Top 17 Foods Popular In Andhra Pradesh

Foods Popular in Andhra Pradeshd

Andhra Pradesh has one of the mightiest spice pallets in the world. With so many spices to choose from, a person is unquestionably enthralled and satisfied with the richness of the food. Popular for their hot, spicy and tangy foods, Andhra Pradesh’s cuisine or the Telugu cuisine has one of the most diverse methods of cooking.

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, the huge variety of foods will certainly make your day. Here are 20 foods that are from Andhra:

1. Dosa

It is crispy, golden brown; this pristine dish is served usually with peanut-coconut chutney and sambar and is just pure magic. Made from Urad dal or black gram, Dosa is a perfect example of “simple yet magnificent”. This scrumptious, crusty snack can be enjoyed at almost any time of the day. Available almost everywhere in South India and also is popular in the North.


Dosa Variety in Andhra Pradesh: 

  • Pesarattu Dosa

Pesarattu can be said to be a healthier version of Dosa , where Moong-dal is used to make the batter. This crispy flat pan pancake type dish is served with ginger chutney, or peanut coconut chutney. An extremely appetizing dish that can be had at any time of the day! Also, Peasarattu sometimes is served with a variety of fillings, such as onions, Upma, Potato-onion masala, etc.

  • Rava Dosa

Rava Dosa is another variety of Dosa. Rava or Sooji or  Semolina is used to make the batter. An extremely thin and crispy Dosa that has onions and chillies infused and is usually enjoyed plain, without filling, served with Coconut-Chutney and Sambar.

  • Atkulu Dosa

Atkulu Dosa is basically Dosa prepared with Poha or flattened rice or flakes. Another variety of Dosa that just depicts how diverse the cooking style of Andhra people is and also the fact that they can make dosa out of almost any ingredient! It is served hot with spicy ginger chutney, or peanut chutney.


2. Upma

Upma is a thick porridge made from Sooji, or semolina. Seasoned with the commonly used spices and vegetables, it is one of the most widely relished dishes for breakfast. It’s a very healthy food as it’s rich in protein, low fat content as it is made with very less oil. A healthy and tasty option for weight watchers!


Upma Variety in Andhra Pradesh:

  • Sago Upma

Instead of Semolina, Sago or Saboodana is used. Another healthy item on this list, it’s usually served during Telugu festivals and also is consumed during fasts.

  • Seviya Upma or Vermicelli Upma

Vermicelli (commonly known as seviya) is used to make this dish. Adding a few slices of onions and peanuts to this dish just takes it to the next level!

  • Tomato Bath Upma

Yet another version of upma with the kick of tangy tomatoes. Dal, nuts and peas are also added.


3. Vada

Made from legumes/potatoes/sago, Vada is another very widely enjoyed food in Andhra Pradesh. Shaped like a doughnut, this slightly spicy, salty food when dipped in Sambar absorbs it and explodes in one’s mouth! Usually served with Sambar and peanut-coconut chutney, due to its absorbing properties it’s also sometimes immersed in a hot spicy bowl of sambar and served!

Varieties include Garelu (deep fried vada made from a mixture of Dals), Punugulu (Deep fried golden and crispy balls made from dosa or idli or moong dal batter), Thapala Chekalu (made from rice, dal, curry leaves, onions and chili).


4. Muddapappu Avakai : Toor Dal With Mango Pickle

This is a dish which is an entire meal. Toor Dal is boiled and then prepared using spices and tomatoes. This mixture is then cooked till it comes to a consistency which is slightly thicker than water. Avakai is a pickle made of Mango. The tangy taste of the Mango pickle perfectly complements the taste of the Dal. This is mixed with rice and emulsified butter and ready to be consumed.


5. Mokkala Pulusu

Mokkala means plants, this is a stew made of vegetables. The vegetables are boiled and tamarind is boiled in the water to make it tangy. An alternate to Sambar, this is done by boiling it in jaggery. The vegetables melt in your mouth and this savoury dish is tangy as well as sweet.


6. Kobbari Kooralu : Coconut Curry

Fresh coconuts are used in making curries in the south. The coconuts are either grated or their milk is prepared by adding water to the grated coconut and squeezing it using a cloth. These add a rich flavour to the dish and also cut down the sharpness of the spices.

