Top 20 Street Food Restaurants In Vile Parle

Street Food Restaurants In Vile Parle

1.Parleshwar Samrat Vada Pav

Famous for its Indian Burgers- “VadaPav”, the ParleshwarSamratVadaPav has two outlets in Vile Parle. The most tried dishes are SchezwanBhaji, VadaPav with Lahsun Chutney. One can try variants of Samosa, Bhajiya and VadaPav.

Average cost:- 100/- for two

Address Subhash Road, Vile Parle (E) and also at Nehru Road, Vile Parle (E)

1Parleshwar Samrat Vada Pav

2.Amar Juice Centre

Cuisines available here are Street Food, South Indian, Beverages. Special dishes one should try here are TavaPulao, Masala Pav, PavBhaji. A bit pricey but excellent service. Lack of seating is there so be prepared to stand. Its Royal Falooda, Apple Shake, and  Chikku Shake are refreshing.

Average cost:- 400/- for two

Address Cooper Hospital Compound, Vile Parle (W)

Amar Juice Centre

3.Ram Krishna

Cuisines available here are North Indian, South Indian, and Fast Food. Its specialty is in South Indian Dishes. One should try its Rasam-Vada, another combination to try for is idli-vada, tomato-onion Uthappam, Upma& filter Coffee.

Average cost:- 350/- for two

AddressTejpal Road, Vile Parle (E)

Ram Krishna

4.Parle Grill

One of the favorite joints for college youngsters, a very small food joint earlier which has now turned into a bigger one. You can enjoy a vast variety of sandwiches, burgers, and pasta. One should try chocolate toast sandwich, veg. cheese grill sandwich. Payments can be done throughpaytm, cash or card. Jain food is also available.

Average cost:- 300/- for two

AddressHarileela Building, Ram Mandir Road, Parle (E)

Parle Grill

5.Top N’ Town

This Dessert Parlour is famous for its ice-creams and Dessert bakes. Overall good, the concept of black forest icecream cake is really nice. One can also try litchi, mango ice creams.  The litchi icecream has bits of litchi which gives a refreshing taste. They accept cash only.

Average cost:- 150/- for two

Address Opp. Mega Mall, Vile Parle (W)

Top N Town

6.Birdy’s Bakery & Patisserie

Cuisines available here are bakery products, fast food, and desserts. The dine-in facility is not available. It is a very famous outlet with 30+ outlets in Mumbai. This is a chocolate heaven for chocolate lovers. Recommended are Chocolate Mousse, chicken puffs, Croissants, rolls.

Average cost:-  350/- for two

Address Kadamgiri Complex, Hanuman Road, Vile Parle (E)

Birdy’s Bakery & Patisserie (1)

7.Café Chokolade

This café is famous for its wide range of shakes and ice-creams. The recommended dish is Belgian Chokolade. It offers some good thick chocolate shakes. Try out their Éclair and Ferrero Shot. Seating space available, a nice time to spend with your buddies.

Average Cost:- 450/- for two

Address Near MahilaSangh School, Vile Parle (E)

Cafe Chokolade 1

8.Maruti Pav Bhaji

Famous for its PavBhaji, one can try Masala Pavand  JainPulav here. A roadside stall with a bit of sitting on plastic chairs. If hygiene is a thing please avoid else it’s a want to be taken a fiery ride for taste buds. Many people savor the KhadaPavBhaji also which is non-minced.

Average cost:- 180/- for two

Address Near Toyota Showroom, BajiPrabhu Deshpande Marg, Vile Parle (W)

Maruti Pav Bhaji 1


Cheese Zone

An Interesting mix of fast food items. One can try the mix barbecue roll(aloo, paneer) which is served with wheat roti flavored with sweet & spicy chutneys. Another dish to try is pink Pasta. The grill sandwiches and veg masala toast are also good. They have 5-6 tables to sit, the overall price is reasonable.

Average cost:- 250/- for two

Address A1 Arcade, DJ road, Vile Parle (W)


10.Trendy Taste

This is a veg. only with no Dine-in facility restaurant. Amidst the busy lanes of Irla, this is a trending place. People can choose to eat from a vast variety of snacks like dabeli, Frankie, sandwich, chaat, potato swirls etc. Also, has a vast variety of farsan& sweets. Overall a fantastic place to stop by.

