Bar

Known for its authentic Italian style Pizza, ‘Zza Bar has a cosy and open ambience. The staff are a lovely Italian couple who have made Manipal their home and started an Italian pizzeria. They are extremely friendly. The pizza is made in the authentic wood fired brick oven, with thick crunchy base followed by tomato pizza sauce and then various toppings. And finally, cheese, lots and lots of cheese! This is a vegetarian restaurant. A bit on the expensive side but it’s surely worth a  visit. The desserts are also new to the customers and are very delicious!
Cost For Two: Rs 700


Opposite to Ab5, Vikram’s offers one of the best breakfast and snacks for the students. The speciality of Vikrams is cheese, loads of cheese! Customers frequently order Cheese Maggi, Cheese Toast, Cheese Omelette, Cold Coffee Chilly cheese sandwich etc. Be sure to pay a visit!
Cost For Two: Rs 140

7.Eye of the Tiger

Eot is located near Tiger Circle, above Green Park Hotel. Known for their bar cum restaurant, they have a very nifty and modern theme. Food is amazing and ambience is magnificent. A perfect place for a date. They serve continental, Chinese, and many dishes from various cuisines but are known for their exotic cocktails and liquors.
Cost For Two: Rs 1200

8.7 Bees

One of the best burger joints in the city, 7 bees is a vegetarian food joint that serves scrumptious and rich burgers at reasonable prices. Along with Burgers, they also serve pizzas, Maggi, Fried Rice, desserts etc. The food is a treat for your taste buds especially if you are vegetarian. The ambience is pleasant and you’ll find college crowd gathered and enjoying a lunch or snack with their buddies.
Cost For Two: Rs 230

9.The Egg Factory

Known for the huge varieties of Eggetarian dishes, the egg factory is a must visit place, both for Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians. The continental dishes are absolute delight. The menu is very creative and has a lot of dishes for the customer to choose from. They serve one of the best pasta in Manipal. The pasta and garlic bread combination is worth trying. It has an open ambience and friendly staff.
Cost for Two: Rs 350

10.Sizzler Ranch

For all the sizzler lovers out there, Manipal has quite a number of places where you can indulge in savory and sumptuous sizzlers. Sizzler ranch is one of such places. Located near Emerald apartments, sizzler ranch offers some of the best sizzlers in the city. The tender, juicy chicken over sizzling barbecue sauce with beans, lettuce, carrots, peas, and rice will blow your mind. The sizzling brownie is also one of their best and frequently ordered desserts.
Cost For Two: Rs 700

11.Tiwari Chat

From the very evening itself you can see a bunch of students crowded near a chat wala that serves the best chat in Town. Chats, PaniPuri, AalooTikki, Raj Kachori, Gulaab Jamun, Carrot Halwa and many other snacks are their specialty. A perfect street food for students after a hectic day.
Cost For Two: Rs 50-100

12.Rolls Mania

Another popular food joint that serves spicy and delicious rolls and Frankies. It’s just like a street food joint that also serves fries, potato wedges, sandwiches etc. A good place for a quick bite with your friends and classmates. The rolls are well cooked, has a juicy filling of curries, onions and a touch of vinegar and is very tasty.
Cost For Two: Rs 120


Manna’s Roll

Located just outside the Mit main gate, Manna’s roll is the most popular rolls joint in Manipal and Udupi. They have a lot of combinations and options for the customer like egg chicken roll, double egg double chicken roll, egg paneer roll, paneer roll, keema roll, paneer keema roll, mushroom roll etc. After the fillings have been added, they top it with onions, sauces, and mayo and serve it hot. It has a crunchy, juicy and chewy finish to it which is a delight.

Cost For Two: Rs 140



Planet Café

Planet Café is known for their late night delivery, even at 3 am! They have a lot of items and serve Chinese, North Indian, Bakery items etc. The food is delicious, especially their Oreo Shake. They come as a rescue team for hungry students who have been awake all night (during exams) or simply a gaming night. The prices are reasonable and food is really good.

Cost For Two: Rs 200


15.Hangyo CTF (Chill, Thrill, Frill)

Known for their refreshing thick shakes, Club Sandwiches, pav bhajis and North Indian cuisines, HangyoCTF is one of the common places for students hangout. The prices are pocket friendly, food is appetizing and the ambience is good. They also serve some continental and bakery items and thus a group can have lot of fun here!

Cost For Two: Rs 250



Dishes are famous for their delicious, juicy shawarmas. The juicy yet crunchy shawarma role with thick, creamy mayonnaise will just make your day. Also, they serve North Indian and Arabian and continental foods. The prices are decent, and the food is just crazy!

Cost For Two: Rs 250


17.Polar Bear

For the dessert enthusiast, polar bear is the perfect place for you! If you are into ice-creams, that is the place. They serve one of the best sundaes and ice creams and are also known for their Ice Cream pizza! Yes, an ice cream pizza! The most commonly ordered ice cream, however is the death by chocolate sundae. Rich, thick vanilla and chocolate ice cream is added on brownies topped with a layer of chocolate fudge and sauce and then cashew nuts are added. It’s just heavenly!

Cost for Two: Rs 400


18.Just Bake

Talking about desserts, you surely must visit the just bake store of manipal. The range of cakes and pastries are a lot and the taste is impeccable! Chocolate mousse, tart, Death by Chocolate pastries and etc are some of the commonly ordered pastries. Also the range of cakes they serve is commendable. The customer can fully customise the cake start from its base flavour, to design, shape, toppings, fillings etc! Worth the visit!

Cost For Two: Rs 250


19.The Biryani Adda

Known for their delicious, juicy and scrumptious biryanis, biryani adda is one of the must visit places. Steaming Basmati Rice is cooked to perfection and a blend of spices is added, along with the biryani masala and the paneer/chicken pieces. Rich, tasty and yet cheap!

Cost For Two: Rs 200


20.Snack Point

Snack point is undoubtedly the most visited place in the MIT campus. It’s a small extension to snack shack. They serve mind blowing burgers and hot dogs and at the same time juices, cold coffees, oreo shakes, potato lovers and more. If you are looking for quick bites then look no further!

Cost For Two: Rs 120