In the coastal areas of Andhra, coconut curries are a common occurrence. Enjoy it with a bowl of steamed rice and let your taste buds be wowed.


7. Majjiga Pulusu : Vegetable Stew Cooked In Butter Milk

Don’t let the name confuse you, it is nothing but vegetables that are cooked in buttermilk. Buttermilk falls in the category of food items that people in Andhra have on a daily basis. Vegetables like carrots, beans, potato, etc. are cooked in the buttermilk. It is tangy and helps to chill the body. A very delicious food choice for people concerned with gastric disorders.


8. Pappu Dal 

This tangy dal is one of the most commonly served dal in most of the Telugu households. For a dal with no masalas added, this dal is astonishingly delightful! Appearance-wise, it looks like a regular dal, but as soon as you taste it, you certainly feel the kick of tamarind and tomatoes that burst into your mouth. Sometimes seasoned with a bit of garlic, onions and heeng or asafoetida.  A very tasty and healthy dal that is widely enjoyed with Rice, and any other curry, is a must have for food lovers.


9. Gongura Pachadi : Sorrel Chutney

A scrumptious spicy Andhra-style pachadi or pickle that’s a treat for your taste buds! This dish is also one of the signature dishes of Andhra. Gongura or spinach dock leaves (sorrel) is the main ingredient which is grounded with chilies . They are further spiced up with cumin, coriander, mustard and fenugreek seeds, and then grounded to get a consistency of a chutney/dip. A mouth-watering and highly recommended food!


10. Gongura Mamsam : Mutton in Sorrel Gravy

With the best spice pallet in the world, Andhra Pradesh is no stranger when it comes to Non-Veg, especially chicken and mutton curries. An authentic delectable and spicy lambcurry with a gravy made of sorrel leaves is one of the well-known curries in Telugu Cuisine. The tanginess, spiciness of the curry along with the tenderness and juiciness of the mutton is like an overwhelming puzzle for your taste buds. Non-vegetarian lovers must try!


11. Chepa Pulusu 

A traditional Andhra dish where the fish is submerged in tangy sauce made of tamarind and a number of spices. The flesh absorbs the sauces, becoming even more juicy and tasty. This authentic seafood is highly recommended for seafood lovers as no other state uses this technique for cooking.


12. Biryani

Biryani, as you already must be knowing, is one of the prevalent dishes in Andhra and in India. Andhra’s Biryani is definitely worth a shot for all the food lovers . The piquant biryani is made from long grain Basmati Rice, mixed with loads of herbs and spices and hot Vegetables/chicken/mutton pieces. With every bite, you taste the rich Biryani melting and the succulent spices exploding in your mouth.


13. Kakinada Khaja

This delicacy is a specialty of Andhra. Just like Gulab Jamuns and Jalebis, the flour is kneaded into dough and deep fried. This crispy fried dough is dipped in sugar syrup. Each bite oozes with syrup. The syrup can also be made using jaggery. It is named after the place Kakinada as it was brought by the Muslim kings and then became very popular there.


14 Pootharekulu

The saccharine wafer is prepared during festivals. Pootharekulu is known as a Paper Mithai in many places due to its layered structure. The layers of rice batter are laid out thin and folded while sugar powder is spread evenly between each fold. The powdery and flaky sweet is not only delicious but fun to consume. The sound of paper tearing and the sugar powder smeared across the face always puts a smile on people’s faces.


15. Bobbatlu

Any festival in Andhra is incomplete without the rich, pious Puran Poli or Bobbatlu. This sweet paratha-like dish is overloaded with ghee and jaggery. It requires a pious and extensive preparation in order to get a smooth, soft and slight crispy consistency. This sweet dish is one that everyone with a sweet tooth must try.


16. Qubani Ka Meetha

Any Andhra wedding is incomplete without this dessert. Qubani Ka Meetha is the king of desserts in this region. It is made from Apricots which are boiled until they turn into a compote. This sugary sweet has different toppings like Almonds, Malai, dry fruits, and Ice-cream.


17. Rava Kesari

The dish itself is a festival of flavours as each bite melts in your mouth and explodes, and each ingredient oozes out its aromas. It’s one of the very common sweet preparations in Andhra. With the primary ingredient being semolina. Cardamom, clarified butter and sugar are then added and they slowly infuse their fragrances into the Rava. Finally seasoned with some dry fruits like cashew nuts. It can be served warm or cold.