Average cost:- 250/- for two

AddressIrla Society road, Vile Parle (W)

Trendy Taste 1

11.Sharma Chat Bhandar

This place has been almost for a decade. It used to be right on the road and used to start in evenings only after the banks would close. Recently moved in Amrapali shopping center. Do try their RagadaPattice, SevPuri& sprouted Panipuri. Crowded on weekend evenings.

Average cost:- 180/- for two

Address Amrapali Shopping Centre, Vile Parle (W)

Sharma Chat Bhandar

12.Anand Stall

This food stall is very famous in the area for its different variants of South Indian dishes. It is located just opposite Mithibai College, so is very crowded. A must try for jinni dosa, Manchurian and pasta dosa. Serves with a high amount of cheese and has a spicy flavor. Best in terms of quality, ambiance, service and price.

Average cost:- 180/- for two

Address Opp. Mithibai College, Vile Parle (W)

Anand Stall

13.Dhiraj Sandwich

A small stall in street of NM Mithibai college. It serves anamazing variety of sandwich. Try their cheese grill sandwich & jinni dosa. It’s yummy and spicy. Just the thing is, you won’t get a chair and table to sit and enjoy your meal.

Average cost:- 250/- for two

Address Opp. Mithibai College, Vile Parle (W)

Dhiraj Sandwich

14.Parle Grill

Great option for munching on some snacks whilst in the area. Their sandwiches are amazing and they have a great variety too. Pick up any sandwich and you’ll surely enjoy it. Their mayo schezwan cheese grill and cheese Sevpuriare amazing. Another must try is the cold coffee and chocolate shake. Overall a good place to have chaat, sandwiches, and shakes! Payment can be done through Paytm, cash, card.

Average cost:- 300/- for two

Address Harileela Building, Ram Mandir road, Vile Parle (E)

Parle Grill (1)

15.Ganesh Chaat

A regular hangout for nearby office workers. Famous for its food quality, you should definitely try their cholepattice, and PaniPuri, new on theblock is dahiidli and cheese bhel and chaats.It’s always a blessing to have a good food joint near your workplace,I m sure you agree.

Average cost:- 250/- for two

Address Shanti Bhuvan, Subash road, Vile Parle (E)

Ganesh Chaat

16.Pankaj Farsan & Wafer Mart

Available cuisines are Mithai, dessert, and beverages.It is an age-old outlet. Eat mamas Panipuri, Sevpuri, Bhelpuriare one of the awesome chaats u get here. You will also find typical gujjusavories like Thepla, Dhokla, Undhiyo. Samosas are awesome.

Average cost:- 180/- for two

Address Shridhar Apt, Hanuman Road, Vile Parle (E)

Pankaj Farsan & Wafer Mart

17.Brijwasi Sweets

Available cuisines are Mithai, dessert, and beverages. If u are at vile parle East and have a sweet tooth then u have to stop by at brijwasi sweets,try theirrasogollas,, jalebis and Malai sandwich. Their samosas are fair enough. It is a perfect place to enjoy GulabJamun.

Average cost:- 120/- for two

AddressNarottam Niwas, Nehru Road, Vile Parle (E)

Brijwasi Sweets (1)

18.Juicy Carts

A bit costly but a cool place to hang out. It offers wifi facility also. A tiny joint on Subhash road that serves chaat, pizza, pasta and of course some juices. The chaats are decent but nothing really extraordinary.One can have the pizza with decent quality toppings.What’s really nice though are the juices – they are freshly squeezed.

Average cost:- 450/- for two

AddressParmar CHS, Nr. MahilaSangh, Vile Parle (E)

Juicy Carts

19.Mee Marathi

Famous for its Maharashtrian cuisine. The quality is excellent and prices are very reasonable.Tastes like home-made Food. Veg or gavaraan thali, Masala Chhas, BatataVada, Misalpav, bread roll, Puri-bhaji,Varanbhat are the most recommended dishes.

Average cost:- 220/- for two

Address Parleshwar Road, Vile Parle (E)

Mee Marathi


An insane place for Maharashtrian food hoggers, you will not leave unsatisfied.Punerimisal and Sabu dana Wada are just the best.Other than that try sweets as well.Especially KajuKatri. Kothimbirwadi and kandepohe give adecent taste as well.

Average cost:- 220/- for two

AddressKadamgiri Complex, Hanuman road, Vile Parle (E)